2021 World Championships | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

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Yul Moldauer

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2021 World Championships, held in Kitakyushu, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:34 am. High Bar Final Standings

1. Hu Xuwei CHN 15.166
2. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 15.066
3. Brody Malone USA 14.966
4. Carlo Macchini ITA 14.966
5. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.833
6. Uchimura Kohei JPN 14.600
7. Illia Kovtun UKR 14.166
8. Ilias Georgiou CYP 13.666

7:29 am. Hu Xuwei CHN HB: Gets some pirouettes at the beginning, then the Liukin!! A bit of form, layout Tkachev to straddle to mixed grip, another Tkachev to mixed, Rybalko is a bit late, sticks the double double layout. I wouldn’t put that in the gold spot using my feelings code of points and what it looked like in comparison to most of Hashimoto’s routine, but it was pretty excellent so it could. 15.166 (6.7, 8.466)

7:26 am. Brody Malone USA HB: Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev caught in mixed grip, layout Tkachev to mixed, tak full is pretty close to handstand, tak half, stalder is a little short, hop full, double double layout, STUCK! Phenomenal. 14.966 (6.5, 8.466)

7:23 am. Illia Kovtun UKR HB: Layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, one-arm front pirouette, Yamawaki with some form in the air, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, not the most exciting routine but he’ doing really well on it. Double double layout dismount with a hop. 14.166 (6.0, 8.166)

7:20 am. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Tak half, great Cassina, Kolman also excellent, layout Tkachev to straddle to mixed grip, into his front giant work, tak full, a little arched in the giant before the Yamawaki, stalder, hop full, a little late there, double double layout with a step back. 15.066 (6.5, 8.566)

7:16 am. Uchimura Kohei JPN HB: Bretschneider, Cassina, and Kolman, gets them all! Some of the catches were at his elbows but hey, he caught. Endo 1.5 is rushed and late but he gets it. Yamawaki caught close, to Endo, tak half a little short, hop full, and he sticks the double double layout!!! 14.600 (6.6, 8.000)

7:12 am. Milad Karimi KAZ HB: Yamawaki, beautiful Cassina, Kovacs to Kolman, gets it!!!! Gaylord II, he’s crushing it!!! One-arm front pirouette, Endo full with some ankle separation, and he lands the double double layout, a little iffy coming down but no problems getting it around. That was awesome. 14.833 (6.4, 8.433) – moves him to second!

7:09 am. Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: Got some pirouettes out right away, then a Cassina, Kolman also strong, layout Tkachev sailed through the air, then a straddle Tkachev, into his front work, doesn’t make it to handstand on one of his elements and has to get his rhythm back, double double comes in a bit deep with a lunge forward. 13.666 (5.8, 7.866)

7:06 am. Carlo Macchini ITA HB: Pegan, Cassina, both strong! Layout Kovacs goes REALLY high and not very far, I jumped at that one, gets that and the Kolman, Rybalko, tak full is quite late, tak half, and a double double layout with a very solid landing! 14.966 (6.7, 8.266)

7:00 am. Finalists are walking out for the final final – high bar!

6:52 am. Floor Final Standings

1. Murakami Mai JPN 14.066
2. Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.000
3. Leanne Wong USA 13.833
4. Vladislava Urazova RUS 13.700
5. Kayla DiCello USA 13.633
6. Maria Ceplinschi ROU 13.366
7. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 13.033
8. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 12.133

6:49 am. Kayla DiCello USA FX: Double double, small hop back. 1.5 to front full is great. It looked like she didn’t connect her leaps??? Weirdly…it looked like she stopped after the first, and then ran into the second. We’ll see if that affects her at all. Double pike a tiny bit short, hop, but not bad! 13.633 (5.4, 8.233)

6:48 am. Murakami submitted an inquiry that was accepted, pushing her to a 14.066! She’ll now be 0.066 ahead instead of 0.034 behind.

6:42 am. Maria Ceplinschi ROU FX: Strong double layout and full-in to start! Double tuck to punch front was great, and a double pike to finish. This was fabulous! I wish her D was high enough to do something here. 13.366 (5.2, 8.166)

6:37 am. Murakami Mai JPN FX: Double double, a little low with a hop, but not bad. Double layout with a hop back as well. 2.5 to front full is strong! Double L turn. Switch ring. Hop back on the double pike. That could do it! NO! So close!!! 13.966 (5.7, 8.266)

6:30 am. Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: Great on the full-twisting double layout! Double L turn kinda turns into a 2.5 but seamlessly goes into the double pirouette. Double layout is really strong from this angle, I think her best compared to prelims and the all-around. Gets the leap pass into the ring with a half turn, front layout full is a bit iffy on the landing but not bad, wolf turns without issue. Great double pike to finish! VERY long wait for her score. 14.000 (5.6, 8.400)

6:25 am. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN FX: Double layout is SO floaty, but also rotates so slowly in the air and she ends up pretty short. Hits her leap series after, but punches badly out of her 2.5 and sits the tuck out of it. GORGEOUS Mustafina turn, and she ends with a front double full, some leg form. 12.133 (5.1, 7.033)

6:20 am. Leanne Wong USA FX: Double double, ends up a bit short, chest forward and she has to step. Popa. Whip to triple full, leg form is not there, and she overrotates it, taking a step back to control. Hop L to switch ring. 2.5 to front full, some directional issues that she has to fix into the punch. Double pike is fine. Just not a great set, unfortunately. 13.833 (5.7, 8.133)

6:16 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR FX: Tucked full-in, a little rough around the edges. Arabian double front is a little deep. Memmel turn. Good leap series, double pike with a hop back. Switch half maybe a little short. Double tuck is a bit cowboyed with a step back. 13.033 (5.1, 7.933)

6:13 am. Vladislava Urazova RUS FX: Gets the first turns out of the way, and then a gorgeous double pike. 2.5 with crossed ankles to a punched front. Tour jeté half, a perfect triple wolf turn, then a perfect double. Front double full, crossed ankles again, steps forward onto her toes, and she fights SO hard to keep from having to step forward OOB. Double full with ankle form, but she’s such a gorgeous floor worker. 13.700 (5.3, 8.400)

6:12 am. The touch is just wrapping up for women’s floor.

6:06 am. Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Hu Xuwei CHN 15.466
2. Carlos Yulo PHI 15.300
3. Shi Cong CHN 15.066
4. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 15.000
5. Yul Moldauer USA 15.000
6. Kaya Kazuma JPN 14.900
7. Caio Souza BRA 14.566
8. Christian Baumann SUI 12.333

6:02 am. Shi Cong CHN PB: Arched out of an early transition, but that’s really the only fault – huge air on the front straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt, and a nice piked double back. 15.066 (6.0, 9.066) – that’ll move him into the bronze medal position!

5:59 am. Yul Moldauer USA PB: Great opening handstand and salto half, one-arm pirouette didn’t really go to handstand and a handstand after had a little adjustment. Maybe rushing a little overall. Very nice handstand before a giant into a layout half, solid landing on the double front half dismount! 15.000 (6.4, 8.600) – same total as Hashimoto but will lose the tie-break on execution

5:55 am. Hu Xuwei CHN PB: I couldn’t type for the first half of this but nothing wrong, everything pretty excellent actually. Everything in general really strong after I got more involved in watching.. So controlled on the Tippelt at the end, and his piked double back is lovely, small hop back. 15.466 (6.6, 8.866)

5:51 am. Caio Souza BRA PB: Short going up into the first handstand, arms bend and he muscles it up. Double front was great, as was the front straddle, handstands more controlled now, Tippelt maybe a little arched, double front half with a big hop forward. 14.566 (6.1, 8.466)

5:46 am. Christian Baumann SUI PB: A little rushed in his opening pirouette, has to muscle up to handstand. Completely arches over on the single rail and comes off. The rest is mostly strong when he remounts, had a little adjustment in the handstand between his Bhavsar and Tippelt, also gets slightly stuck in the Tippelt, double front half, low with two giant lunges out of it. 12.333 (6.2, 6.133)

5:42 am. Carlos Yulo PHI PB: Single rail handstand, holds it forever, turns out to both bars, then back to one and arches over significantly on the single rail. Comes back to a stable handstand on both, and everything after that looks super strong, lovely Bhavsar, pike hold presses up to handstand, very clean, Tippelt, slow and controlled, one-arm pirouette, double front half with a little shuffle, but nice and high. 15.300 (6.4, 8.900)

5:39 am. Kaya Kazuma JPN PB: Clean going up to his first couple of handstands, nice handstand on his transitions between the bars, good on the straddle salto, Bhavsar also good, this is the same routine as Hashimoto’s so far, hahaha…then does a Tippelt, literally the same routine. Does the quarter turn to transition to the single rail, kips up nicely, deep on his dismount landing. 14.900 (6.3, 8.600)

5:36 am. Hashimoto Daiki JPN PB: Basket up to handstand, pirouettes out up to another strong handstand, then transitions between the bars with minor adjustments. Big straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt, and the double front half goes REALLY deep but he hops back up out of it, moving his feet back in the process. 15.000 (6.2, 8.800)

5:34 am. Touch warmup happening now for p-bars!

4:58 am. Beam Final Standings

1. Ashikawa Urara JPN 14.100
2. Pauline Schäfer GER 13.800
3. Murakami Mai JPN 13.733
4. Leanne Wong USA 13.333
5. Luo Rui CHN 13.300
6. Rebeca Andrade BRA 12.500
7. Angelina Melnikova RUS 12.400
8. Kayla DiCello USA 11.866
9. Yana Vorona RUS 11.833

4:54 am. Leanne Wong USA BB: Switch leap to straddle jump, swings her arms through to get her balance, side aerial to loso, overrotates it and puts her hands down on the beam. Swings her arms on the side somi, saves it, then hits a cross jump. Front aerial to split jump. 2.5 dismount with a small hop forward. 13.333 (5.5, 7.833)

4:51 am. Angelina Melnikova RUS BB: Off after connecting the switch leap mount into her split leap, unfortunately. Grabs the beam and comes off. Hit the flight series after getting back up. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, check there. Kochetkova looks a little off-center. Side somi. Split ring jump. Nice double pike dismount in the air, stumble forward with her leg up. 12.400 (5.4, 7.000)

4:47 am. Kayla DiCello USA BB: Candle mount. Triple wolf turn is a bit short and wobbly, but she pulls it around and gets it steady, then hits the double. Side aerial, misses a foot but it doesn’t really bother her. Switch leap to sissone. Her shoulder position is awkward on the bhs loso loso from the start and can’t pull it out, ends up falling. Double tuck, rotates slowly, chest down and a hop back. 11.866 (4.9, 6.966)

4:43 am. Murakami Mai JPN BB: Candle mount. Excellent front pike. Solid bhs loso. Front aerial to jump series, maybe a little shy in the jumps. Leg up on the punch front tuck but good save. Gets the triple and double wolf turns around. Switch leap (was it a ring?) with a big wobble.  Double pike with a step back. 13.733 (5.8, 7.933)

4:40 am. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Switch leap mount, big wobble and a fall. Switch half, bhs loso with a little adjustment. Front aerial with a pause. Didn’t connect the jump out of it. Cross jump went well. Switch ring. Double pike dismount with a little hop. 12.500 (5.4, 7.100)

4:35 am. Pauline Schäfer GER BB: Very nice switch leap mount in the air but stumbled I think? I looked away before it became problematic. Hit her flight series and a solid switch ring. Double spin to full pirouette, tiniest checks. The Schäfer, little bounce in place, but goodness it’s so exciting. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump. Strong gainer layout dismount! 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

4:32 am. Looks like an inquiry for Luo’s D score. And they took a tenth away LOL. Lord.

4:26 am. Ashikawa Urara JPN BB: Hit the back handspring mount well. Clean bhs loso and then a strong jump series as well. Split ring jump I think after that but I was looking down for a second. Switch leap to sheep jump with a tiny bobble. Side somi, great landing. Cross split jump half. Switch ring, break at the hips, but held onto it very well. Side aerial to split jump. Triple full, excellent!! That should be a medal. I will riot if not. 14.100 (5.9, 8.200)!

4:19 am. Luo Rui CHN BB: Candle mount, holds it nicely. Roundoff layout with a HARD fall onto the beam. Ouch.  Switch ring to back handspring to split jump to wolf jump, excellent. Switch leap to ring leap, little check there. Front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut, gorgeous. Cross split jump with a half turn. Clean stuck double full. My god that was an incredible routine aside from the fall.  Long wait for her score. 13.300 (5.8, 7.500)

4:14 am. Yana Vorona RUS BB: Hit the switch leap mount into her split leap to stag ring jump, front aerial to split ring jump, maybe iffy in her form there but I don’t like my angle so I won’t be too judgmental. Switch leap with a pause into the sheep jump.  Bhs bhs loso, good landing there. Switch ring, kinda misses a foot and pauses into the Korbut. Triple wolf turn, makes it about 2.5 of the way around and tries to pull the leg the rest of the way but just can’t get there, and falls. Double tuck dismount was good. 11.833 (5.2, 6.633)

4:11 am. Women are coming out now for the balance beam touch!

4:06 am. Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Carlos Yulo PHI 14.916
2. Yonekura Hidenobu JPN 14.866
3. Andrey Medvedev ISR 14.649
4. Thomas Grasso ITA 14.549
5. Yang Hakseon KOR 14.399
6. Courtney Tulloch GBR 14.383
7. Nazar Chepurnyi UKR 14.149
8. William Emard CAN 13.199

4:01 am. Nazar Chepurnyi UKR VT: Handspring double front half, another REALLY excellent one to go with Yulo’s! Small hop to the side. 14.866 (5.6, 9.266)

Crashes the kaz double full!!!! WHY. It all happened so fast. Looked good in the air but just looked a little shy on rotation as he opens up for the landing, tried to flare it out and everything but drops to his knees. 13.433 (5.6, 7.933, -0.1)

14.149 average

3:57 am. William Emard CAN VT: Kaz 1.5, beautiful in the air but unfortunately just a little too far back on his heels and he sits it. Really bummed about that, though with his lower D I don’t think he would have been in a place to medal with almost everyone else hitting. 13.266 (5.2, 8.066)

Handspring double front, ugh, sits this one too, just a little low on his block and comes up a bit short. 13.199 (5.2, 7.933)

13.199 average

3:53 am. Thomas Grasso ITA VT:  PHENOMENAL Yurchenko triple full!!! WOW. Some crossed ankles in the air but not bad. Looked  stuck or like he bounced in place from the back angle but has a little hop back from the front angle.  14.833 (5.6, 9.233)

Kaz 1.5 for the second vault, some form in the air and a hop to the side OOB. 14.266 (5.2, 91.66, -0.1)

14.549 average

3:50 am. Andrey Medvedev ISR VT: A deep landing with a step forward on the tsuk double pike, but he was very strong in the air. 14.533 (5.6, 8.933)

Excellent handspring piked double front, just a step forward, but SO powerful, and again really nice in his pike form in the air. 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

14.649 average

3:47 am. Warmups happening now for the second half of the rotation.

3:44 am. Courtney Tulloch GBR VT: Handspring double front half, not bad, pulls back on the landing when he ends up a bit forward and it causes him to take two big steps back. 14.300 (5.6, 8.700)

Tsuk double pike, split legs on pre-flight, again with the chest forward on the landing, which he pulls back and then  takes a big step out of it, but his leg form was really impressive in the air. Nice extension in the knees. 14.466 (5.6, 8.866)

14.383 average

3:40 am. Yang Hakseon KOR VT: He put up the number for the kaz 2.5 but “only” does the double. Not bad, hops back on the landing. 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

Throws his handspring front triple full, and it’s actually GORGEOUS in the air, but while he gets the rotation all the way around, he’s a bit too short on the salto and ends up sitting it. 14.033 (6.0, 8.033)

14.399 average

3:36 am. Yonekura Hidenobu JPN VT: Kaz 2.5 which means there’s 3.5 twists in the air if you’re not a MAG expert. It’s a bit rough, especially after just watching Yulo, though it starts out clean and just progressively gets weaker throughout. He’s almost a little bit short and hops to fix his direction. 15.000 (6.0, 9.000)

That E is WAY too high compared to Yulo’s kaz double full.

Handspring randi is MUCH better in the air and on the landing, but still a little bit going on. 14.733 (5.6, 9.133)

14.866 average, puts him behind Yulo thankfully, despite the egregious overscoring on the first vault

3:32 am. Carlos Yulo PHI VT: An absolutely gorgeous kaz double full. Perfection in the air. Kind of a big step back on the landing but this was very nice. 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

Handspring double front half, close to stuck on his toes but he has a little bounce in place, and he’s excellent in the air and has SUCH a good position on the landing. Best Dragulescu in the world right now. 15.033 (5.6, 9.433)

14.916 average

3:31 am. Yulo will kick us off in just a second.

3:28 am. The touch warmup for the first group is now beginning. I don’t know who I’m feeling for this final, as there are many who could be so close, but I’d love to see Carlos Yulo get the gold after what happened on floor.

3:24 am. Athletes should be marching out for men’s vault now!

3:20 am. The FIG stream should start any minute, and then we’ll be ready to take on the final day of world championships in the year of our lord 2021!

Today’s events are beam and floor for the women, and vault, p-bars, and high bar for the men.

13 thoughts on “2021 World Championships | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

        • Wasn’t she supposed to do a front double twist instead of just one front twist ? This could be why her D score is low.

          I am both disappointed and happy for Angelina Romanovna. Disappointed because she was first until the inquiry, but so happy because now she has the full set of medals for this world championships. She has come such a long way.


        • They did! It was rejected, unfortunately. I looked back and she hasn’t been credited the full 5.9 she’s been going for all summer, it seems…mostly in the 5.6-5.7 range so nothing new here.


      • She said on instagram that it was the double L + double turn that was not credited. Her coaches made the inquiry for this, but it was rejected. I think it is disappointing, but the referee is always right


    • I think so too, maybe she even deserved the bronze here. Too bad her difficulty on floor is not there yet to really compete for medals. But if she continues like this, I’m sure she will get there :). I love her floor sooo much. Does anyone know why she changed back to her original floor music?


  1. Hope Leanne can continue to improve from now. With Biles out, it looks like she and Kayla are pretty much the only one with some experience and competitive scores right now.


  2. They were obviously taking too long for her score to make sure they left the door open for Murakami. Disgusting. Japan is known for being a horribly corrupt country and the FIG president should be trialed and arrested.


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