Two Seniors, Two Juniors Qualify Elite at GAGE

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 11.57.21 PM

Amelia Disidore

The latest U.S. qualifier was held by GAGE last weekend, where a total of 15 seniors and juniors competed with two in each age division earning their optional scores to reach elite status and earn the opportunity to compete at the Winter Cup, as well as the American and U.S. Classic meets later this season.

Three of the gymnasts – seniors Amelia Disidore and Marissa Neal, along with junior Annalisa Milton – were from the host gym. All are first timers in elite, having attempted to qualify in 2021 when Disidore and Neal were both juniors, but while they didn’t make it then, their scores have turned around dramatically in the time since.

Disidore, 15, won the senior competition with a 51.450, which included a 13.7 on vault as well as the meet-high 12.45 on bars, and Neal, also 15, was two tenths behind for second place with a 51.250, leading the field on beam with a 12.55 and on floor with a 13.1. 14-year-old Milton had the best junior all-around performance with a 50.050, showing steady work through the competition with her best scores coming on vault with a 13.25 and on beam with a 12.45.

Also qualifying was 13-year-old Tatum Drusch of Flips Gymnastics. Drusch was 22nd at last year’s Hopes Classic, missing the cutoff for nationals, but she looked great here, finishing second with a 49.600 and putting up the best junior vault and floor scores with a 13.75 and 12.6, respectively.

The competition also saw three gymnasts qualify to Hopes, with 13-year-old Jazmyn Jimenez of Gymnastics Olympica USA sweeping the 13-14 division and securing her spot with a 49.100, while Iowa Gym-Nest’s Greta Krob and Lyla Brewer, both 11, led the 11-12 field, where Krob scored a dominating 48.950 to win gold, while Brewer made it in three tenths ahead of the cutoff with a 44.800.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 11.51.55 PM

Here’s Brewer and Krob after making the TOPs national team as seven-year-olds in 2017. Time flies!

Full results are available here, and you can also see everyone who has earned elite or hopes status on our tracker.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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