2022 Winter Cup | Senior Women Live Blog

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Welcome to the live blog for the women’s competition at the 2022 Winter Cup, held in Frisco, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Konnor McClain 54.300
2. Skye Blakely 53.700
3. eMjae Frazier 53.150
4. Ashlee Sullivan 52.850
5. Katelyn Jong 52.650
– Nola Matthews 52.650
7. Karis German 52.050
8. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 51.900
9. Sydney Barros 51.800
10. Elle Mueller 51.550

2:56 pm. Ciena Alipio BB: She had a fall early on but I wasn’t watching this routine super closely unfortunately. Tucked gainer off the end of the beam for her dismount.

Podium should be McClain in first, Blakely second, and Frazier third, with Sullivan and Jong in fourth and fifth. The top three automatically make the DBT Team Challenge team!

2:51 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Triple wolf turn, standing full, leg up but controls it, front handspring front tuck, big break at the hips, switch leap to switch half (short) to back tuck (lifts her foot), front aerial to split jump (short) to straddle jump (also a little short), side aerial, steps back out of it. Double tuck, step to the side. 13.500

2:47 pm. Ashlee Sullivan BB: Candle mount, great standing arabian, bhs loso loso, check with her hips but good save, front aerial to jump series, little form things, Onodi, little checks, switch leap, step back on the double pike. Great day for her! 13.500

2:43 pm. Konnor McClain BB: EFFORTLESS standing full! Bhs bhs layout series was gorgeous. Switch to switch half. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Switch ring, low back knee, double pike, excellent routine! 14.600 (6.1, 8.500)!!!!

I think eMjae Frazier’s AA is 53.150! Scores came back for one minute but are gone again.

2:41 pm. Katelyn Jong finishes with a 52.650, Katelyn Rosen 50.400, Joscelyn Roberson 48.700 (which actually isn’t THAT bad considering the bars falls and vault score)

2:38 pm. eMjae Frazier UB: Nabieva to Pak, LORD, she super arches over on the Pak and goes flying OVER the low bar, the way I SCREAMED. Back on for a toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, really nice there. Front toe-on half, and a double layout with a great landing. Truly great recovery after that fall. 12.200 (4.7, 7.500)

Joscelyn Roberson VT: DTY, just a 12.900 (5.0, 8.200, -0.3)

2:35 pm. Katelyn Jong BB: FINALLY. Double wolf turn, nice! Standing full, little bounce back, leg comes up slightly, but she holds on! Punch front tuck is strong. Standing layout stepout to back pike is excellent. Switch leap to pike jump, great. Double pike with a lunge back. Great routine! 13.050

2:34 pm. Should be heading into the final rotation now!

2:32 pm. Me a month ago: “I don’t want to travel to Texas in February, I’ll just cover this meet from home.”

Me covering this meet from home: “Oh right, this is why I cover meets in person.”

2:30 pm. ROTATION 3 STANDINGS (from the broadcast…)

1. eMjae Frazier 40.950
2. Skye Blakely 40.200
3. Konnor McClain 39.700
4. Katelyn Jong 39.600
5. Ashlee Sullivan 39.350

2:29 pm. Live scores have been down for a full half hour, still NO idea what happened in this rotation aside from the SIX routines we saw on Peacock, still NO idea who’s leading going into the final rotation.

2:26 pm. Addison Fatta FX: 2.5 through to double tuck, some form and a little low on that landing, hop back. Double pike with a tiny hop, mostly looks great, though! Wolf turn is a little iffy. Front tuck through to double full, bounces back and her leg comes up, then the other leg, just out of control a bit.

2:23 pm. Skye Blakely UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, Ricna to Pak, van Leeuwen, toe full to double tuck, baby step. Some really nice work in this routine!

2:21 pm. Ashlee Sullivan UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak (some leg separation), van Leeuwen with some messy leg form, high but SUPER close Tkachev, yikes, double layout with a step forward. 12.600 (5.0, 7.600)

2:16 pm. Konnor McClain UB: Great handstand before the Weiler half to Chow to ugh, I think supposed to be a blind full but she falls out of it…though shockingly stays on!! That was a great fix. Church to Pak, van Leeuwen, double pike with a step back. 12.450 (5.4, 7.050)

2:15 pm. Oh look, more commercials, still no live scores!

2:12 pm. Sydney Barros BB: Double wolf turn, standing tuck, side aerial loso, maybe a tiny bit loose in her form but solid! Switch leap, a little off and missed the connection to the switch half. Front aerial, little wobble before the jump series, both the split jump and straddle jump were very short of 180. Double pike REALLY close to the beam but gets the landing. 13.100 (5.5, 7.600)

2:11 pm. eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, first twist was great, regresses a bit in form in the second, big hop lunge back, but overall strong! 13.750 (5.0, 8.750)

2:10 pm. Still no scores, by the way…

2:09 pm. This whole thing where we’re seeing two routines and then going to 25 minutes of commercials is destroying me.


1. Konnor McClain 27.250
2. eMjae Frazier 27.200
3. Skye Blakely 27.050
4. Katelyn Jong 26.850
5. Ashlee Sullivan 26.750
– Zoe Miller 26.750
7. Charlotte Booth 26.350
8. Karis German 28.250

2:01 pm. Live scores aren’t updating. 🙂

1:58 pm. Elle Mueller BB: Front tuck mount, good! Double wolf turn, punch front lands a little off-center and she has to come off. Split jump to straddle jump, great extension! Side aerial layout stepout, also solid extension there, bobbles at the end but holds on. Switch leap. Doesn’t connect to the switch half, lands a bit crooked in her shoulder position so she’s off-balance and has a big wobble but another save. Double tuck with a small hop.

1:54 pm. Zoe Miller UB: Inbar to inbar full (pretty late and looked like she maybe hit her feet), Maloney to Tkachev, form coming out of the Maloney. Stalder pike Tkachev (I couldn’t see from the angle if it was an inbar stalder or straddle but it was a little low and iffy), Pak with leg separation, Chow half, blind change to front giant half, double layout a little whippy, small hop back.

Joscelyn Roberson BB: 13.400 (6.1, 7.300)

1:51 pm. Ashlee Sullivan VT: DTY, landed with her feet staggered and a hop in place, some form In the air. 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

1:49 pm. Charlotte Booth UB: 12.650 (5.5, 7.150)

1:46 pm. eMjae Frazier FX: Double double, small step to the side and her chest is down, but very powerful! Double layout also super strong, small hop back. Switch ring to a…looked like ring half? Kinda wobbly in the double wolf turn. Front full stepout through to double…tuck? Maybe supposed to be a pike but there was some knee bend, though it didn’t look FULLY tucked. Okay, yeah, from the other angle in the replay it was definitely a tuck! 13.500 (5.7, 7.800)

Sydney Barros UB: 13.000 (5.7, 7.300)

Katelyn Rosen BB: 12.300 (4.7, 7.600)

1:45 pm. Konnor McClain VT: DTY, so nice and SO STRONG! Flies off the table, just a slight hip bend near the end and then a big bounce back into a lunge. 14.100 (5.0, 9.100)

Paityn Walker UB: 13.550 (5.7, 7.850)

Lexi Zeiss BB: 11.350 (5.2, 6.150)

Marissa Neal FX: 12.400 (5.0, 7.400)

1:44 pm. Commercial break after just two vaults, so good! What a great decision. Please, don’t show Katelyn Jong on ANYTHING!

Katelyn Jong VT: DTY, 13.800 (5.0, 8.800)

Brooke Pierson VT: 13.550 (4.6, 8.950)

1:39 pm. Ciena Alipio VT: Yurchenko 1.5, mostly good in the air until the last half turn, but then she has to compensate on the landing with a big crossover step OOB. 13.200 (4.6, 8.700, -0.1)

Adriana Consoli UB: 10.750 (4.7, 6.050)

Addison Fatta BB: 12.550 (4.9, 7.650)

Skylar Draser FX: 11.650 (4.5, 7.150)

1:38 pm. Skye Blakely VT: DTY, bounces OOB. Mostly decent in the air though. 13.800 (5.0, 8.900, -0.1)

1:36 pm. Should be moving into the second rotation shortly!


1. Camryn Richardson 14.250
2. Charlotte Booth 13.700
– eMjae Frazier 13.700
4. Zoe Miller 13.650
5. Elle Mueller 13.450
6. Karis German 13.350
7. Skye Blakely 13.250
– Levi Jung-Ruivivar 13.250

1:28 pm. Kaylen Morgan BB: Triple wolf turn, side somi, cross jump, knees bent on the bhs loso but gets the series with a check, split leap to front aerial, side aerial, a little short in her leap series after, and just a layout dismount.

1:24 pm. Konnor McClain FX: Full-twisting double layout, hop forward but VERY nice in the air! Double layout, a bit deeper in that landing, but another strong pass. 1.5 to front full, solid. Just a layout pass, but this was lovely. Valeri Liukin at the end says “that’s what we want.” 13.150 (5.2, 7.950)

Nola Matthews BB: 13.050 (5.3, 7.750)

1:20 pm. eMjae Frazier BB: Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good! Punch front. Hit some dance in between there but I wasn’t paying full attention. Layout series was a little tentative and short, leg up but good save. Switch ring, just some leg form. Stuck the double pike! Mostly strong work. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)!

Lauren Little BB: 12.400 (5.0, 7.400)

Joscelyn Roberson UB: 9.750 (3.7, 6.050)

Katelyn Jong FX: 13.050 (5.5, 7.550)

Brooke Pierson FX: 12.300 (4.9, 7.400)

Levi Jung-Ruivivar UB: 13.250 (5.5, 7.750)

1:18 pm. Since I’m watching the stream and am not there, I’m just jotting down scores for the routines I’m not seeing but USAG will apparently add the routines we’re missing to FlipNow so if any score stands out as particularly great, I’ll go into FlipNow and try to watch from there!

1:15 pm. Charlotte Booth VT: Yurchenko 1.5, 13.700 (4.6, 9.100)

Karis German VT: FTY 13.350 (4.2, 9.150)

Lexi Zeiss UB: 11.850 (5.4, 6.450)

Marissa Neal BB: 12.900 (4.8, 8.100)

Katelyn Rosen UB: 11.500 (4.8, 6.700)

1:12 pm. Ciena Alipio FX: Double tuck, step back. Double L turn, switch ring but the back leg isn’t quite there, to switch half. Memmel turn was a little iffy. 1.5 to front full. Double pike didn’t have the height and rotated too slowly, lands forward with her hands down. 11.850 (5.0, 6.850)

Sydney Barros VT: FTY, 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

Camryn Richardson VT: DTY! 14.250 (5.0, 9.250)

Addison Fatta UB: 13.200 (5.4, 7.800)

Skylar Draser BB: 12.150 (5.3, 6.850)

1:08 pm. Skye Blakely FX: Really floaty double layout! Switch leap to tour jeté half. Full-in, a little forward with a hop back. Front handspring to front layout full to punch front. Wraps things up with a double tuck, a little cowboyed, but overall a good routine! 13.250 (5.4, 7.850)

Paityn Walker VT: 12.650 (4.2, 8.450)

1:07 pm. Elle Mueller UB: 13.450 (5.4, 8.050)

Amelia Disidore BB: 11.150 (4.7, 6.450)

Adriana Consoli VT: 12.650 (4.2, 8.450)

1:04 pm. Ashlee Sullivan FX: Kicks things off with a full-twisting double layout followed by a double layout, big steps on both, but pretty solid on both especially with her body shape on the first one! Front tuck through to double tuck, a little slow in her rotation but solid on the landing. Double pike, lands a little forward so she pulls her chest back, causing her to stumble a bit. 12.850 (5.4, 7.450)

Zoe Miller VT: I believe she did a Yurchenko 1.5. 13.650 (4.6, 9.050)

1:00 pm. It’s lady Winter Cup time! I’m watching on Peacock and following start lists and live results on MyUSAGym.

I didn’t do a real preview from this outside of the roster announcement a week or so ago because I don’t think anyone is fully at a hundred percent and I have no idea who I should be “predicting” to win…obviously veterans like Skye Blakely and Konnor McClain (omg, they’re veterans?) are the ones people are going to be watching…but both have said they took extended breaks and have only been training full routines for a month, give or take a few days, and both of their goals in the media session yesterday were things like “have fun” and “don’t worry about the standings.” Could be poker face because they looked great in training, and they’ll be absolutely great today but I don’t have high expectations for WAG in February so I don’t think it matters if they aren’t winning right now?

Katelyn Jong, meanwhile, won basically everything last year in her final junior season, including a meet held in December. She’s holding off on all upgrades until she has more time to add them in, so we’ll see her junior routines here, which were already pretty difficult, and with less time off compared to the seniors, I think she’ll be in a great place for an early-in-the-season competition, as will some of the other younger, less experienced women who weren’t dealing with the stress of being in the mix for the Olympics or worlds last quad.

I think we’ll see surprises on the podium, and since this meet qualifies athletes to the Stuttgart team competition, that’ll be super exciting.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


10 thoughts on “2022 Winter Cup | Senior Women Live Blog

  1. That was painful. More commercials than routines, very little variety in the gymnasts they showed, and the constant drone of the worse commentators in the world. I finally had to put it on mute. UGh.


    • This is my first NBC-produced meet in a while and I always forget how rough it is, but this one seemed worse than most. Showing two routines and then going to a commercial in each subdivision is wild to me. I get that timing is hard with four going at a time, so we’re gonna miss people, but only showing 6 athletes out of the ~25 competing each rotation isn’t “missing people,” it’s a choice to prioritize ad money over showing the sport!


      • absolutely. They really can’t show everyone of course. But they CAN show more than just 6 and they can choose to show gymnastics instead of showing gymnasts standing around waiting or putting away their stuff while the talking heads discuss the history of their coaches or constant stories about Nastia’s dad. They didn’t just choose ad money over showing the sport. I think the commentators have input into which gymnasts they want to see. Felt like the WOGA channel to me.


        • The commentators have ZERO choice over which gymnasts are shown.
          They have a specific group they focus on through USAG (gymnasts they are pushing) and NBC (storylines they are pushing).
          Coverage was bad and this was awful, but expect USAG to continue with this type of coverage, especially now that they have their paywall FlipNow where all the rest of the routines are now posted. So expect more of this style meet as USAG encourages fans to register for their streaming service.

          If it felt like the WOGA channel to you it is pure coincidence. WOGA had 3 of the top 4 athletes…of course they will all be on the broadcast. Frazier was 3rd and we saw all of her routines as well.

          I was disappointed that Jong wasn’t shown more and nothing from Matthews who had the top bars score and got named to the DTB team.


    • I think eMjae is the oldest (she’s 18, born in Jan. 2004), and then Karis German (she just turned 18 last week), but everyone else is 2005-2006! Kayla DiCello recently had surgery but will be back for the later part of the season (I assume around classics).


      • Thanks. Frazier competed in Japan in 2020 so I should have known she was not a 2005/06 girl, but still, that’s probably the youngest group the US has had for decades (since 1991/92 probably), though I read Wong was still in the mix for the 2022 worlds.
        Anyone on that group is a VT or UB specialist (I mean medal contender at words)? (obviously no question for BB/FX)


        • No real UB specialist, but Joscelyn Roberson did two vaults, a DTY and a Yurchenko half-on front layout (working her way up to a Cheng). I don’t know if she’ll have the scores for a worlds team in a non-individual year, but her half-on has potential!


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