2022 Pan American Championships | Senior WAG Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team final at the 2022 Pan American Championships, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Brazil 162.999
2. United States 161.000
3. Canada 155.534
4. Mexico 149.466
5. Argentina 144.334
6. Colombia 139.034
7. Cuba 136.134
8. Chile 95.869

10:45 am. Flavia Saraiva BRA FX: Double layout, leg separation in the air and a slight pike down but a solid landing. Switch full into the corner. Clean double tuck with a bounce back. Great leap series ending with the tour jeté full. Switch ring half into the corner before the third pass, 1.5 to front full, small step forward. Double pike with a step! That’ll do it for team gold! 13.633 (5.2 D)

10:43 am. Kayla DiCello USA FX: Double layout, a tiny bit deep on the landing but nothing severe. Split jump full. Lovely 1.5 to front full. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Open and clean double tuck with a good landing to finish. It’s not the most exciting routine, but she’s so consistent with doing it well. 13.500 (5.3 D)

10:39 am. Julia Soares BRA FX: Arabian double front, lands kind of in a lunge. Her music being “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin is just about the greatest thing on this entire planet. Tucked full-in, a little short, hopes out of it. Kinda falls out of her Memmel turn. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Super clean double tuck with a lunge back. Double pike is deep with a lunge forward, but she is SO entertaining. 12.867 (5.4 D) – the crowd was booing her score hahaha

10:36 am. Skye Blakely USA FX: Full-twisting double layout, some form throughout including a considerable pike down on the second flip, and lands with her foot back OOB. Double layout is better in the air, but she’s unsure on the landing, ends up taking two big steps back OOB. Hit the third pass, something front but I didn’t see what. Better landing than the first two. Double tuck, clean in the first, cowboyed in the second, step on the landing. 13.100 (5.7 D)

10:33 am. Carolyne Pedro BRA FX: Whip to arabian double front, good landing, just a step there. Double tuck was clean, small hop back. Split jump full. Tour jeté half, feet are noticeably flexed throughout. Think she did a double full after that, I just noticed her legs separated in the air. Finishes with a double pike, lunge back. Good hit set for her! Rebeca Andrade is so happy wearing her cute little glasses! 12.333 (4.9 D)

10:30 am. Lexi Zeiss USA FX: 2.5 to front pike is beautiful! Some leg form in the former but it’s such a nice pass. 1.5 to front full, tiny hop forward, but overall nice again. Strong on her leap series. I feel like this routine has NCAA vibes in the music and some of the choreo. Double tuck with a lunge back. Superstar!!! 12.633 (4.8 D)

10:25 am. Brazil going from being down by six tenths after the first two rotations to leading by 2.399 points after beam is kind of incredible.

Canada still in third after counting a 13.067 from Rose Woo, a 12.967 from Denelle Pedrick, and a 12.167 from Sydney Turner on floor. They’re a little more than 3 points ahead of Mexico.

Mexico was excellent again on vault, with a 13.933 from Ahtziri Sandoval, 13.600 from Natalia Escalera, and 12.767 from Karla Rivera, who was the alternate but is in for Greys Briceño today.

10:20 am. Skye Blakely USA BB: Love her mount series as always. Leg up on the standing full, but had some great height there. Got the front front series today! Step out of the tuck. Switch leap, misses her footing and wobbles, doesn’t connect to the switch half, short on that split. Front aerial, wobble with her leg up. Split jump to straddle jump, not at 180 on the latter. Side aerial. Double tuck with a step back. 13.067 (5.8 D)

10:16 am. Flavia Saraiva BRA BB: Back handspring mount, a little slow to the split jump, tiny bobble there. Excellent roundoff layout. Full turn. Bhs loso loso, PERFECT. Switch ring, wobble there, but saves it. Front aerial to split ring jump, she was slow on the connection and didn’t get the height she needed, and that back leg is a bit of a mess. Side somi with a wobble, but good save again, hit a jump series after it. Double pike with a little hop. 13.867 (5.8 D)

10:13 am. Lexi Zeiss USA BB: Back handspring mount, bhs loso loso, lacks knee extension and has a slight check at the end. Side aerial, finishes a little forward. Split jump to sissone, nice, dances out of it. Switch half, a little tentative, has a wobble on the landing, but saves it. Front aerial, good. Double tuck with a step back. Good on her for bringing the rotation back! 13.033 (5.3 D)

10:10 am. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to switch half, solid. Very strong on the bhs loso. Front aerial with a pause into the split ring jump, looked good in the air! Switch ring with a little step forward. Good side aerial. Wolf jump to sissone is also good. Double pike with a step back. Yes!!! I think it was a better routine than the other night! JADE BARBOSA IS CRYING HAHAHA. Same. 14.133 (5.7 D)

10:07 am. Kayla DiCello USA BB: Candle mount, great work throughout the triple wolf turn, little check on the side aerial, switch leap to split jump, front aerial, tiniest check, comes up short on the bhs loso loso and misses her footing, falls. It was going so well until then! Switch half, then dismounts with a double tuck, chest forward and a step. 12.300 (5.2 D)

10:03 am. Julia Soares BRA BB: Candle mount, holds it well. Beautiful double wolf turn. HUGE and GORGEOUS bhs loso, she’s so good. Front aerial, a little slow to the split jump to back tuck, small wobble there, but very nice series overall. Switch leap to tour jeté, beautiful. Wolf jump to sissone, looked more like a split jump but think it was meant to be a sissone. Double pike with a small hop. Just brilliant! 13.467 (5.3 D)

10:02 am. Okay, the U.S. is now about six tenths ahead of Brazil going into beam, but I feel like that’s going to change here if Brazil can hit the way they’re capable of.

9:58 am. Waiting for a couple of scores to come in before sharing standings…

9:56 am. Argentina had to count a 9.267 on beam from Meline Mesropian. Good score from Abigail Magistrati with a 12.267, while Rocio Saucedo got an 11.433.

Chile only put up two vaults? They only have three competing today and Barbara Achondo doesn’t vault. Weird?

9:54 am. Rose Woo CAN BB: Bhs to back pike, solid. Switch leap, side aerial, front aerial with a wild landing but a big fight to save it, split jump to tuck jump half, side somi, big wobble on a cross jump half, double full with a big hop back. 11.900 (4.7 D)

Other Canadian beam scores include 12.767 from Sydney Turner and 11.533 from Ava Stewart.

Injury on floor, it looked like Valentina Pardo of Colombia. 😦

9:49 am. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full (late) to HUUUUGE piked Tkachev to super clean Pak, short handstand before the van Leeuwen, clean, arched over the handstand before the blind change to piked Jaeger, great shape there, toe full, rushed, to full-in, stuck! Weaker than the routine from Friday but still lovely. 14.433 (6.1 D)

9:46 am. Zoe Miller USA UB: Toe full to Chow half, some leg form on the latter, inbar half to straddle Jaeger, Downie to Pak, slight leg separation, Maloney to huge Tkachev, she’s killing it today! OOF, she pings off SO early on the double layout again and has me screaming internally, but she always gets it around so I guess get it??? Low, though, and has to step out of it. 14.467 (6.5 D)

9:43 am. Flavia Saraiva BRA UB: Piked Tkachev to Pak (straddled a bit), toe-on to Maloney (legs apart) to Gienger (legs apart). Toe full, some hip form but nice vertical, blind change to front giant to a clean double front, step forward. Good for her! 13.600 (5.5 D)

9:42 am. Skye Blakely USA UB: Stalder, blind change to Jaeger, maybe a little low? Ricna to Pak, toe full almost in perfect vertical to van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant to double front, cowboyed with a step. 13.900 (5.6 D)

9:39 am. Lorrane Oliveira BRA UB: Nice flight on the Maloney to a super clean Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, very nice! Blind change to front giant full to Jaeger, short on the handstand out of it, blind change to double front, cowboyed on the second flip with a step forward. That was REALLY nice up until the handstand at the end. 13.100 (5.5 D)

9:36 am. Kayla DiCello USA UB: Stalder full to Maloney, doesn’t connect out of it, Church, blind change to piked Jaeger, Pak, some leg separation but it’s slight, van Leeuwen, she’s working slow and steady today, clear hip to handstand, maybe arched over a little, and sticks the full-in with her feet apart. Tentative routine but very well-performed and I think it’s what she needed to do as she eases her way back to competition! 13.967 (5.6 D)

9:33 am. Brazil leads with a 41.566, ahead of the United States with 41.033, and Canada with 40.367!

9:29 am. Isuamy Perera CUB FX: Hit the front double full and 2.5 to front layout today! A little short on the latter but very happy that was a hit. Also got the double tuck, a little short but no major issues. I think a double full at the end. GOOD FOR HER! 11.767 (4.8 D)

9:26 am. Paulina Campos MEX BB: Tour jeté half, we love to see it. 1.5 dismount. Sadly all we got to see from her! 12.333 (4.9 D)

Before her, Paulina Vargas got a 10.000 on beam.

9:23 am. Brisa Carraro ARG UB: Only really saw the dismount from her, a double tuck. 12.067 (4.8 D)

Canada wrapped up bars with a 13.767 from Sydney Turner!

9:21 am. Brazil starts with a 0.533 lead ahead of the United States on vault! Some other scores so far…

Canada UB – Ava Stewart 13.433, Rose Woo 13.167

Argentina UB – Sira Macias 13.200, Meline Mesropian 12.467

Mexico BB – Natalia Escalera 12.167, Paulina Vargas 10.000

Colombia BB – Daira Lamadrid 10.500

Chile FX – Sofia Casella 11.267, Paula Carvajal 10.833

Cuba FX – Leyanet Pruna 11.200

9:18 am. SKye Blakely USA VT: Leg separation onto the table in her DTY, doesn’t get a ton of distance but it’s not bad either, a little crooked off the table with a step back. I don’t speak Portuguese but I definitely just understood “differences from Rebeca” hahaha. 13.867 (5.0 D)

9:17 am. Rebeca Andrade BRA VT: Brilliant DTY, huge air, gorgeous form, tiniest hop back. Again, it’s rude that Saraiva will score as close to her as she does, the differences between the two are WILD. 14.500 (5.0 D)

9:16 am. Lexi Zeiss USA VT: DTY, kind of identical to Saraiva’s including the same step back but maybe a LITTLE bit weaker than Saraiva’s in terms of leg form, and her chest position on the landing isn’t as high. 13.833 (5.0 D)

9:14 am. Flavia Saraiva BRA VT: DTY, looked a tiny bit crooked coming off the table and a big step back, and she has some leg and hip form issues in the air, it’s illegal if this goes above a 9.0 E but I know it will. Yup, 14.033 (5.0 D)

9:12 am. Elle Mueller USA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, knees aren’t great especially on the last half of the rotation, but she lands it well enough, nice chest position, just a step forward. 13.333 (4.6 D)

9:11 am. Carolyne Pedro BRA VT: Nice FTY! Better direction than she had the other day. Just a small hop back. She’s happy with that! 13.033 (4.2 D)

I DOUBT we’re going to see subdivisions outside of Brazil and the United States, but I’ll share scores when they come in.

9:09 am. The U.S. vault lineup is Elle Mueller, Lexi Zeiss, and Skye Blakely.

9:06 am. Lorrane Oliveira is in for Christal Bezerra. She’s not in the vault lineup, though – Carolyne Pedro, Flavia Saraiva, and Rebeca Andrade are warming up – so I assume she’s in for bars? Which Bezerra didn’t do the other day…I like that they get to play with depth.

9:05 am. Brazil and the United States will start on vault. They’re both wearing repeats of the leos the juniors wore on their first day of competition. I LOVE the black one for Brazil.

9:04 am. The women should be marching in any second or minute or SOMETIME in the next 15 minutes who knows time does not exist?

Oh wow, they’re marching out now! We win the day.

21 thoughts on “2022 Pan American Championships | Senior WAG Team Final Live Blog

  1. Brasil
    Its good or USA is not as good as before thats for sure, even for a B team its still a bit weak if u consider what they have had before..


    • Yeah…uh…there is a reason USAG is asking/encouraging certain past elite gymnasts who have moved on to NCAA, to continue to train elite and participate in camps. They know the level of potential we have waiting in the wings and are calling for back-up.


    • Def, the latter! This US team looked like the C team here. Brazil isn’t strong enough overall to where they should be beating a US team by 2 full points. I sure hope we have some depth training back home, and that Chellsie and Alicia have alrdy started!


      • Rebeca did not do her cheng here and also no FX. That Alone would add 2+ points.
        Flávia did not hit a perfect BB. Lorrane just returned from Injury to do UB. And jade is injured, she would have a dty instead of pedro fty on VT and would help on UB also


      • It’s certainly not a C team , nor A I admitt.A bit closer to A than C, believe it or not. Miller is needed on UB in an A team, Blakely is pure talent and belongs to A (reserve at least). Zeis is B but could be A. She is like the new McCallum, very consistent and well balanced on all 4s but not a medal potentiel on any event. And Di Cello has already proven she is a world class gymnast, she only need some more time. I’am pretty convinced the world team will include half of them.
        Huge congats to Brazil. They have a 164 points potential with Andrade competing FX. That’s worthy a world team medal.


        • Rebeca doing FX add 1,5 to 2 more than Pedro

          Also, her cheng adds more

          Flávia and rebeca has a.higher.D BB and flavia and julia has more on FX also.

          Hope also Lorrane gets her dty back and improve her UB. I can see them getting 3 4 more points


        • Andrade is not doing floor in 2022, she has stated this herself. So don’t bother trying to add more points to a World total with Andrade floor when she won’t be doing it in Liverpool. She is sticking to 3 events this year.


        • You really think at least 3 of these girls will go to worlds? This was B- team if not a C team. The only one I can see being in top tier contention is Skye Blakely. It’s only a 5 person team, and I’d say Konnor, Shilese, Ashlee, Katelyn, and em-jae are stronger contenders at this point. Zeis, though not without good qualities, is nowhere near as proficient as McCallum is now as a NCAA gymnast, let alone in 2020. She lacks technique and her development has been rushed. She could be an alternate for worlds, but if we factor in the possibility of taking Jade or Suni or Leanne…where is that going to leave people like Elle and Lexi who are lackluster on 4 events?
          As for Kayla, she’s only really viable if this watering down is only temporary. She needs to have a DTY and full floor difficulty to make an impact. She is kind of giving me Kristy Powell 1998 vibes at this point.


      • My point was that the US had a pipeline! Brazil did an amazing job, and showed up and showed out! But the point is that the US needs to pull it together, because Brazil does not usually beat us. I give grace to the fact that there’s sooo much turmoil and change going on for these TEENAGE CHILDREN. That said, something in the training practices needs to change, and I think that Alicia and Chellsie taking the helm and putting some structure on how camps are run, could def do it. Gymnasts can eat, and compete! But these tucked versions of your home doubles, and throwing 1.5s, is NOT it! Hell, we could’ve brought Trinity for vault for a clean (quite possibly stuck) 1.5. The US needs to fix things. Stat! As a former dancer, if you can’t nail this part, YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS PART ON STAGE!

        Yes, we know what Kayla is capable of NOT coming off of an injury. Skye has all of the talent in the world if she’ll allow herself to harness it. At the end of the day, Lexi Zeiss should not be outscoring either of them. That’s not a hit at Lexi, it’s a hit at them not stepping into their ability, because something is NOT connecting. I’m a (new) coach, and avid fan for years, and if I can see a problem, so can USAG, and everyone else.


  2. Do fundo do meu coração americano, parabéns à seleção brasileira. Você foi inspirador. Você foi o melhor no chão e foi uma magia absoluta para assistir.

    From the bottom of my American heart, congratulations to the Brazilian team. You were inspiring. You were the best on the floor and it was absolute magic to watch.


  3. I adore Flavia and want her to win everything. She is so beautiful and poised and exquisite…

    …but Kayla had a 0.1 advantage in DV and had the least deductions in execution. She really should’ve outscored Saraiva. Even though I liked Saraiva more, Kayla technically had a cleaner routine with a higher SV.


    • Brazil included Oliveira for the TF on UB so I guess USA could have done the same on VT … Mueller definitely was not the right choice but they probably wanted to give her some experience (and just like at the Olympics … USA was probably SOOOO convinced they would win ….. they did not care)


      • USA was relatively sure they were bucking for 2nd place here. With so many of the top girls opting out of Pan Am tryouts, they knew that a strong Brazil team would probably beat them.

        I mean, you don’t really think the USA said “We can’t lose if we put an inexperienced and watered down B team up against the Olympic AA Silver medalist and the defending Pan Am champs” do you?


  4. Brazil is capable of a 165 at worlds if Andrade gets back her Cheng + floor routine, either Loarrane/Jade Barbosa gets back DTY, and Soares performs at World Cup level. This will make them right in the mix of USA (A team), China, Italy, GB to be a medal contender. I would even put them above GB. It would goes into a consistency competition at Liverpool TF because all these teams above aren’t known for consistency at all and will likely count fall(s) and finish below 165. It would be the most open and exciting TF competition we’ve never seen before (with mostly new teams in the mix)


    • Andrade is not doing floor exercise this year, she has stated that a few times already.
      She is trying to protect her knee. Also, don;t think we will see two vaults from her let along a Cheng.
      2022 is meaningless compared to reinjuring herself as Paris is her main goal.


      • Rebeca never said she would not do FX at worlds.
        She said that she wants to present her OG FX song one last time at worlds before changing choreo for 23-24


        • False. She stated that she won’t compete floor this year at all in an interview before Pan Am Championships. She is thinking long term to Paris and it doesn’t make sense for her to compete FX this year in retrospect.


      • Also, she stated that one of her gols was qualifying brazil to Paris already and better for her if she can skip 2023 world


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