2022 Paris Challenge Cup | Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the event finals at the 2022 Paris Challenge Cup, held in Paris, France!

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12:16 pm. High Bar Final Standings

1. Brody Malone, United States, 14.650
2. Ilias Georgiou, Cyprus, 14.400
3. Tin Srbic, Croatia, 14.050
4. Robert Tvorogal, Lithuania, 13.850
5. Kotoge Kazuma, Japan, 13.700
6. Ahmed El Maraghy, Egypt, 13.400
7. Alexander Myakinin, Israel, 13.200
8. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 13.050
9. Arthur Mariano, Brazil, 12.650

12:14 pm. Ahmed El Maraghy EGY HB: Tak half, huge Kolman but his legs are a bit wild in terms of the form, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, good, some slight elbow bend, inbar, tak, his L grip is SO wide, it’s like me when I try to do it on a broomstick #NoShoulderFlexibility, full-twisting double layout with a hop. Nice hit! 13.400 (5.5, 7.900)

12:11 pm. Alexander Myakinin ISR HB: Tak full was a bit late, Cassina, maybe a little wild, Kolman looked tighter, L grip front giants, tak, etc, etc, etc, straddle Tkachev, hop full, stalder, full-twisting double layout a bit deep with a big step forward. Not as exciting as the last two we just saw from Malone and Georgiou but a nice hit, and it was still pretty solid until the dismount. 13.200 (5.5, 7.700)

12:08 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Zou Li Min, Cassina was strong, Kolman, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip before the tak full, pretty close to vertical, no issues going over, hop full, and a double double layout dismount, stuck with an arm wave to hold his balance. 14.650 (6.0, 8.650) – that’ll move him to first! I think two to go.

12:06 pm. Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: Tak half, he looks really aggressive in his swing, Cassina with slight ankle form in the air, big Kolman, layout Tkachev went pretty well, straddle Tkachev also strong, blind change to L grip, tak, a few front L grip giants, and a double double layout, a little deep with a hop forward, but overall this was fab. 14.400 (5.9, 8.500)

12:02 pm. Tin Srbic CRO HB: Really good opportunity for him to step up here after being a little off this season. Kolman looked slightly underrotated with some bent elbows on the catch, hop full, blind change, tak half, stalder straddle Tkachev, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, some bent arms coming out of it, full-twisting double layout with a little step. Still not quite as tidy as he used to be with this new routine but he’s getting there! 14.050 (5.7, 8.350)

11:56 am. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: Full-twisting layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, hop full, blind change to front giant to full-twisting layout Jaeger, and his hands slip! That’s two of the top guys from prelims down. Back on for an L grip front giant to Tak full, goes crooked, Yamawaki, catches and then giants out with bent elbows, double double layout with a hop. 12.650 (5.7, 6.950)

11:53 am. Kotoge Kazuma JPN HB: Yamawaki to Endo, Zou Li Min, tak half was a bit late, Kolman with wild legs but he caught it! Layout Tkachev had some foot and hip form, straddle Tkachev was better, stalder, and a double double layout dismount, I think he did both twists in the second flip? Big step forward/lunge on the landing. 13.700 (5.6, 8.100)

11:50 am. Robert Tvorogal LTU HB: Zou Li Min, little hand adjustment, tak full almost to vertical, tak half, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, KEEP GOING! Hop full, Rybalko, stalder, and a weirdly slow but hit full-twisting double layout dismount, step back. 13.850 (5.7, 8.150)

11:46 am. Marios Georgiou CYP HB: Got some pirouettes out of the way at the start, but caught a big Cassina, just kind of wild and close. Then caught a Kovacs but missed the connection to the Kolman, just came off way too far over, doesn’t even get his hands over the bar. Back on for a hop full, inbar, blind change to L grip front giant, Zou Li Min, and he hit the dismount, a double twisting double layout with a hop forward. 13.050 (5.9, 7.150)

11:42 am. Women’s Floor Final Standings

1. Jordan Chiles, United States, 14.050
2. Shilese Jones, United States, 13.500
3. Jennifer Gadirova, Great Britain, 13.250
4. Laura Casabuena, Spain, 12.750
5. Poppy Stickler, Great Britain, 12.650
6. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 12.550
7. Greta Mayer, Hungary, 12.300
8. Lorena Medina, Spain, 11.600

Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Caio Souza, Brazil, 14.700
2. Brody Malone, United States, 14.600
3. Donnell Whittenburg, United States, 14.200
4. Kaneta Kiichi, Japan, 13.950
5. Mathias Philippe, France, 13.550
6. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 13.450
7. Cameron-Lie Bernard, France, 12.750
8. Nicolau Mir, Spain, 12.200

11:39 am. Brody Malone USA PB: Wasn’t typing during this routine but it was a nice hit! One of the better routines in this weird final. 14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

11:36 am. Flavia Saraiva BRA FX: Full-twisting double layout is kind of a mess…legs apart and she comes up short, bouncing forward onto her hands. Double layout with her legs apart and a step back. A little rushed in her leap series, but the switch ring half is better. 1.5 to front full with a crossover step that may have gone OOB. Dobule pike with a step back, almost may have been OOB but it was hard to see. Welp.

11:34 am. Nicolau Mir ESP PB: Oof, missed the first element and it was weird…looked like he just hit at like 45 degrees short of handstand and couldn’t muscle out of it, and hopped right off. Back on and arched over the handstand out of a kip cast, walked out of it as well. Caught the Bhavsar and a straddle salto, and almost stuck the double pike dismount. 12.200 (5.3, 6.900)

11:32 am. Greta Mayer HUN FX: Split jump full. Full-in with slight leg separation in the air and a bounce on the landing. Double pike, a little tentative on the landing with a slight hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Good 1.5 to front tuck. Double tuck was a little short with a hop. Overall a solid routine! 12.300 (5.0, 7.300)

11:29 am. Kaneta Kiichi JPN PB: Front pike up to handstand was nice, slight muscle in the kip cast out of it, bent his knees on the straddle salto, hop half pirouette, basket to handstand, big Bhavsar, lovely, Tippelt started out gorgeous and fluid but then he got a little stuck and had to muscle it up. Big hop back on the double pike dismount. 13.950 (5.8, 8.150)

11:28 am. Lorena Medina ESP FX: Double layout and full-in at the start of her routine were very strong. Front tuck through to double tuck is solid. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double pike with a big stumble back but she saves it from falling. 11.600 (4.3, 7.300)

11:25 am. Mathias Philippe FRA PB: Piked down while holding the single rail and was a bit wild on a full pirouette after. Had one really clean combination after that, I think that was the Makuts, but then arched and walked out of another full pirouette. Step forward on the dismount. 13.550 (5.6, 7.950)

11:23 am. Jordan Chiles USA FX: Think she opened with a 1.5 through to full-in? Performing the hell out of it already. Full-twisting double layout went kind of low and long but she gets the landing without any problems. Big hop L turn through to switch full, the hop turn looked a little wild, like she had too much amplitude? Front layout through to double tuck with a small hop. She truly gave this her all! Mic-drop ending. 14.050 (5.8, 8.250)

11:20 am. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: One-arm pirouette went well but then he arched over and had to walk a bit on a half, then fully bends his hips in half when holding onto the single rail. Muscles his legs back up but yikes. Calms down a bit after that, comes up a little short on a couple of elements but sticks the double front half. This was like, half great, half WTF. 13.450 (5.7, 7.750) – he looks shocked and/or mad at this lol

11:18 am. Laura Casabuena ESP FX: Piked full-in, leg form is a bit all over the place and she lands with her feet turned in, but she’s performing to “Material Girl” so she gets an automatic 10 from me on everything. Memmel turn was a bit wonky with a stumble out of it. Anyway, I really like her, I only first saw her compete a few months ago this year and she kind of came out of nowhere as one of Spain’s best right now. Lots of potential in what she’s already doing. Little slide back on the double tuck. Hit her leap passes and a double pike with a little slide back. 12.750 (4.9, 7.850)

11:15 am. Caio Souza BRA PB: Everything at the start looked so tidy. Big double tuck and straddle salto. Pirouettes look so clean. Tippelt had a bit of a muscle up but nothing severe. Double front half stuck! Okay, this could win it, this was so good. 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

11:13 am. Shilese Jones USA FX: Double double, really open! Great landing. Double L turn. Big Popa, nice over-split on that from this angle. Double layout, some leg separation and a slight bounce back. Hip form looked nice, though. Front tuck through to double tuck with a bounce back into a lunge. Hop L turn through to switch half. Double wolf turn. Some lovely work in her performance. 13.500 (5.4, 8.100)

11:12 am. Cameron-Lie Bernard FRA PB: Healy, arched over a handstand between the bars, ugh, and then falls out of a pirouette onto his elbows and has to hop off. Big bummer, I thought he would be on the podium. One-arm pirouette, and then walks a bit out of a pirouette that transitions from single to both rails, double pike dismount with two big steps back in a bit of a stumble. 12.750 (5.4, 7.350)

11:09 am. Poppy Stickler GBR FX: Split jump full. Double layout, slight leg separation, slight pike, and she’s a little short with a step forward. Front layout through to layout full with a slight hop back. Mostly good in her leaps, the switch full I think it was right before her last pass was maybe a little rushed. Double pike, chest slightly forward with a step back. Had a double or triple wolf turn at the end before her final pose, love this routine, she does such a fab job performing it. 12.650 (5.0, 7.650)

11:08 am. Donnell Whittenburg USA PB: Not looking for him to medal here but would like to see a nice clean set. Had a few leg form issues and adjustments in some early pirouettes, but caught a big double back salto and a straddle salto, and just a small hop back on the double front half dismount. 14.200 (5.8, 8.400) – great score for him!

11:06 am. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: Double layout with some leg separation in the air and a bounce back. Full turn into the corner before a big Popa. Her back handspring before the full-in had SUCH wildly bent elbows?! Very MAG of her. But she got the landing well there. Front layout through to double tuck with a little hop back. 13.250 (5.3, 7.950)

11:00 am. Balance Beam Standings

1. Marine Boyer, France, 13.750
2. Jade Carey, United States, 13.750
3. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.700
4. Jennifer Gadirova, Great Britain, 13.450
5. Shilese Jones, United States, 13.400
6. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 12.650
7. Nikolett Szilagyi, Hungary, 12.550
8. Denelle Pedrick, Canada, 11.150

Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Adem Asil, Turkey, 14.725
2. Caio Souza, Brazil, 14.575
3. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 14.325
4. Joel Plata, Spain, 14.025
5. Omar Mohamed, Egypt, 13.775
6. Yuri Guimaraes, Brazil, 13.475
7. Thomas Grasso, Italy, 12.775
8. Asato Keisuke, Japan, 6.600

10:57 am. Shilese Jones USA BB: Arabian was great! Little adjustment on the side aerial. Strong on the bhs loso. Wasn’t typing for a second but she had some nice leaps and jumps in there, and she dismounted with a double pike with a slight step. Great routine! 13.400 (5.4, 8.000)

10:55 am. Thomas Grasso ITA VT: Ooh, Yurchenko triple! Some ankle form and he’s a hair short in rotation, stumbles it back slightly.14.150 (5.6, 8.550)

Oof, I don’t know what happened in his second vault, looked like a problem with the block. Ended up doing a tsuk tuck full I think instead of what he intended? I think he was meant to do a kaz layout double full. 11.400 (2.8, 8.600)

12.775 average

10:52 am. Marine Boyer FRA BB: Switch leap mount, roundoff layout with a super solid landing, slight wobble on the switch leap, doesn’t connect to the switch half. Beautiful aerial into her jump series, those connections were golden. Side aerial with a tiny adjustment. Side somi with a slight check but she’s looking SO clean. Full turn. Tiny bounce on the double pike. Despite some slight adjustments/bobbles here she is SO SO SO clean, this was a fabulous routine. 13.750 (5.7, 8.050) – total score matches Carey’s but her execution will win the tie break and put her in first!

10:50 am. Omar Mohamed EGY VT: I jumped into this a second late but think he did a Shewfelt aka Yurchenko 2.5. Looked clean with a good landing from what I could see! 14.550 (5.2, 9.350)

Ugh, then lands the handspring double front on his butt. MAG vault finals, amirite? 13.000 (5.2, 7.800)

13.775 average

10:48 am. Ellie Black CAN BB: Switch leap mount connected to switch half to Korbut, some form throughout but good connections. Double spin with a wobble, and then there was a jump and full turn out of it I think? I’ve already forgotten. Punch front was strong. Bhs pike/layout. Side somi. Hit the dismount. Not the cleanest we’ve seen from her on some of the dance elements but she had some great fight throughout. 13.700 (5.9, 7.800)

10:44 am. Asato Keisuke JPN VT: REALLY terrifying landing on his tsuk full-in. Comes down horizontally onto the mat, and looked like he hit his head in the process. The neck angle was low key terrifying. Medics are checking him out and he’s able to get up on his own. Gets a 0 for that attempt and doesn’t go for a second vault, but he’s smiling once off to the side.

Okay, he’s back up for a second vault, PLEASE SIR. Does a kaz double, which comes up short and he sits it. Well, at least he didn’t break his head again. 13.200 (5.6, 7.700, -0.1 ND)

6.600 average

10:41 am. Denelle Pedrick CAN BB: Switch mount with a wobble, and then a bigger wobble on the switch half after, ends up falling there unfortunately. Korbut with nice toe point. Side somi directly into a cross split jump half, love that connection so much. Just slight form on the latter. Full turn. Bhs loso with some knee form and a slight adjustment. Side aerial with a big wobble. Good 2.5 dismount. 11.150 (4.8, 6.350)

10:39 am. Adem Asil TUR VT: Handspring double front pike half, looks pretty good in the air but lands really deep, idk how this guy still has knees. Big hop forward out of a squat to count this as a hit. 15.000 (6.0, 9.000)

Will he hit two vaults in the same competition?!?! Pray for him! Tsuk double pike, big lunge to the side, but it’s mostly clean! Two hits in the same competition!!! This was after counting a fall in prelims, so expect him to rocket up the rankings. 14.450 (5.6, 8.950, -0.1 ND)

14.725 average, and now he’s first!

10:34 am. Nikolett Szilagyi HUN BB: Lovely Dorina Böczögö-esque mount showing off a bit of style, which the crowd loves. Gets a wolf turn and side aerial, switch to straddle jump (floppy feet), and comes up slightly short on the bhs bhs loso. Front aerial into a jump, mostly solid there. Good side somi and a solid double tuck dismount. Really nice work overall! Has some form that could be tightened up throughout but she is stylistically very nice to watch. 12.550 (5.1, 7.450)

10:32 am. Caio Souza BRA VT: Dragulescu, almost stuck! Just moves one of his feet. Chest pretty far down but his leg separation is like, half as severe as most guys, so that plus the landing will make this a good score. 14.900 (5.6, 9.300)

Kaz 1.5 for the second vault. Slight leg separation onto the table, but his form in the air is almost perfect, just lands off to the side with a big hop back to center. 14.250 (5.2, 9.050)

14.575 average moves him to first at the halfway point!

10:30 am. Jennifer Gadirova GBR BB: Switch mount had a really great split, almost immediately to  a switch half, slight adjustment on the back tuck. Full turn. Front aerial with a stumble and her leg coming up, the stream is SO bad right now, it’s very annoying. Hit the jump series. Cross split jump half, really solid 180 but had some foot form. Nails the bhs loso loso. Side aerial with a step back to correct a slight bobble. Double pike with her chest a little forward, and as she pulls it up she has to take a lunge back. 13.450 (5.7, 7.750)

10:27 am. Joel Plata ESP VT: Dragulescu, chest pretty far down and a big lunge to the side OOB to steady it. 13.900 (5.6, 8.600, -0.3 ND)

Yurchenko double for his second vault, mostly clean in the air until the very end, sticks it with his chest down. 14.150 (4.8, 9.350)

14.025 average

10:26 am. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos. Front pike mount, wobble with a leg up, and the leg also comes up on the punch front and on the layout series. Switch to switch half, slight check, front aerial to split jump with a check as well, and a slight adjustment on the full turn. clean jump series. Double pike with a lunge back. Maybe some nerves showing there, but good fight to stay on! 12.650

10:23 am. Yuri Guimaraes BRA VT: Huuuuge kaz 1.5, could be a bit tighter in the ankles and he has a big rebound forward on the landing that forces him to take a big lunge. 14.300 (5.2, 9.100)

Handspring double front for the second vault, also huge in terms of distance, but could have used a bit more height, as he ends up pretty forward and low, with his knees and then hands dropping to the mat. 12.650 (5.2, 7.750, -0.3 ND)

13.475 average

10:21 am. Jade Carey USA BB: Full turn, pretty solid on the bhs loso loso, just a slight adjustment at the end, sid aerial to split jump to straddle jump was pretty well-connected, front aerial was a little short with a slight adjustment, switch to switch half, the latter probably a little shy of 180, switch side is good, I think she had a cross jump after that but I had a buffering stream. Double pike dismount, maybe slightly deeper in the knees than it needed to be? But just a baby step. Great work! 13.750 (5.8, 7.950)

10:19 am. Artem Dolgopyat ISR VT: Kaz 1.5, not as clean as he can do it typically, and he lands super deep in a bit of a squat. 14.150 (5.2, 8.950)

Second up is a handspring double front, nice pop off of the table, and he lands it really well, love to see a chest position that isn’t knee-level. Just some knee form in the air. 14.500 (5.2, 9.300)

14.325 average

10:18 am. We’re back now! Touch warm-ups for the women on balance beam and the men on vault are just wrapping up now.

9:35 am. The two nations tied for the most golds so far? The United States, and…IRELAND!!!

9:29 am. Medal ceremonies now for the first five apparatuses, so we’ll have a bit of a break before the second half of today’s finals.

9:23 am. Uneven Bars Standings

1. Shilese Jones, United States, 14.700
2. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 14.650
3. Lisa Vaelen, Belgium, 14.100
4. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.850
5. Jordan Chiles, United States, 13.750
6. Aline Friess, France, 13.600
7. Lorrane Oliveira, Brazil, 12.950
8. Zoja Szekely, Hungary, 12.250

Rings Final Standings

1. Adem Asil, Turkey, 14.800
2. Vinzenz Höck, Austria, 14.700
3. Donnell Whittenburg, United States, 14.600
4. Lin Guan-Yi, Taiwan, 14.450
5. Ali Zahran, Egypt, 14.250
6. Sokratis Pilakouris, Cyprus, 13.950
7. Tsumura Ryota, Japan, 13.900
8. Caio Souza, Brazil, 13.500

9:19 am. Jordan Chiles USA UB: Toe full goes a little messy to piked Tkachev, Pak, my stream buffered but think she did a Maloney to Gienger, slight leg separation, blind change to piked Jaeger, a little low, short handstand before the bail (some leg separation) to Ray, and full-in came off a little low with a tiny bounce on the landing. 13.750 (5.8, 7.950)

9:18 am. Adem Asil TUR SR: Okay again missed the beginning and wasn’t typing at all but this was a fabulous set for him! Had a huge smile when he hit the dismount. 14.800 (6.3, 8.500)

9:16 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL UB: Stalder Tkachev caught in mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak is pretty clean, solid van Leeuwen, toe full with some ankle separation and an adjustment halfway through, and a full-in with a step back. Good routine! Really just the toe full that was iffy. 14.100 (5.8, 8.300)

9:14 am. Tsumura Ryota JPN SR: Front pike to iron cross was very pretty, inverted hang to inverted cross, some arm form, slight pike down in a handstand but the second was much better, saltos through to straddle hold, took him a second to get that transition, and has a double double layout dismount with a slight bobble on the landing (maybe some slight form in the air, too). 13.900 (5.7, 8.200)

9:13 am. Aline Friess FRA UB: Good handstand before the toe-on to Maloney (some bent elbows on both), Pak with leg separation, toe full was a bit short and had some form issues, van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, double front was clean in the air with a slight step. She has some weird things in her swing in general that will get her, but her double front is one of the cleanest on this event. 13.600 (5.6, 8.000)

9:12 am. Sokratis Pilakouris CYP SR: Wasn’t typing but nothing major to report here, did some nice work with minor adjustments. Stream buffered at the end so I missed the dismount. 13.950 (5.9, 8.050)

9:10 am. Ellie Black CAN UB: Maloney to Hindorff, Shang caught in mixed grip to Ezhova, aka the BLACK to Ezhova as of yesterday! Gets it around. Van Leeuwen, blind full, and a tucked toe front half, stuck! 13.850 (5.7, 8.150)

9:08 am. Vinzenz Höck AUT SR: Still sad about his Euros final. Maltese to inverted hang, through to inverted cross, very nice position, saltos through to maltese, little adjustment into it, inverted hang to planche, legs look angled slightly downward, iron cross is clean, inverted hang to handstand, super tight here, barely moves, but then is a bit short on the subsequent one. Full-twisting double layout is stuck! Really just that second handstand as the only problem in this set, I hope he can medal. 14.700 (6.0, 8.700) – moves him to first!

9:07 am. Phew, that first half of the rotation felt SO fast, I could barely keep up, especially as we’d transition back to rings from bars with only a second after the dismount hit. Touch warm-up for the second half now!

9:04 am. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Had a full pirouette (I missed the very beginning/entry) to piked Tkachev to Pak, Great handstand before a very clean van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, a little low and far kinda? Toe full was very rushed into the full-in, but she stuck it! 14.650 (6.1, 8.550)

9:03 am. Caio Souza BRA SR: Again wasn’t typing during this routine, but it was mostly strong, muscled up one of the handstands at the end and was a bit swayed on the second…ugh, then went for a triple tuck dismount and came up short, somersaulted out of it.  13.500 (6.2, 7.300)

9:01 am. Shilese Jones USA UB: Great handstand before the stalder full to Chow to Tkachev, really nice swing today. Toe full is a little rushed but very clean, to piked Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen with slight leg separation, toe half to front giant to double front, slightly cowboyed, but hit! Good for her!

8:59 am. Ali Zahran EGY SR: Nice maltese, ooh, and like…an upside down maltese? Have I ever seen that before or am I just being stupid? It’s the same position as a maltese but he’s face-up instead of facing the floor. Maltese to iron cross, planche, just corrects the position slightly, handstand with a little adjustment, and a full-twisting double layout, pikes it down slightly with a step back. 14.250 (6.1, 8.150)

8:57 am. Zoja Szekely HUN UB: Chow to Pak is clean, nice handstand before the Maloney (leg separation) to Gienger, a bit wild especially (weirdly) in her arms! Piked Jaeger, a little short on the handstand before the giant half, and then fully lost her leg form going into the handstand out of the blind full, had to come off. Back on for the blind full again, which is successful this time, and a full-in with a step back. 12.250 (5.4, 6.850)

8:56 am. Lin Guan-Yi TWN SR: I wasn’t typing during this set but everything I saw was good, including a stuck double double dismount! 14.450 (5.9, 8.550)

8:53 am. Lorrane Oliveira BRA UB: Maloney to Pak to toe-on to van Leeuwen, legs looked tidy on all, blind change to front full was a bit messy and crooked and she can’t get the next front giant to handstand, has to correct into a back giant then blind change again to piked Jaeger, double front with a step forward. 12.950 (5.4, 7.550)

8:51 am. Donnell Whittenburg USA SR: Opens right up into a maltese which he presses up to planche, golden. Swings through to iron cross, inverted hang to handstand, piked and tucked saltos out to a really nice maltese position, inverted hang to planche, angle is MAYBE a little crooked, has a little sway in a handstand at the end, and sticks the double double layout dismount! Yes!

8:48 am. Touch warm-ups are underway. Coline Devillard and Benjamin Osberger are being interviewed in the arena.

8:45 am. Athletes are marching out now for the uneven bars and rings finals!

8:43 am. Women’s Vault Final Standings

1. Jade Carey, United States, 14.375
2. Jordan Chiles, United States, 14.025
3. Coline Devillard, France, 13.850
4. Lisa Vaelen, Belgium, 13.600
5. Kaia Tanskanen, Finland, 12.925
6. Nancy Taman, Egypt, 12.775
7. Aneta Holasova, Czech Republic, 12.675
8. Greta Mayer, Hungary, 12.625

Pommel Horse Final Standings

1. Rhys McClenaghan, Ireland, 15.100
2. Nariman Kurbanov, Kazakhstan, 14.450
3. Shiao Yu-Jan, Taiwan, 14.350
4. Zachary Clay, Canada, 14.300
5. Vedant Sawant, Australia, 14.250
6. Tsumura Ryota, Japan, 14.050
7. Filip Ude, Croatia, 13.650
8. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 13.400

8:40 am. Kaia Tanskanen FIN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, actually looked REALLY clean in the air in her hip and knee form (especially compared to a lot of other vaults here today) and she got a pretty good push off the table, just a little too forward on the landing and she has to lunge and hop out of it. 12.950 (4.6, 8.450, -0.1 ND)

Tsuk full, form was a little weaker throughout, with big leg separation coming onto and off of the table, but lands it pretty well.

8:39 am. Zachary Clay CAN PH: Really smooth swing on the single handle and then transitions well to the horse. Slight leg separation when he travels, and he starts to lose his hip form a bit about halfway through, but tightens up again before the dismount. 14.300 (5.7, 8.600)

8:37 am. Nancy Taman EGY VT: Yurchenko double, some leg separation onto the table and her knee and hip form is a little loose in the air, lands with her chest forward and a step to the side. 13.400 (5.0, 8.500, -0.1 ND)

I didn’t see the entry into her second vault…Yurchenko half-on maybe? It was a front tuck off. Had a big step OOB. 12.150 (3.8, 8.450, -0.1 ND)

12.150 average

8:35 am. Ferhat Arican TUR PH: Had weird leg form in a scissor element at the start, little Russian swing on the single handle, transition to handstand pirouette was a little messy, Russians at the end of the horse, he’s like, hopping his legs over the horse to clear it, traveling form is also pretty messy, just a weak routine overall but he gets everything right to the dismount. 13.400 (5.8, 7.600)

8:33 am. Jade Carey USA VT: Cheng to start, some slight leg separation onto the table and minor hip form deductions throughout but lands it very well, maybe a little off to the side. 14.750 (5.6, 9.150)

Yurchenko double for the second vault, huge and mostly excellent in terms of form! Looked off-center again, maybe it’s just the camera angle, because everything has looked a little off to the side to me today. But she does this like it’s nothing. 14.000 (5.0, 9.100, -0.1 ND) – okay, she had an OOB so I guess she was off to the side, lol.

14.375 average moves her to first!

8:30 am. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Huge scissor to handstand down to scissor at the start, then single handle circles and Russians, lovely. Transitions to the other handle for circles and then down between the handles for more Russians. Travels well, great hip extension as always, had a wide-arm travel into Russians that looked super fluid, and the dismount is great. This will be hard to beat! 15.100 (6.4, 8.700)

8:27 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Handspring rudi was a bit piked coming off the table, and she opened up a bit after that but the knee form wasn’t quite there. Still a pretty solid landing, though. Hop to the side. 14.050 (5.4, 8.650)

Second vault is a tsuk full, some pike down and a lunge back.

8:26 am. Shiao Yu-Jan TWN PH: Scissors to handstand and back down into his circles on the single handle, including a one-arm swing, transitions well to the Russians between the handles, then travels in front support really well, slight ankle form break at one instance but overall it’s nice. Slight leg separation going into the dismount but overall this was very good. 14.350 (5.9, 8.450)

8:24 am. I think a little break for the second touch warm-up now.

8:22 am. Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Strong Yurchenko full, leg separation in pre-flight, not a ton of power, and a hop back, but overall it looked nice from afar. 12.950 (4.2, 8.750)

Tsuk layout also had significant leg separation on the preflight but it was again a solid set, with a hop back. 12.400 (3.8, 8.600)

12.675 average

8:20 am. Filip Ude CRO PH: My stream is buffering again so apologies if anything goes missed. He started out well from what I could see and had some really nice control on the single handle circle. Traveled well, including in Russians, but came up a little short into the dismount. 13.650 (5.3, 8.350)

8:18 am. Coline Devillard FRA VT: Handspring rudi, a bit messy in pre-flight and in the air, with some considerable pike down and wild legs, as well as a lunge on the landing. 14.350 (5.4, 8.950)

Second vault is a Yurchenko full, tons of power, some leg separation on pre-flight but mostly beautiful in the air, and a lunge/slide back on the landing. 13.350 (4.2, 9.150)

13.850 average

8:16 am. Tsumura Ryota JPN PH: Scissor to handstand down to scissors into the swing on both handles, gets a little stuck for a second before going into his flairs but covers it up well and gets into a nice rhythm to travel up and down the horse in the flaired circles. Muscles through the handstand into the dismount, coming up a little short, but a hit! 14.050 (6.5, 7.550)

8:14 am. Greta Mayer HUN VT: Yurchenko full, not super powerful but pretty clean in the air aside from a slight pike down, and the landing looked close to stuck, but a bit off to the side. Didn’t go OOB, though! 13.150 (4.2, 8.950)

Follows it up with a Tsuk layout, again a bit of pike in the hips, with a big bounce back. 12.100 (3.4, 8.700)

12.625 average

8:13 am. Vedant Sawant AUS PH: Okay, we’re getting pommels separately now it seems. He started too quickly for me to begin typing but this was a really strong routine! Lots of difficulty in there and his hip form was pretty solid throughout. 14.250 (6.1, 8.150)

8:10 am. Nariman Kurbanov KAZ PH: Ugh, are they doing these two events simultaneously so we can’t watch both? Just saw a quick replay of part of his routine, looked hit based on the score though. 14.450 (6.0, 8.450)

8:09 am. Jordan Chiles USA VT: Yurchenko double, some soft knee form throughout but a super powerful vault and a solid landing! 14.150 (5.0, 9.150)

Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on front layout half, some slight hip form in the air and a huge bounce back, but overall it’s very nice! 13.900 (4.8, 9.100)

14.025 average

8:06 am. About to get started with pommel horse and the women on vault!

8:01 am. Men’s Floor Final Standings

1. Eamon Montgomery, Ireland, 14.250
2. Tang Chia-Hung, Taiwan, 14.200
3. Benjamin Osberger, France, 14.200
4. Tsumura Ryota, Japan, 13.850
5. William Emard, Canada, 13.500
6. Kaneta Kiichi, Japan, 13.450
7. Yuri Guimaraes, Brazil, 12.350
8. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 11.900

7:58 am. Kaneta Kiichi JPN FX: Double front down the side, super clean and landed fabulously! Piked double front also clean from this angle, with a tiny bounce. Front tuck full to front double full, little bounce there. 2.5 comes out low and long into a front tuck, deep and hopped to the side, but good save. Double full. Triple full set was super low, went kind of horizontal there, but lands it a little short with a hop. 13.450 (5.6, 7.850)

7:55 am. Tang Chia-Hung TWN FX: Would really like this to medal! Big half-in half-out to start. Front full to front double full, stuck cold. Maybe some ankle form but he was too fast for me. 2.5 to front layout, flared and stuck. Flairs are gorgeous. Clean stuck double full side pass. Triple full with a small hop to the side. A scoot really. 14.200 (5.5, 8.700)

7:53 am. Tsumura Ryota JPN FX: Piked double front with a hop forward, and then a randi with a hop back, not bad! 2.5 to front layout with a little hop. Jumps down right into his flairs. Huge air on the double full down the side! Triple full, stuck. Pretty great set! 13.850 (5.7, 8.150)

7:49 am. Artem Dolgopyat ISR FX: Front double full to piked double front, legs were pretty bent and he sat it! Lord. Double double layout was landed pretty well. 2.5 to double front with a step. 2.5 to rudi side pass with a slight bobble on the landing. Double double with a hop to the side. I think he finished with a full-in (or an arabian half-out, I didn’t see where the twists came), came up REALLY short and looked like he crunched his ankle as he crashed it forward, he tests it for potential injury but then walks away fine without limping.  11.900 (6.3, 8.500, -0.2 ND)

7:47 am. I believe there’s going to be a second touch for the second half now? Not sure though.

7:44 am. William Emard CAN FX: Front double full to double front, goes out really far on that one and has a shaky landing with an OOB but makes a good correction to stay upright. Oof, the ankle did NOT look happy about that, though, it was at a very scary angle! IIRC it was a double double after that, a bit deep on the landing. Full-in was stuck and the double full down the side was nice. 2.5 to floaty Jesus front layout. Triple full with a big lunge back to control it. Lots of areas to tidy up there on the landings but not bad for his first big outing in a long time! Gotta work those nerves out. 13.500 (5.9, 7.700, -0.1)

7:41 am. Benjamin Osberger FRA FX: Randi was excellent! Double double looked strong as well, just a hop to the side on the landing. 2.5 to front layout to front full, love a triple connection always. Double full clean and stuck. Front double full to front tuck full, a little bit of form in the air in a few areas but landed well again. Triple full with a bounce back. Good work! 14.200 (5.6, 8.600)

7:38 am. Yuri Guimaraes BRA FX: Front full to front double pike, little hop but nice form! Had a good double double before his flairs, which were really nice from what I could see. Side pass is a double full, chest forward but landed well. 2.5 came out SUPER low, still punched into the tuck but had no chance of standing it up, sadly a fall. Double front with a big skid back and he nearly sat it but did a good job to muscle it up. 12.350 (5.7, 6.750, -0.1 ND)

I think I missed a pass in there with the buffering but just changed the setting to low, which isn’t as clean but I think being on high quality was causing the issues if you’re also having them!

7:37 am. My stream started buffering a bit, I assume due to the VPN I had to use to access it. Apologies in advance if I miss anything!

7:34 am. Eamon Montgomery IRL FX: Double double with a little scoot back, nice. Front full to double front, had some leg form in the full but landed it pretty well. Randi with a bit of a stumble but nothing severe. Double full side pass was stuck. 2.5 to front layout, looked a little arched in the latter from the angle we had. Front double full to barani was solid. And he finishes with a triple full, some ankle form, but stuck! 14.250 (5.9, 8.350)

7:30 am. Good morning! The competition should begin any moment now, starting with the men on floor.

22 thoughts on “2022 Paris Challenge Cup | Event Finals Live Blog

  1. For some reason I can get to the video. I registered, but everytime I press ‘watch video’, it takes me to the teaser from September 15th. Am I the only one?


  2. Thanks for your coverage, Lauren. I always love reading your take on the routines.

    I’m curious, though, why Jordan and Shilese are only doing three tumbling passes on floor? I mean, you can hardly criticize since Jordan and Shilese went Gold-Silver on floor, respectively, but I was surprised they each only did three tumbling passes. Any idea why?


    • Thank you!

      I think three-pass routines are pretty popular right now as a way to limit the hard landings? Shilese has been dealing with a toe injury and Jordan is only recently back from NCAA, so I think both are probably just playing it a bit safer than they might next year or in the lead-up to Paris, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both go back to four-pass routines in the next year or so.


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