2022 World Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:55 pm. Final Standings

1. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 56.899
2. Shilese Jones, United States, 55.399
3. Jessica Gadirova, Great Britain, 55.199
4. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain 55.065
5. Ellie Black, Canada, 54.732
6. Jade Carey, United States, 54.698
7. Ou Yushan, China, 53.899
8. Miyata Shoko, Japan, 53.798

Rebeca Andrade is Brazil’s first all-around champion in history, while Jessica Gadirova is the first British woman to win an all-around medal!

JUST as exciting, Maisa Kuusikko down in 13th is the first gymnast from Finland to make an all-around final, making her finish all the more impressive!

9:51 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA FX: Front full through to full-in, small hop back. Full-twisting double layout, some hip form, hop. Stumbles around the Memmel a bit but it’s nothing wild. Very strong on the double layout! Come on, one more and then it’s GOLD, BABY! Double pike with a little step back. YES QUEEN!

Ana Barbosu ROU BB: 12.733 (5.6, 7.133)

9:50 pm. Right now Shilese Jones is two tenths ahead of Jessica Gadirova, who is a little over a tenth ahead of Alice Kinsella. But we all know who’s gonna win this RIGHT NOW.

9:48 pm. Laura Casabuena ESP BB: 7.500 (5.0, 2.600, -0.1)

I don’t EVER want to know what happened here. I am devastated!

9:46 pm. Shilese Jones USA FX: Double full. Double double, great landing! One of her best I think, definitely her best here at worlds. Switch full. Double layout rotates a bit slow and her chest is more forward than usual but it’s not super serious. Double L turn. Great landing on the front tuck through to double tuck, hop L full to switch half, good. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

9:45 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, short handstand before the Downie to Pak, some leg separation, short handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, leg separation and she’s a little low in it, toe full to arabian double front, chest forward and a step on the landing. 14.166 (6.0, 8.166)

9:43 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS UB: Weiler to Weiler half to Maloney to Pak, some slight body line form in the transitions, van Leeuwen is good, nice extension through to the piked Jaeger, blind full almost to perfect vertical, double layout with a small step back and then one into her salute. 13.500 (5.6, 7.900)

9:42 pm. Jade Carey USA FX: Moors, some form in the air, hop back. Still makes it look easy for her even if it’s not perfect. Full-twisting double layout, some similar form things and a similar landing too, actually. Front layout through to double tuck is not bad. Full-in with two little steps back. 14.166 (6.1, 8.066)

Lee Yunseo KOR BB: 12.766 (5.2, 7.566)

Karina Schönmaier GER UB: 12.133 (4.7, 7.433)

9:41 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Yurchenko double, a little deep with a hop back. Pretty solid in the air. Some of the better air form here I think even if it’s not the most electric vault overall. 14.166 (5.0, 9.166)

9:40 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN VT: Super solid Yurchenko double yet again! Just that form. 14.233 (5.0, 9.233)

Carolann Heduit FRA UB: 13.266 (5.8, 7.466)

9:38 pm. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Front layout through to double pike, small hop. Switch ring to switch ring half. Did I miss one of her passes? I don’t know. Full-in with a small hop. Split ring. Hit the last pass. Looks a little distressed. 13.866 (5.7, 8.166)

Romi Brown AUS BB: 11.200 (4.7, 6.500)

9:37 pm. Maellyse Brassart GBR VT: 13.266 (4.2, 9.066)

Yamada Chiharu JPN UB: 13.466 (5.7, 7.766)

9:34 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Double double, legs are a little wild in the air. Full-twisting double layout, better form-wise I think? Small hop to the side. Switch ring to tour jeté full is a little overrotated. Front full through to double tuck, chest forward and a small hop back. 14.400 (6.0, 8.400)

9:32 pm. Ellie Black CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, pikes it down quite a bit, small hop on the landing, but very strong! 14.033 (5.0, 9.033)

Lisa Vaelen BEL UB: 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

9:30 pm. Maisa Kuusikko FIN BB: Layout stepout mount, really nice! Bhs loso loso is super solid, just little form things throughout. Switch leap to split jump. Very nice wolf turn. Front aerial with a break at the hips but she holds on. Good side aerial. 1.5 stuck!!! WHAT A STAR. 12.466 (4.9, 7.566)

Aline Friess FRA VT: 13.000 (4.4, 8.600)

9:28 pm. Ou Yushan CHN FX: Whip whip to triple full, strong landing! Her choreo after that is hilarious. 2.5 to front pike with a couple of steps back. Double tuck is good. 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

9:25 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Rebeca Andrade BRA 42.499
2. Shilese Jones USA 41.699
3. Alice Kinsella GBR 40.899
4. Jessica Gadirova GBR 40.799
5. Ellie Black CAN 40.699
6. Jade Carey USA 40.532
7. Ou Yushan CHN 40.166
8. Martina Maggio ITA 39.866

9:21 pm. Shilese Jones USA BB: Full turn. Standing arabian, yes! Deep landing but super solid. Switch to split leap with a strong landing. Very strong on the bhs loso as well. Switch side with a wobble and a bit of a body wave to correct, cross straddle jump, also a slight bobble there. Side aerial, a little bobbly there as well. Double pike, nearly sticks it, just moves one foot back. 13.100 (5.2, 7.900)

9:19 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN FX: Full-twisting double layout with lots of form throughout but a good landing. Whip whip through to triple, helicopter legs but another great landing. Absolutely nails the 1.5 to front full. Double pike, lands with her chest forward and a hop.

9:17 pm. Jade Carey USA BB: Rolls onto the beam, wobble on the full turn. Mostly solid on the bhs loso, steps back out of it, just goes for the two today, not the second loso. Side aerial to jump series is nicely connected. Front aerial with an adjustment. A little short on the switch half. Cross split jump half, a little short. Double pike landing was a little deep but looked stuck! 12.633 (5.2, 7.433)

Naomi Visser NED FX: Didn’t see this on the stream but OH DAMN! Her floor scores have been huge here! First making the final and now this! Seeing a replay now. Whip whip to triple to front tuck, nice! Double L to double spin, gorgeous. Memmel to illusion. Clean double full. 13.766 (5.6, 8.166)

9:15 pm. Ana Barbosu ROU UB: Maloney to clear hip full is late, Shang, nice! Ricna is also not bad. Pak too. Just little things throughout. Shaposh half, a little short before the toe-on, blind change to front half, full-in with a step. 12.766 (5.9, 6.866)

9:13 pm. Martina Maggio ITA BB: Wobble on the switch mount, gets the leap series after. Bhs loso, doesn’t go into the second one, full turn with a wobble. Competing a bit nervous. Switch ring, foot in the back isn’t there. Side aerial is solid. Front aerial with a wobble. Side somi with a little stumble and bobble. Strong double pike dismount. 13.033 (5.4, 7.633)

Maellyse Brassart BEL FX: 13.133 (5.0, 8.133)

9:11 pm. Laura Casabuena ESP UB: Slightly short before the Maloney to Pak, some flex in her feet, misses the toe-on so does a kip cast before trying again into the van Leeuwen, huge piked Jaeger, toe-on to a back tuck straight off the bar, good landing. 12.300 (4.9, 7.400)

Lee Yunseo KOR UB: 13.066 (6.3, 6.766)

9:10 pm. Karina Schönmaier GER VT: 13.066 (4.2, 8.866)

Georgia Godwin AUS VT: Really solid landing on the tsuk 1.5! Some leg form in the air but just a tiny hop when she touches down. 13.766 (4.8, 8.966)

9:07 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR BB: Switch to switch half is a bit messy especially in the latter, to Korbut, double wolf turn finishes with her chest falling forward but she steadies it. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, the latter looked slightly short. Super solid on the bhs loso. Side aerial is strong. Dismounts with a double pike, shape in the air is good, but lands it a bit deep and takes a big lunge back. 13.733 (5.7, 8.033)

Carolann Heduit FRA VT: 13.433 (5.0, 8.533, -0.1)

Romi Brown AUS UB: 13.466 (5.2, 8.266)

9:06 pm. Ellie Black CAN FX: Popa. Front full through to double pike with a lunge back. Front double full to front tuck. 2.5 with a super solid landing! Some leg form in both of her bigger twists but this was awesome. 13.333 (5.0, 8.333)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN UB: Shaposh to Tkachev to Pak, a bit low on the latter two, toe full to Malone to mixed grip to Ezhova, short handstand before the van Leeuwen, good handstand before the giants to double layout, whips it around, little bounce on the landing. 13.300 (6.0, 7.300) – one of these days she’s going to be perfect on this and get a 15, ONE DAY!

Aline Friess FRA FX: 12.800 (5.2, 7.700, -0.1)

9:05 pm. Yamada Chiharu JPN VT: Yurchenko full, not bad! Just some knees, slightly soft, and some pike down shortly before landing. 13.166 (4.2, 8.966)

9:03 pm. Ou Yushan CHN BB: Front handspring front tuck, a little low but not that bad. Switch leap to switch half to Korbut is very nice. Switch ring. Split ring jump to back handspring, wobbles, doesn’t connect out of it. Front aerial to straddle jump (a little short) to back handspring. Full turn, looks like she has it but then wobbles, leg up. Side somi. 2.5 looked pretty nice in the air and nearly stuck on the landing. 13.866 (6.2, 7.666)

9:02 pm. Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Handspring rudi, some pike down and leg form throughout, but one of her stronger landings, small hop back. 14.200 (5.4, 8.800)

Alice D’Amato ITA FX: 13.066 (5.0, 8.066)

9:00 pm. Tisha Volleman NED UB: Short handstand before the shaposh to Gienger, some bent elbows on the catch. Better handstand on the blind change to straddle Jaeger, slightly short in the handstand before the bail to clear hip to toe shoot, nice, and gets the dismount with no problems! 13.133 (5.2, 7.933)

8:59 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: Yurchenko double, the usual split legs in the pre-flight, tightens them up going into the flight, just slightly soft knees after, and a big hop back. 14.166 (5.0, 9.166)

8:58 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap, dances out of it. Switch half, a little tentative but gets it around nicely. Bhs loso is super solid! Front aerial into the ring jump, tiny bits of form but nothing severe. Switch ring to split jump to back handspring, awesome. She’s NOT coming off today, at all, NO WAY. Side aerial is great. Full turn with a slight break at the hips. Wolf jump to sissone. Double pike is super solid, baby step back. Yeah, she just won this competition. 13.533 (6.0, 7.533)

8:54 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Rebeca Andrade BRA 28.966
2. Shilese Jones USA 28.599
3. Jade Carey USA 27.899
4. Ellie Black CAN 27.366
5. Jessica Gadirova GBR 27.066
6. Martina Maggio ITA 26.833
7. Alice Kinsella GBR 26.733
8. Laura Casabuena ESP 26.533

8:52 pm. Naomi Visser NED BB: Really awkward and crooked on the back handspring mount but she stays on. Gets the leap to side somi. Cross split jump half and straight jump full, minor adjustments. Side aerial to back handspring with a slight break at the hips. Wobble on a turn after that. Hit the double full dismount.

8:49 pm. Karina Schönmaier GER FX: Slight hop back on the full-in. Double tuck was really nice as well, and she hit the third pass and then a strong double full to finish. Good for her!

8:48 pm. Jade Carey USA UB: Decent handstand before the Ray, Ezhova was nice, short handstand before the Maloney to Bhardwaj, some leg separation, van Leeuwen with slight ankle things happening, blind full, and a full-in with a good landing, small hop back. 13.166 (5.4, 7.766)

Carolann Heduit FRA FX: 11.900 (5.1, 6.800)

8:46 pm. Maellyse Brassart BEL BB: Switch leap is nice, full turn, side aerial comes up short and has a little stumble but she brings it back under control. Ugh, also short on the bhs loso, and she falls there. Double pike with a decent landing. 11.733 (5.2, 6.533)

8:45 pm. Yamada Chiharu JPN FX: 13.100 (5.3, 7.800)

8:43 pm. Martina Maggio ITA UB: Ray to Pak, very nice. Short handstand before the stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, great work. A little short in the handstand before the bail, arches over a little in the full pirouette, back up to the high bar for the giants to the blind change to orphan half, arabian double front dismount, OHHHH UGHHHH, punches forward and drops her hands to the mat. That is DEVASTATING after what a strong routine that was. 12.800 (5.7, 7.100)

8:42 pm. Ellie Black CAN BB: Switch leap mount, switch half to Korbut. Small break at the hips on the double turn, full turn to straddle jump went well, nice connection there. Punch front tuck, slight check. Super solid on the bhs layout series. Strong side somi. 2.5 dismount with some leg form but an excellent landing. 13.433 (5.8, 7.633)

8:41 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Piked Jaeger was pretty close before catching, I thought her feet might hit but she turned it over quickly enough to avoid that, Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova, lots of form still but nothing like the other night, Maloney to Pak, a bit arched, van Leeuwen with some ankle form, good handstand before the blind full, a little late, and a big full-in, leg form throughout with a step forward. 13.233 (5.6, 7.633)

Aline Friess FRA BB: 11.466 (5.1, 6.366)

Lisa Vaelen BEL FX: 13.366 (5.1, 8.266)

8:40 pm. THIS IS MOVING SO FAST, I can barely type fast enough to keep up.

8:39 pm. Romi Brown AUS VT: Yurchenko full, really stretched in the air! Small hop back.

Laura Casabuena ESP VT: 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

8:38 pm. Ou Yushan CHN UB: Van Leeuwen, a little late on the catch, arches over the handstand before the blind change to one-armed giant to piked Jaeger, caught practically at her face but it doesn’t phase her, Pak, toe-on to Maloney to Gienger, also a little close, full-in with a tiny bounce. 3.200 (5.8, 7.400)

Alice Kinsella GBR FX: 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

8:37 pm. Lee Yunseo KOR VT: 12.900 (4.2, 8.700)

8:36 pm. My god this competition has been moving SO fast I’m screaming.

They just stopped someone’s music on floor it sounds like? I hope whoever was up is okay and it was just a weird cut of music?

8:35 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full, a little late, to piked Tkachev to Pak to van Leeuwen, beautiful on everything, just ankles on the van Leeuwen. goes over on the handstand, does a turn out of it and then a blind change to the Jaeger, toe full is a little rushed into the full-in, hop back. Great save for her, she’s laughing like how the hell did I do that? 13.800 (6.2, 7.600)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN VT: Solid Yurchenko 1.5! Step off to the side. 13.500 (4.6, 9.000, -0.1)

8:31 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Lands the front tuck mount and then the punch front. Bhs loso comes up a little short and wobbly but fixes it. Switch to sissone. Switch ring. Front aerial slow to the split jump. Double wolf turn. 2.5 with some ankle form and a big hop forward. 12.533 (5.3, 7.233)

Georgia Godwin AUS FX: 13.033 (5.5, 7.633, -0.1)

8:30 pm. Shilese Jones USA UB: Stalder full maybe slightly short to Chow to Ricna, good handstand before the toe full, rushes it a little to the Downie to Pak but no problems, catches the van Leeuwen, great handstand out of it, toe half to front giant to double front with pointed toes, big lunge forward. 14.366 (6.3, 8.066)

Tisha Volleman NED VT: Yurchenko full, not the tightest throughout in form but gets the landing and has some nice power. 13.400 (4.2, 9.200)

8:28 pm. Ana Barbosu ROU VT: Yurchenko full, slight form throughout in her hips, tiny hop on the landing. 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

8:26 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN BB: Hit the mount, and solid on the layout series. Switch to sissone. Big slip and break at the hips on her double turn but she has a great save to stay on. Side aerial with a bigger wobble and an even bigger fight to save it. Side somi. Hit the double pike dismount. 12.966 (5.7, 7.266)

8:23 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Rebeca Andrade BRA 15.166
2. Jade Carey USA 14.733
3. Shilese Jones USA 14.233
4. Martina Maggio ITA 14.033
5. Ellie Black CAN 13.933
6. Jessica Gadirova 13.833
7. Maellyse Brassart BEL 13.766
8. Laura Casabuena ESP 13.333

8:20 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA BB: Came off on her flight series sadly. 11.933 (5.3, 6.633)

8:16 pm. Lee Yunseo KOR FX: Okay this is my first time seeing her with her bleach blonde hair and I am OBSESSED, I was like WHO IS THIS?! I saw her bars from quals but I guess didn’t notice this? What a queen. Wasn’t typing for this but she hit everything I saw. 12.600 (5.1, 7.500)

Yamada Chiharu JPN BB: 12.233 (5.3, 6.933)

8:15 pm. Maellyse Brassart BEL UB: Saw most of this, had a little fight at the beginning but got through it well, and ended up with a really strong double front half! Love seeing Nina Derwael on the floor helping out and lugging her bag. 13.766 (5.7, 8.066)

8:12 pm. Romi Brown AUS FX: Double tuck is clean in the air, but a little wonky on the landing, slide back with her leg coming up. 1.5 to front tuck landed well. Switch ring to switch half. Double pike ends up a bit short, hands down sadly. 11.433 (4.8, 6.633)

8:10 pm. Ellie Black CAN UB: Maloney to Hindorff, no problems. Good handstand before the Black to Ezhova, some leg form on both. Van Leeuwen, actually looked cleaner in her ankles than usual! Blind full, toe front half stuck! Uh, OKAY Ellie???!!! 13.933 (5.7, 8.233)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN FX: 12.733 (5.0, 7.733)

Lisa Vaelen BEL BB: 11.333 (4.6, 6.733)

8:09 pm. Martina Maggio ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some soft knees in the air and a hop forward on the landing. 14.033 (4.6, 9.433)

8:07 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: I didn’t see this super closely on the landing, just saw some form in the air. 13.833 (5.0, 8.933)

Aline Friess FRA UB: Maloney to clear hip to Pak, legs are wild but she catches. Toe full with some body line adjustments, to van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, maybe a little low there. Double front was pretty clean in the air, and she landed it well. 13.000 (5.3, 7.700)

Tisha Volleman NED FX: 12.666 (4.7, 7.966)

8:05 pm. Ou Yushan CHN VT: Yurchenko full, just pikes it down a little bit, but clean overall with a good landing. 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

Alice D’Amato ITA UB: 13.266 (6.1, 7.166)

8:03 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Gets the leap mount onto the beam, front aerial to split jump is nice. Side aerial loso loso stays in line tonight and she hits it with just an adjustment on the landing. Double wolf turn. Switch leap. Switch half. No connection there. Wolf jump to sissone. Double pike with her chest at her knees and a hop back. 13.100 (5.8, 7.400, -0.1)

Miyata Shoko JPN UB: 12.866 (5.5, 7.366)

8:02 pm. Ana Barbosu ROU FX: 11.933 (5.2, 6.733)

8:01 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA VT: Brilliant Cheng, absolutely gorgeous onto the table, off the table, in the air, on the landing…this needs to go 9.6+ or I will riot. Tiniest hop on the landing but everything else is SO good and my favorite thing she does is when she pops off the table she holds the front layout position with her arms flared out to the side before wrapping into the twist, she literally floats in the air for a second whereas everyone else on ANY vault starts twisting practically still on the table. She’s a step above absolutely everyone. 15.166 (5.6, 9.566)

7:59 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS BB: Here we go! Switch leap mount, front aerial, some leg form. Side somi is a little better. Bhs loso, leg form on both, just not as tight as she’s capable of. Switch leap, some form and a wobble. Side aerial with a larger wobble. Split jump to sissone, some knee form. Triple wolf turn, gets it no problem! That was her best so far I think. Double pike, chest down and a small hop. 12.400 (5.4, 7.000)

Naomi Visser NED UB: 12.033 (6.0, 6.033)

7:58 pm. Shilese Jones USA VT: Massive Yurchenko double! Goes a bit off directionally which looks like it takes her OOB, also has some knee form and some steps to settle the landing, but her power is wild. 14.233 (5.0, 9.333, -0.1)

7:57 pm. Looked like they were gonna show us Georgia Godwin on beam but cut away.

Karina Schönmaier GER BB: 11.666 (4.4, 7.266)

7:56 pm. Jade Carey USA VT: Cheng with leg separation onto the table, soft hips and knees off the table, but a super solid landing. 14.733 (5.6, 9.133)

7:54 pm. Laura Casabuena ESP FX: Love her Material Girl routine. Piked full-in with a small hop to the side, some form in the air as well. Memmel turn. Clean double tuck with a hop back. Front handspring front full, some form again, and another little hop. Switch ring, hard to see the angle, to tour jeté half, switch half, and an excellent double pike to finish! 13.333 (5.1, 8.233)

7:52 pm. The top group here starting on vault includes Jade Carey, Shilese Jones, Rebeca Andrade, Ou Yushan, Jessica Gadirova, and Martina Maggio. I think that’s the rotation we’ll follow most on the live stream, but hopefully we get to see a bunch of the others as well!

7:50 pm. In case you missed it, Flavia Saraiva, Tang Xijing, and Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos are out of the competition tonight, sadly. In their places, we’ll see alternates Maellyse Brassart, Karina Schönmaier, and Aline Friess, respectively.

7:49 pm. Athletes have just marched in and should begin the touch warmup now!


44 thoughts on “2022 World Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

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    • I think her BB score was a bit more of a head scratcher. She’s hit 14ish often internationally on FX and has upgraded, so 14.4 isn’t too far off her usual range.

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    • I agree. I’m a bit dubious about her BB and FX scores
      It generally helps to compete in your own country even if judges are controlled and their scores verified but I had the same feeling yesterday during the mens teams final after rotation 4: the scores on PB and HB were not as harsh for the GB team.

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      • I am no expert but apparently the artistry deductions are brutal at the moment. So if you can minimise them, you’re going to get a high E score.


        • I don’t think Rebeca can be penalized for her artistry. Many wondered how Gafirova had about the same score as her on FX


  2. Rebecca absolutely deserved this! I think even if Russia had been here no one could have touched her. I hope she has can stay healthy and keep going, she is phenomenal.

    I take issue with a couple of scores here, but I believe the podium was correct. ❤

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    • I don’t think either gymnast should have had 14.4 based on their other floor routines being better.

      What I abhor is seeing all of the comments online yet again diminishing gymnats. It’s not their fault that they’re judged in a certain way.

      I think the podium was correct too, they just didn’t need to overinflate certain scores quite so much. I think Ellie Black and Alice Kinsella were better overall than Jess, but at the end of the day, the judges are qualified professionals so it’s them who are the experts even if we disagree!

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  3. Was anyone else really unimpressed with Shilese’s lack of sportsmanship? She barely clapped for Rebeca after her floor routine, it left such a bad taste in my mouth. I appreciate that Shilese isn’t always a happy smiley performer – in fact I love that about her! Her game face gives me life! – but a bit of sportsmanship when Andrade has done something so incredible for their sport would’ve gone a long way. Andrade was outstanding today, and I’m absolutely thrilled for her.


    • I’m all for criticizing bad sportsmanship. But this wasn’t bad sportsmanship, it just wasn’t actively good. People have different emotional reactions, so long as they aren’t actively unpleasant, I just don’t think it’s our place to judge. At least not until we are in the position of competing for a world medal, and all of the pressure and emotion that entails, with cameras in your face for all of it.

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    • She was seen on NBC’s feed clapping for Rebecca after the dismount and she was the first person to go up and hug Rebecca after the Brazil coach. So, no. Shilese acted the exact opposite as you’re describing. She was a great sport.


      • Ok thank goodness! I was genuinely really upset when I saw it because I love Shilese and was thrilled for her silver – I’ve been rooting for her to get to a big international meet since Olympic trials and she had such a fantastic day, it looked like the crowd really got behind her too! It must’ve just been a poorly timed piece of filming in the BBC broadcast. I was concerned because according to friends who were there, sections of the American fans in the crowd didn’t clap or cheer for Andrade, which feels very bad taste and made me wonder if there was resentment there. Happy to hear that wasn’t the case amongst the athletes, at least.


    • I agree with Gzok – at first glance I thought I saw what you were seeing too but it was just a passing look at her. Right after that she was the first one going up to greet Rebecca with a big smile on her face.


    • I have to agree with those who are defending Shilese. If the worst you can say about a gymnast’s sportsmanship is that she looks unhappy – but doesn’t actively pout – at the end of a routine that’s certain to knock her into silver, that’s actually not a bad endorsement in my eyes. I agree with Erin that it wasn’t exactly a clinic in the sportsmanship everyone should aspire to, but it wasn’t bad at any point, either.

      She appropriately congratulated Rebeca, smiled convincingly for the pictures, and kept her medal on – not something you can say of every gymnast who’s gotten a silver.


      • Yeah, other people have pointed out that it was just poor timing on the BBC broadcast, lots of bits were shown out of sync, and I also remembered that Shilese had had SUCH a hell of a year that she probably had a lot to reflect on in that moment. Definitely teaches me to think before I type! Watched Shilese’s little gymcastic interview and she came off really well, I’m thrilled she went 4 for 4 and excited to see what she does next.


  4. Gutted for Alice who imo deserved the bronze, but OMG – Rebeca IS the moment!!!! What a queen, I am SO proud of her!!! WHAT a journey that young woman has been on, she was my sentimental favorite going into this competition and to see her deliver was beyond incredible. Just SO SO SO happy for her – indisputedly the best gymnast in the world and easily the most complete AAer we’ve seen take this world title since Aliya (and she may actually be even better in that regard). Just…. beyond thrilled for her. No one could deserve it more.


    • Wait, are you saying you don’t think Simone was a comlete AAer? In 2019 she medaled on every single event. She’s gotten multiple world golds in every event except bars, and she got a silver on bars at 2018 worlds.


      • No, I don’t. Her bars were always significantly weaker than the rest of her events and she had no natural rhythm or swing on the event at all – she’s clearly muscling through every routine. Altogether very unpleasant to watch.

        Contrast Andrade who has beautiful fluid swing and floats through the event like gravity is a myth to her – in addition to explosive tumbling, beautiful vaulting and well-executed beam.

        A true complete AAer is balanced on all four events and Biles was not. Andrade, however, very much is – in a lot of ways she very much reminds me of Lilia Podkopayeva who is one of the best examples of a complete AAer in gymnastics history.


        • Andrade a comlete AA with her beam? Meanwhile Simone has medaled on all events in worlds. By your logic it makes no sense.


        • LMAO @ all y’all who seem to think “medaled on bars” and “bars are not significantly weaker than the other events and are actually pleasant and fluid to watch” are the same thing. It doesn’t make Biles a good bars worker or a complete AAer – she had no artistry or fluidity on the event at all. Andrade has artistry and difficulty on all four.


  5. I find it boring when u know whos winning a month before the competition..the americans are not as strong as they user to be, they are beatable, even for team final


  6. I would have really liked to see Jordan Chiles in the AA. It is irritating how Jade keeps taking the AA spot with 2 per country because she is consistent but then really doesn’t have a medal chance anyways. Jade is great but she needs to improve her artistry.


    • She did have a chance today. She had a good-but-not-her-best meet. If she’d nailed beam, she would have been right in there in the bronze hunt.


    • I’m wondering about her floor choreo. I know others think it’s better than her Olympic routine, but I don’t. In between tumbling passes, Jade just seems to moving in slow motion, moving her arms. Her face is dead. I wonder if getting her down on the mat doing shoulder rolls and leg movements would benefit her?


    • Well, other people need to hit then. Jade got her spot fairly. And she did have a medal chance, she was one of around 4/5 people going into the last rotation who could have done it.


    • I think she already has plenty of crowds in Brazil who love her – why uproot her whole life and learn a new language for a degree from a mid-tier US university when she’s already on the cover of Vogue in Brazil?


      • First, you’re assuming she could only get into a mid-tier university. Second, it would be a personal choice like those from other countries have made about it. No need to “uproot.” She may want more to life than being in a magazine cover. We don’t know. I was just thinking how great she would be at college gymnastics as well.


        • Most “big” NCAA programmes are at low/mid-tier universities – I’m not assuming that’s all she could get into! The cover of Vogue isn’t a big deal because it’s a magazine cover, it’s a big deal because it shows she’s hit a level of celebrity in Brazil where she’s probably made for life – if you’re a massive celebrity in your home country of 200 million people, it feels kind of patronising to suggest that what she should aspire to is moving to the US to do level 10 gymnastics for the NCAA fan crowds who, let’s be honest, won’t even bother to learn to pronounce her name correctly and will downplay her achievements compared to US Olympic team members.

          Not to mention Andrade has had so many injury issues that back to back competitions every weekend is probably not the best idea.

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