2023 Baku World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the second day of event finals at the 2023 Baku World Cup, held in Baku, Azerbaijan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:02 am. High Bar Final Standings

1. Alexander Myakinin, Israel, 14.200
2. Matsumi Kazuki, Japan, 14.033
3. Tin Srbic, Croatia, 13.666
4. Kitazono Takeru, Japan, 13.266
5. Curran Phillips, United States, 13.133
6. Mitchell Morgans, Australia, 12.800
7. Ahmed El Maraghy, Egypt, 12.466
8. Ivan Tikhonov, Azerbaijan, 12.200

5:59 am. Kitazono Takeru JPN HB: Tak full, nice, Tak half a little short, Cassina, some leg form, Kolman, leg form and a hard fall onto his back. Caught some releases after remounting, German giants got a little stuck into the stalder, and a double double layout to finish, deep landing. 13.266 (6.1, 7.166)

5:55 am. Tin Srbic CRO HB: Front pirouette, L grip for a Tak half, huge stalder Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, Kolman, caught under the bar and causes an awkward swing out of it, back to L grip for some front giants, Tak full finished late and crooked, stalder, and a clean full-twisting double layout with a step. 13.666 (5.9, 7.766)

5:52 am. Mitchell Morgans AUS HB: L grip front giants, Tak half a little short, nice Cassina, huge clean Kovacs, connects to Kolman, but that goes pretty wild in terms of form and he flies off. Gets the Tkachevs, full pirouette, blind change to L grip to Tak, and then back for giants to the full-twisting double layout dismount. 12.800 (5.6, 7.200)

5:48 am. Curran Phillips USA HB: Cassina, some leg form, Kolman was really nice, layout Tkachev, slips and falls. WELP. Gets it the second time, then a straddle to piked Tkachev combo, hop full a little crooked, stalder, flying giant, and a full-twisting double layout, stuck. 13.133 (5.5, 7.633) – like, really good score considering the fall

5:47 am. Touch for the second half! Myakinin holds the lead just slightly ahead of Matsumi.

5:43 am. Matsumi Kazuki JPN HB: Tak half, a little short, Cassina is a little piked and had some wild legs and a weak catch, Kolman was a little better, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, Rybalko, finished a bit late, Tak, opened up nicely on that, repeated it I think? Idk, double double layout, a bit messy with a hop forward. 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

5:40 am. Ahmed El Maraghy EGY HB: Tak half, a little bit of a mess there, Cassina, some bent arms, actually looked like he caught it on his elbows, Kolman, OOF, legs come apart and he kind of flies over in the wrong direction, has a hard fall almost onto his head? That was a very weird fall. Back on for a straddle Tkachev, then a piked Tkachev, toe-on, blind change to Tak to L grip, hops around for giants into the high full-twisting double layout dismount, hop. 12.466 (5.3, 7.166)

5:36 am. Alexander Myakinin ISR HB: Tak full, about halfway to vertical, Cassina, Kolman to Gaylord II, casual! Love that combo so much. Tak half wasn’t bad, but not quite at handstand, straddle Tkachev, hop full, stalder, and a full-twisting double layout with a big hop forward. Good routine! 14.200 (6.1, 8.100)

5:32 am. Ivan Tikhonov AZE HB: Kolman with wild legs, to Kovacs, misses that one. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev connected to piked Tkachev, bent arms out of that, blind change to front giant to front full finished in horizontal, Endo, turns around for a stalder, then giants to the double double layout, big hop forward. 12.200 (5.1, 7.100)

5:30 am. Moving quickly into the high bar touch warmup! The speed of Baku is OTHER WORLDLY.

5:28 am. Women’s Floor Final Standings

1. Marine Boyer, France, 12.833
2. Arianna Belardelli, Italy, 12.800
3. Sevgi Kayisoglu, Turkey, 12.566
4. Ruby Pass, Australia, 12.466
5. Sakaguchi Ayaka, Japan, 12.433
6. Halle Hilton, Ireland, 12.400
7. Elvira Katsali, Greece, 11.600
8. Nazanin Teymurova, Azerbaijan, 9.966

Pommel Horse Final Standings

1. Nariman Kurbanov, Kazakhstan, 15.300
2. Rhys McClenaghan, Ireland, 14.933
3. Matvei Petrov, Albania, 14.766
4. Benjamin Osberger, France, 14.600
5. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 14.433
6. Shiao Yu-Jan, Taiwan, 13.533
7. Utkirbek Juraev, Uzbekistan, 13.133
8. Vedant Sawant, Australia, 13.066

5:24 am. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Scissor to handstand SO pretty, and then moves effortlessly into his circles. Nice extension on the Russians on the single pommel, but legs come wildly apart. Amazing control to bring that back. Good work throughout after that, Russians between the pommels were nice. Travels in Russians with minor leg form breaks, rough form into the dismount sadly. Some amazing moments in this routine and some iffy ones. 14.933 (6.6, 8.333)

5:22 am. Marine Boyer FRA FX: Front full to front tuck with a hop forward. Double L turn to double spin. Tour jeté half, tiniest adjustment on the landing. Double pike with a small hop back. Memmel to illusion. Hop L turn to switch half. Really putting in ALL the dance! Love it. Really messy out of the double wolf turn though. Hmmmm. 12.833 (4.9, 7.933)

Actually shocked that this got ahead of Belardelli, but she had her issues too, including 0.3 ND for going OOB, and wasn’t THAT far ahead in difficulty. They’re only separated by 0.033.

5:21 am. Benjamin Osberger FRA PH: Scissors to handstand, a little short, down to circles on both pommels, one arm cicle, Russians on the pommel, travels in circles, slight form with his hips and feet, but overall he’s working really smoothly. Nice work up into the handstand for the dismount!14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

5:18 am. Elvira Katsali GRE FX: Double pike, really low set and ends up with a deep landing. Memmel turn to full turn, love her dance out of it. Switch leap to switch full. Popa is SO nicely straddled. Kind of stumbled out of a turn after. Front full, goes REALLY big out of the front handspring! Switch half. She has a lot of very aggressive but simultaneously pretty work. Double full ends up short and she compensates by bending her legs. Still gets the landing again. Really lovely routine. 11.600 (4.3, 7.300)

5:15 am. Utkirbek Juraev UZB PH: Scissors to handstand, down to the circles on the single pommel, on the Russians on the single pommel he completely tucks his legs and has to fight through that moment, but doesn’t come off. Travels in Russians well, maybe a little low to the horse, swings up to the handstand for the dismount and knocks it out well enough. 13.133 (5.7, 7.433)

5:13 am. Ruby Pass AUS FX: Nice arabian double front! Had a big bounce back on the double pike, OOB, but hit the 1.5 to front tuck and double tuck well.  12.466 (5.0, 7.766, -0.3)

5:11 am. Vedant Sawant AUS PH: I was having stream issues so didn’t see most of this but did see he fell about halfway through. 13.066 (5.9, 7.166)

5:09 am. Arianna Belardelli ITA FX: She has the potential to make up quite a few tenths from qualifications, and should be a big podium contender if she hits. Gets a wolf turn out of the way before a casual double double, front layout stepout through to double tuck, small step. Switch to switch full. Double pike with a big hop back OOB. Better than qualifications I think! 12.800 (5.3, 7.800, -0.3)

5:08 am. Warmup for the second half! Kurbanov leads pommels and Kayisoglu leads floor. Stronger floor workers to come but love this for her!

5:06 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PH: Scissors to handstand, REALLY has to muscle it up, then has some leg form when he comes back down over the horse, also looks a bit off in a pirouette in handstand after, some hip bend throughout, Russians on the single pommel went well, and then again between the pommels, he’s straightened up a bit, travels in Russians, circles up into the dismount, leg form breaks, okay, this wasn’t cute considering what he’s capable of, but he had some good fight! 14.433 (6.2, 8.233)

5:04 am. Halle Hilton IRL FX: Triple wolf turn, nice. Front layout to front full, some knee form and a little stumble on the landing. Double pike with a small hop back. Tour jeté half through to switch half to Popa, a little stumble there and slight form on both. 2.5 ends up a bit low with a stumble but good job keeping it up! 12.400 (4.9, 7.500)

5:02 am. Matvei Petrov ALB PH: Wasn’t typing for the beginning but no issues in anything that I saw, has stayed almost nicely extended throughout, just tiny hip bends, little adjustments going into handstand for the pirouette but great transition down into flairs, and the dismount is really nice! 14.766 (6.2, 8.566)

5:00 am. Nazanin Teymurova AZE FX: Double layout, REALLY low set and ends up on her knees. UGHHHH. Full-in also a bit low with some form in the air. Gets through her leap series, I wasn’t paying close attention. Falls out of the Memmel turn about halfway through. She’s rushing a bit and needs to calm down I think. Front tuck through to double tuck, again really low set and slow in the rotation, hands down. Split jump at the end with a little hop. 9.966 (4.6, 5.366) – aww she’s crying, this poor kid, I still have really high hopes for her, she’s still so young and physically maybe a little too small for some of the skills she’s attempting

4:59 am. Shiao Yu-Jan TWN PH: Scissors to handstand on the single pommel down into circles on both, Russians on the single, then back to circles on both, circles on one, not losing anything so far, Russians between the pommels, ew then my feed froze and skipped to floor??? 13.533 (5.5, 8.033)

4:57 am. Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR FX: I’ve loved her on bars this week, excited to see her floor. Really lovely choreo at the start, split jump full in the corner before her first pass, a double tuck that lands a little short with a step forward. Split ring leap to switch half. 1.5 to front full, slight bend in her knees but gets it around. Switch ring. Memmel turn. 2.5, little step to the side. Really great potential here! She’s great. 12.566 (5.0, 7.566)

4:55 am. Nariman Kurbanov KAZ PB: Scissors, then right into his circles, Russians on the single pommel, one arm circle, good transitions between both levels, clean into handstand into the dismount, a really great set! Beautiful work throughout. 15.300 (6.6, 8.700)

4:53 am. Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN FX: Double tuck, maybe a little slow, stumble and a bounce on the landing. Triple full, very slightly short in rotation, but landed well. Switch ring to tour jeté half, her technique on that was interesting. 1.5 to front full, landed really nicely. Wild double wolf turn, kinda fell out of it into choreo, probably not a fall but close? Double full to finish. Good work! 12.433 (4.8, 7.633)

4:47 am. Balance Beam Final Standings

1. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 13.966
2. Marine Boyer, France, 13.866
3. Anna Lashchevska, Ukraine, 13.433
4. Sakaguchi Ayaka, Japan, 13.366
5. Viola Pierazzini, Italy, 12.633
6. Yelizaveta Hubareva, Ukraine, 12.600
7. Ting Hua-Tien, Taiwan, 11.433
8. Ruby Pass, Australia, 11.066

Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 14.933
2. Harry Hepworth, Great Britain, 14.816
3. Shek Wai Hung, Hong Kong, 14.716
4. Mahdi Olfati, Iran, 14.399
5. Nicola Bartolini, Italy, 14.399
6. Aurel Benovic, Croatia, 14.333
7. Andrey Medvedev, Israel, 14.116
8. Gabriel Burtanete, Romania, 13.249

4:44 am. Marine Boyer FRA BB: Switch leap mount to switch half, nice connection, just lands a little deep. Roundoff layout, break at the hips but she literally is like NOT TODAY SATAN and saves it from further tragedy. Switch to wolf jump, Front aerial, slight adjustment, clean side aerial, side somi with a big wobble but another good save, she needs to give lessons in how to fight and win every single one, full turn, change of level for some choreo, fun little hop up out of it, and a double pike with a step back. 13.866 (5.8, 8.066)

4:41 am. Andrey Medvedev ISR VT: Tsuk double pike, strong in the air, nice knee form, chest down and two big steps back to steady it. 14.433 (5.6, 8.933, -0.1)

Second vault is a piked handspring double front, looks big off the table, but lands a bit hard, and ends up sitting back and coming down. Ughhhh. 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

14.116 average

4:39 am. Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR BB: Nice switch leap mount, and I love her choreo at the beginning as well. Side aerial layout stepout, slight adjustments but lovely again. Switch leap to sissone to wolf jump. Front handspring front tuck series goes really wild but she fights through it to hold on, lots of deductions but no fall! Front aerial slow to the split jump. Dismounts with a double full, hops into a little lunge.12.600 (5.1, 7.500)

4:37 am. Nicola Bartolini ITA VT: Kaz 1.5, super straight in the air and his leg form is excellent, tiniest hop on the landing. Beautiful. 14.666 (5.2, 9.466)

Second vault is a Yurchenko double full, maybe comes off a little low? But still gets it around very well and has a solid landing, feet apart. 14.133 (4.8, 9.333)

14.399 average

4:35 am. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Layout stepout mount. Low-ish but great tuck full series. Triple wolf turn. Switch leap to split jump. Really nice side aerial. Hit the double full dismount. This was REALLY lovely and so well-performed. 13.966 (5.4, 8.566)!!!

4:33 am. Carlos Yulo PHI VT: Piked handspring double front, REALLY clean in the air, almost no knee bend AT ALL, and his pike is really deep. Just a hop forward on the landing. Gorgeous. 15.033 (5.6, 9.433)

Big kaz double full for the second vault, again really clean in the air, rotation is slightly off on the landing and he has a step out of it, but this was fantastic. 14.833 (5.6, 9.233)

14.933 average, now HE’S first!

4:31 am. Viola Pierazzini ITA BB: Front tuck mount, really low and she ends up wobbling but fights thorugh. Switch to split jump to Korbut, nice movement throughout. Switch ring, back knee is REALLY low. Full turn. Bhs bhs loso, lands a little tentatively and then wobbles, but corrects. Split ring jump, again with the knee, and she has a wobble there. Cross split jump half, hard to see the split from this angle, little adjustment on the landing. Double tuck with a hop back. Lots of fight in this one! 12.633 (5.5, 7.133)

4:29 am. Harry Hepworth GBR VT: Handspring double front half, I didn’t realize they were done with warmups so I wasn’t paying close attention but it was a hit and seemed solid enough! 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

Ooh, big handspring randi for the second vault! Some leg form in the air but that was a really strong couple of vaults for him. 14.866 (5.6, 9.266)

14.816 average, now he’s in first!

4:27 am. Warmups for the second half now!

4:23 am. Shek Wai Hung HKG VT: Tsuk full-in, looks kind loose in the air, especially in the second flip, chest down on the landing, step to the side OOB, but I mean, I’ll let all of this slide, for a vault this hard the overall picture isn’t bad at all. 14.866 (6.0, 8.966, -0.1)

Second vault is a handspring double front half, landing comes quick for him, and he takes a big lunge to the side OOB, but it’s also not bad overall once again. 14.566 (5.6, 9.066, -0.1)

14.716 average, puts him into first place!

4:20 am. Anna Lashchevska UKR BB: Candle mount, lovely switch half to back handspring, front handspring front tuck, small check and step back on the landing, but love how aggressive she is there. Front aerial, side aerial, switch to tour jeté, a little short there with a wobble, but corrects quickly and gets the jump series. Hit another leap but I didn’t see what it was. 2.5 dismount, lands a little awkwardly and has to take a step, but FABULOUS routine. 13.433 (5.7, 7.733)

4:18 am. Mahdi Olfati IRI VT: Yurchenko double pike, big lunge back, but OKAY!!! Great pike shape. Iran has been KILLING IT at these world cups, and like, across multiple guys on multiple events. 15.033 (5.6, 9.433)

Second vault is a tsuk double pike, HARD landing that he stumbles out of, and he grabs his back. OH NOOOO. 13.766 (5.6, 8.266, -0.1)

14.399 average

4:16 am. Ting Hua-Tien TWN BB: Switch leap mount, doesn’t connect into the switch half, probably smart…she looked slightly off. Front aerial to back handspring to split jump. Switch to split ring, not quite there in the air, and ends up low and awkward on the landing, fall. Hit the next couple of skills, I wasn’t typing, and a front full dismount with a step back. 11.433 (4.9, 6.533)

4:14 am. Gabriel Burtanete ROU VT: Kaz double I believe is what he was going for…yes, gets it around basically but is wild in the air and on the landing, ends up flying back to his butt and bouncing back even further. I’d call that a chucked attempt. 13.266 (5.6, 7.966)

Second vault is a handspring double front half aka the Dragulescu, landed really low and looked like his hands touched down on the landing as well. Bummer final for him. 13.233 (5.6, 7.933, -0.3)

13.249 average

4:11 am. Ruby Pass AUS BB: Front tuck mount, little wobble. Front handspring front tuck, comes up a little short and too much to the side, no way to hold onto this sadly! Switch leap to switch half, doesn’t quite get the second one. Lands the wolf turn in a high squat. Leans back out of the side aerial, but gets the front aerial to split jump to back handspring, really nice! Tour jeté, rotation is slightly off, but holds on. 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. Promising skills in here! 11.066 (4.7, 6.366)

4:09 am. Aurel Benovic CRO VT: Front handspring front double full, a little arched and a slight knee bend, deep landing with a hop back and OOB. 14.100 (5.2, 9.200, -0.3)

Second vault is a handspring double front, not bad! Hop back, but had some good lift off the table. 14.566 (5.2, 9.366)

14.333 average

4:07 am. Sakaguchi Ayaka JPN BB: Switch leap to split ring jump, iffy back leg on both, but especially on the ring. Side aerial layout stepout, slight adjustment. Switch ring, back knee is pretty low. Gets the double wolf turn around. Side somi, little stumble but corrects well. 2.5 dismount, some ankle form but a good landing! 13.366 (5.6, 7.766)

4:03 am. Athletes are marching out, with the women going up on beam and the men on vault in this first rotation.


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