2023 Junior World Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the women’s all-around final at the 2023 Junior World Championships, held in Antalya, Turkey!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:56 pm. Final Standings

1. Nakamura Haruka, Japan, 51.765
2. Yamaguchi Sara, Japan, 51.532
3. Caterina Gaddi, Italy, 50.899
4. Jayla Hang, United States, 50.832
5. Abi Martin, Great Britain, 50.266
6. Marlene Gotthardt, Germany, 50.132
7. Giulia Perotti, Italy, 49.932
8. Victoriane Charron, Canada, 49.099
9. Leire Escauriaza, Spain, 49.032
10. Lilou Viallat, France, 48.965
11. Yelena Devreker, Belgium, 48.665
12. Mia Mainardi, Argentina, 48.532
13. Jiang Shuxuan, China, 48.431
14. Lana Pondart, France, 48.265
15. Isabella Ajalla, Argentina, 48.099
16. Zoe Tsaprailis, Canada, 47.999
17. Alexia Vanoaga, Romania, 47.865
18. Anastasiia Zubkova, Ukraine, 47.398
19. Vanesa Masova, Czechia, 47.331
20. Luiza Abel, Brazil, 45.632
21. Crina Tudor, Romania, 45.465
22. Jemima Taylor, Great Britain, 43.599
23. Hanne Degryse, Belgium, 43.565
24. Yang Ko-Wen, Taiwan, 42.199

1:53 pm. It’s a Japan one-two!!! Nakamura takes the gold and Yamaguchi takes the silver!

1:49 pm. Yamaguchi Sara JPN FX: Love the opening choreo. 2.5 to super clean front tuck. Double pike with a small step back. Split ring leap. Switch ring half. Memmel turn into a kind of attitude pose, it’s perfection. Triple wolf turn is stunning. Front double full has a big lunge forward that goes OOB. Last pass (double full) was hit. Oh goodness! 13.066 (5.1, 8.066, -0.1)

Crina Tudor ROU BB: 11.966 (5.0, 6.966)

1:46 pm. Giulia Perotti ITA FX: Big double pike to start. Love her movement and her leaps. Performing to “Once Upon a December.” Really fluid and clean across everything. Front tuck through to double full, excellent. 12.900 (4.9, 8.000)

Jayla Hang inquired on her beam score and it brought her up I think two tenths but she’s still behind Gaddi.

Luiza Abel BRA UB: 11.500 (4.4, 7.100)

Yelena Devreker BEL UB: 12.300 (4.7, 7.600)

1:43 pm. Lilou Viallat FRA BB: Back dive mount, but then she’s off on her Onodi. Really nice bhs loso. Switch to split leap. Love her choroe moment before her change of level. Front aerial is good. Front full with a hop to the side. 11.766 (4.5, 7.266)

1:42 pm. Jiang Shuxuan CHN UB: Tkachev and Pak were nice. Clear hip arches over, toe shoot back to the high bar, blind change to front half, blind full, and a huge full-in with a step, good work! 11.566 (4.4, 7.166)

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR BB: 11.266 (4.6, 6.666)

1:39 pm. Nakamura Haruka JPN FX: Triple wolf turn, great. 2.5 to front tuck, a little directionally off but nothing major. Double pike is big, but she takes two big steps back OOB. A little rushed in her leaps after. 1.5 to front full, good landing. A little rushed in the Memmel turn. Her music is really fast and I think she needs something slower hahaha. It’s causing her to take things too wild sometimes. Hit the last pass with a little bounce. 12.866 (5.1, 7.866, -0.1)

Lana Pondart FRA UB: 11.233 (4.1, 7.133)

1:35 pm. Jayla Hang USA BB: Switch leap mount, good! Switch leap with her leg up, doesn’t connect to the switch half, leg up again. Back tuck. Double wolf turn is very nice. Standing loso loso, yes! Gets that out of the way. Good side aerial to switch jump to straddle jump. Double tuck, low chest and a step back. Amazing comeback! 12.100 (4.8, 7.300) – this moves her to second place currently!

Vanesa Masova CZE VT: 13.166 (4.2, 8.966)

Victoriane Charron CAN UB: 12.300 (4.4, 7.900)

Zoe Tsaprailis CAN VT: 12.866 (4.2, 8.666)

Yang Ko-Wen TWN FX: 10.700 (4.3, 6.700, -0.3)

Leire Escauriaza ESP VT: 12.600 (3.6, 9.000)

1:33 pm. Isabella Ajalla ARG BB: Bakc handspring mount, a little crooked on the Korbut after but no major issues. Switch leap to ring leap. Bhs loso, step back, good control to stay on. Holds her leg up in a needle, a wobble on a leap after, bhs to Rulfova, again slightly crooked but nothing massively wrong. Front aerial with a break at the hips and a near fall but great fight again. Onodi, hands down and comes off on that one. Also broke on the full turn and hit the dismount, bummer finish for her, but love her so much. 10.900 (5.3, 5.700, -0.1)

Alexia Vanoaga ROU VT: 12.600 (4.2, 8.400)

1:31 pm. Caterina Gaddi ITA FX: Memmel to full turn. Double tuck with a small hop back. Double wolf turn. Double pike, good landing. Front layout full with a big hop forward. Double full is good! 12.633 (4.8, 7.833)

Jemima Taylor GBR UB: 9.933 (3.7, 6.233)

1:29 pm. Abi Martin GBR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, big steps forward out of it.

Mia Mainardi ARG VT: Yurchenko 1.5! Didn’t see it but nice score. 13.600 (4.6, 9.000)

Hanne Degryse BEL BB: 10.666 (4.8, 5.866)

1:26 pm. Marlene Gotthardt GER FX: Lunge back on the double pike. I can’t believe how well she’s been doing here, a true turnaround even from just a couple of weeks ago! Double tuck, clean, tiny bounce on the landing. Split jump full. Front full, tucks her knees in a little. Switch leap to switch half. Double full, some leg form with a little bounce. Another fantastic day for this queen! 12.000 (4.5, 7.500)

1:23 pm. Nakamura with a somewhat comfortable, if not safe, three tenth lead but second through fifth place athletes are all within four tenths of each other, love this drama!

1:21 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Nakamura Haruka JPN 38.899
2. Jayla Hang USA 38.532
3. Yamaguchi Sara 38.466
4. Caterina Gaddi ITA 38.266
5. Marlene Gotthardt GER 38.132
6. Isabella Ajalla ARG 37.199
– Lilou Viallet FRA 37.199
8. Abi Martin 37.133

1:18 pm. Zoe Tsaprailis CAN FX: Strong double pike! Hit the second pass really well and she was powerful in her leaps. Got the front full without major issues. Beautiful routine!

1:17 pm. Lilou Viallat FRA UB: Toe full, could be a little tighter, Maloney to Pak, clean. Van Leeuwen, body line could be tighter, clear hip to blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, leg/foot form on the double tuck dismount wasn’t great, nor was the landing, but overall this was a nice set. 11.933 (4.8, 7.133)

Vanesa Masova CZE FX: 10.666 (4.5, 6.266, -0.1)

1:15 pm. Giulia Perotti ITA BB: Back extension roll right into the switch to switch half. Love that so much. Bhs bhs loso is solid. Front aerial with a break at the hips. Split jump. Nice Korbut. Gets the double wolf turn around nicely. Side aerial is clean. 1.5 dismount, little hop forward. 12.766 (5.1, 7.666)

1:13 pm. Anastasiia Zubkova UKR UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, some leg separation. Van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, a little short in some handstand but overall nice so far, toe full and a double pike to finish. 12.666 (5.0, 7.666)

Luiza Abel BRA VT: 12.766 (4.2, 8.566)

Alexia Vanoaga ROU FX: 12.433 (4.6, 7.833)

1:11 pm. Nakamura Haruka JPN BB: LOVE her split mount. Did great work on the wolf turn. Side somi is nice. I couldn’t type through the rest but it was an excellent routine! 13.266 (5.2, 8.066)

1:09 pm. Jayla Hang USA UB: Stalder to Ricna, nice. Toe full, maybe slightly late, to a clean Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, some leg separation, double layout with a step back. OKAY! She has POWERFUL bars, which I love so much. 13.133 (5.1, 8.033)

Yang Ko-Wen TWN BB: 11.633 (4.8, 6.833)

Jiang Shuxuan CHN VT: 13.066 (4.4, 8.666)

1:07 pm. Abi Martin GBR FX: Full-in to start, powerful. Arabian double front with a step forward. Tour jeté full, little balance check on the landing. Double pike with a big bounce back. Switch half is a little off with a bounce back. Double tuck with a small hop. Great work again! 12.300 (4.9, 7.400)

Isabella Ajalla ARG UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, a little arched there, van Leeuwen, tiny ankle separation, a little short in handstand before the blind full, blind change to big piked Jaeger, short handstand before the double tuck, deep with a step forward. 12.300 (4.8, 7.500)

Lana Pondart FRA VT: 12.700 (4.2, 8.500)

1:06 pm. Victoriane Charron CAN VT: Strong Yurchenko full. Not as good on the landing as yesterday though. 12.866 (4.2, 8.666)

1:03 pm. Caterina Gaddi ITA BB: Split jump to sissone, nice toe point on both, you could see it through her thick wraps around her feet. Bhs bhs loso, leg came up but she gets it around. Side somi. Cross straight jump full, a little short with a bobble. Little stumble on the side aerial. Double spin a little shaky but another good correction. Front aerial, same thing, she’s just correcting and correcting. Split ring jump, oh a BIG wobble there, I thought she was gonna come off, but she manages to keep herself up. Hop on the double full. Lots of wobbles to deduct but she did great to stay on. 11.900 (4.8, 7.100) – better E than I expected!

Hanne Degryse BEL UB: 9.233 (4.0, 5.233)

Jemima Taylor GBR VT: 11.533 (3.2, 8.333)

1:02 pm. Mia Mainardi ARG FX: Went OOB on her powerful arabian double front. Double tuck landing was great. A little low into the set for her double tuck, but gets it around no problem, small hop back. Wolf turn is fine. Double full ends up slightly short with a step forward, just kind of lost steam there. 11.766 (4.8, 7.266, -0.3)

Marlene Gotthardt GER BB: 12.933 (4.8, 8.133)

1:00 pm. Crina Tudor ROU UB: Had a nice Pak. Slight arch over in handstand and had to turn herself around. Toe-on to clear hip…slight arch, turns into a BIG arch, and she can’t hold onto that. Hops off. Blind change, legs apart, to front giant half, also loses the leg form there, blind full with an arch in her back, really high double tuck with a step. 9.000 (3.5, 5.500)

Leire Escauriaza ESP FX: 12.133 (4.4, 7.733)

12:59 pm. Yelena Devreker BEL VT: Yurchenko full, decent power and REALLY clean in the air, just pikes down as she’s coming in to land, maybe a little TOO powerful, big step back. 12.766 (4.2, 8.566)

12:57 pm. Yamaguchi Sara JPN BB: Switch leap mount with a wobble and leg up. Ring leap to Korbut, nice connection. Nice work in the wolf turn. Front aerial with a slight check. Superb jump series. Slight wobble on the bhs loso but it’s VERY clean. Switch ring, awkward on the landing but not too bad. Side somi. Double full with a small hop. A few little things but overall a fantastic routine! 13.333 (5.2, 8.133)

12:54 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Caterina Gaddi ITA 26.366
2. Nakamura Haruka JPN 25.633
3. Jayla Hang USA 25.399
4. Lilou Viallat FRA 25.266
5. Marlene Gotthardt GER 25.199
6. Yamaguchi Sara JPN 25.133
7. Isabella Ajalla ARG 24.899
8. Abi Martin GBR 24.833

12:51 pm. Nakamura Haruka JPN UB: Inbar full is a little late, piked Deltchev, casual, toe half to piked Jaeger, clean Pak, stalder to toe shoot, toe full is a little late, to full-in, deep landing with steps forward. Love this so much, but a lot to deduct here in her pirouettes. 12.833 (5.4, 7.433)

12:49 pm. Jiang Shuxuan CHN FX: BEAUTIFUL full-in! Stunning in the air and on the landing. Oh, she is bringing the DRAMA!!! Also hit a 2.5 to front full with a step OOB, and a gorgeous triple spin. This is outstanding. Double tuck with a step to finish. 13.166 (5.2, 8.066, -0.1)

12:48 pm. Vanesa Masova CZE BB: Big wobble on the switch leap mount, leg up, but holds on. Ugh, off on her bhs loso. Some flexed feet in those elements too. Just finished a little too far to the side. Front aerial with a wobble. Switch leap, pause, switch half, little bobble. Split jump to wolf jump. Front full dismount with a small step. 10.833 (4.9, 5.933)

Lana Pondart FRA FX: 12.366 (4.6, 7.766)

12:45 pm. Yang Ko-Wen TWN UB: Arched over on her bail at the start, legs came apart and she had to come off sadly. Markelov, clear hip to clear hip…half, maybe meant to do a full, but doesn’t make it to handstand and she hops off again. Hit the dismount, a full-twisting layout. 7.833 (2.7, 5.133)

Victoriane Charron CAN FX: 12.233 (4.6, 7.633)

Alexia Vanoaga ROU BB: 11.366 (4.1, 7.266)

12:42 pm. Caterina Gaddi ITA UB: Inbar to inbar full to Maloney to Ricna, bail to stalder full, a little iffy in the handstand but quickly adjusts out of it, back up to the high bar for a blind change to front giant to double front, clean with a small hop. Great! 13.366 (5.7, 7.666)

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR VT: 12.366 (4.2, 8.166)

12:40 pm. Abi Martin GBR BB: Hit her mount, little check on the side aerial. Super solid on the bhs loso loso! Front aerial. Switch to straddle jump to Korbut. Standing back pike. She’s crushing it. Chest down/break at the hips on her full turn. Double pike, small step. 12.600 (5.1, 7.500)

Jayla Hang USA VT: Yurchenko double, I could see that she landed it in the background! 13.966 (5.0, 8.966)

12:38 pm. Marlene Gotthardt GER UB: Toe full, slight leg separation, to Gienger, leg separation there, blind change to straddle Jaeger, good! Pak, toe-on to toe shoot, clear hip to handstand was nice, double pike, big hop forward but clean. 12.366 (4.8, 7.566)

12:36 pm. Jemima Taylor GBR FX: Double pike ends up OOB. I will always miss her Sound of Music routine but she’s a star, love her ability to perform SO much. Hit the second pass. I was so busy thinking about her artistry I didn’t even clock what it was. Hit her leap pass with a little bounce at the end. Little stumble on the double tuck. 11.933 (4.5, 7.733, -0.3)

Mia Mainardi ARG BB: 11.033 (4.6, 6.433)

Yelena Devreker BEL FX: 11.366 (4.3, 7.366, -0.3)

12:35 pm. Isabella Ajalla ARG VT: Yurchenko full, mostly nice in the air, just ends up short on the landing. 12.866 (4.2, 8.666)

12:34 pm. Yamaguchi Sara JP UB: Maloney to Pak, stalder half to stalder to toe on to toe shoot, great straddle Jaeger, she’s improved SO much on this event compared to last year, blind full, double tuck, almost stuck, OKAY! 12.900 (4.6, 8.300)

Hanne Degryse BEL VT: 11.566 (3.8, 8.066, -0.3)

12:32 pm. Leire Escauriaza ESP BB: Layout stepout mount, little wobble, full turn, switch side, not bad. Hits a solid bhs loso. Switch leap, little pause. Gets the jump series, maybe a little low. Great dismount, ooh! She’s so happy. 11.733 (4.7, 7.0330

12:31 pm. Giulia Perotti ITA UB: I had to step away for a second but she had an intermediate swing and fell on the Ricna. 11.100 (5.1, 6.000)

Zoe Tsaprailis CAN BB: 11.233 (4.6, 6.633)

Luiza Abel BRA FX: 10.866 (4.5, 6.366)

12:28 pm. Lilou Viallat FRA VT: Yurchenko full, waits a second to twist but it’s very clean! Hop back on the landing. 12.900 (4.2, 8.700)

12:26 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Giulia Perotti ITA 13.166
2. Caterina Gaddi ITA 13.000
3. Marlene Gotthardt GER 12.833
4. Nakamura Haruka JPN 12.800
5. Vanesa Masova CZE 12.666
6. Leire Escauriaza ESP 12.566
7. Lilou Viallat FRA 12.366
8. Yelena Devreker BEL 12.233

12:21 pm. Jayla Hang USA FX: Full-in, deep with a step forward. Lovely leap series, little bounce out of the switch half. Front layout full, lunges forward but into an arabesque kind of. Double wolf turn, little check at the end. Double tuck comes up short and she punches to her hands. Ugh. 11.433 (4.7, 6.733)

12:18 pm. Alexia Vanoaga ROU UB: Maloney, only connects to a giant out of it but I’d imagine she’ll eventually want to connect to her next skill, the Ray, blind full, bail, Ray back to the high bar, blind change to front half, and a toe front half dismount with a step back. Not bad! A lot of little things throughout that will get her but solid enough as a whole. 11.466 (4.5, 6.966)

Victoriane Charron CAN BB: 11.700 (4.6, 7.100)

12:16 pm. Isabella Ajalla ARG FX: Switch half, and then a solid double tuck. Tour jeté full, may have had a ring in there? I couldn’t really see her back leg well. 1.5 to front layout, good landing. Switch leap to split ring leap. Just a layout full for the third pass but it’s done very well. Double L turn with the toe point of the gods. Good double full to finish, and a lovely presentation as always. 12.033 (4.5, 7.533)

Jemima Taylor GBR BB: 10.200 (4.6, 5.600)

Abi Martin GBR UB: 12.233 (4.7, 7.533)

12:13 pm. Hanne Degryse BEL FX: She ended up a bit short on the double tuck and then had a massive rebound back out of the double full but this routine was SO fun and she sold the hell out of it! 12.100 (4.3, 7.800)

12:11 pm. Caterina Gaddi ITA VT: Her run and hurdle for the Yurchenko full is SO weird and kind of hilarious, but she still gets a kind of huge block and a ton of distance on the landing? Some form in the air but a decent landing. 13.000 (4.2, 8.800)

Yelena Devreker BEL BB: 12.233 (4.9, 7.433, -0.1)

Mia Mainardi ARG UB: 12.133 (4.5, 7.633)

Yang Ko-Wen TWN VT: 12.033 (3.6, 8.433)

12:08 pm. Crina Tudor ROU FX: Front layout stepout through to double pike, short with a big lunge forward. 1.5 to front tuck, cleaner landing there. Switch ring. The Y turn is a little iffy and short. Double tuck is a bit short but she pulls her chest back and gets it over, step back. Switch leap to tour jeté half, a little unsure on that landing. Some nice work in there! 11.833 (4.4, 7.433)

Luiza Abel BRA BB: 10.500 (4.4, 6.100)

Leire Escauriaza ESP UB: 12.566 (4.8, 7.766)

Marlene Gotthardt GER VT: Yurchenko full, some form in the air and a step/stumble back. 12.833 (4.2, 8.633)

12:07 pm. Yamaguchi Sara JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, comes up a bit short and ends up sitting it. I’m done! 12.233 (4.6, 7.733, -0.1)

Zoe Tsaprailis CAN UB: 11.600 (4.7, 6.900)

12:05 pm. Lilou Viallat FRA FX: Step back on the double tuck at the start. Front layout front tuck was good. Switch ring to switch half, lovely extension there. Double full with a slide and a step back. Beautiful routine. 12.366 (4.4, 7.966)

12:04 pm. Giulia Perotti ITA VT: Yurchenko full, could be a little tighter, but it was a bit better than the last one we saw in every sense – power, lines, technique, aesthetic, etc. 13.166 (4.2, 8.966)

Jiang Shuxuan CHN BB: 10.633 (4.8, 5.833)

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR FX: 11.100 (4.6, 6.500)

12:02 pm. Vanesa Masova CZE UB: Toe full, Chow half, some leg form, holds the handstand before the inbar forever, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, she’s SO good, Pak, van Leeuwen with some leg form, a little short on the handstand at the end, and does a tucked toe front half dismount. Gorgeous work. 12.666 (5.3, 7.366)

12:01 pm. Nakamura Haruka JPN VT: Yurchenko full, not a ton of power and she pikes it down a bit but it’s a hit. 12.800 (4.2, 8.600)

12:00 pm. Here we go! Nakamura Haruka starts on vault, Vanesa Masova on bars, Jiang Shuxuan on beam, and Anastasiia Zubkova on floor.

11:58 am. I still love that Jayla Hang and Isabella Ajalla are in the last group in Olympic order but both are legit medal contenders. Finishing on beam could be scary for them but I’d love a podium where a medalist came from the last group.

11:56 am. The touch warm-up is beginning now!

Some wild news – Izzy Stassi was injured in the pre-competition warm-up and has been replaced by Yang Ko-Wen of Taiwan.


4 thoughts on “2023 Junior World Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

  1. It’s kinda sad that the two dominant junior gymnasts couldn’t win the AA titles. Masaharu Tanida in MAG & Sara Yamaguchi in WAG. Honestly they are way above any others in this competition. Luck is not with them but hope that their potentials will bloom at the All-Japan Championships next 3 weeks later.

    If there’s something can be taken from this to predict the future of gymnastics, I might say that the AA field in MAG will for a long time be the sole rivalry between Daiki Hashimoto & Zhang Boheng. Tanida is dominant amongst boys, yet he hasn’t achieved what Hashimoto did at his age. In Japan, only Kitazono achieved such early success, but he’s struggling with inconsistency. And yeah, we can also hope for the rise of Kawakami, Oka, Doi…but they are still far behind Hashimoto. In China, Yang Haonan is expected to succeed Zhang Boheng, but hasn’t crossed the 86.000 line.

    For girls, the Japanese are rising fast & Yamaguchi is definitely the future. What happens today, the way she keeps climbing after the fall on vault shows great mental strength. I especially love how the Japanese continue to be so solid on beam with no fall, yes, no fall at all. For other countries, the Americans will no longer dominate the field even with the Russians’ absence, because their strongest event, the vault, is being degraded heavily, and their FX routines are so robotic, showing so little artistry. Brazil is lack of depth & will rely heavily on Rebecca. Britain & Italy do have potentials in climbing to top. China continues to disappoint, but the situation might be improved as after 3 years of strict lockdown & distancing, the girls are given more & more chances to compete and thus will toughed their mental strength & confidence.


  2. Both AA were, as expected for Juniors, a little all over the place, but thrilling to watch.

    WAG Japan and Italy are starting to look like very big deals — not just benefactors of US meltdowns and Russian absences.

    MAG is especially exciting with talent coming from everywhere, I have no idea what to expect at Worlds this year, but Japan is DEEP.

    USA needs to step up. I am happy athletes are having longer careers, but developing talent and giving them opportunities for international experience is part of the process for them to be able to fairly compete for the spotlight. 2028 in Los Angeles may be quite an upset if the trajectory doesn’t start shifting now.


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