2023 Cairo World Cup Results

Results from the 2023 Cairo World Cup, held from April 27 through April 30 in Cairo, Egypt.

Final World Cup in 2023 Series Kicks Off in Cairo

The complete roster and a mini-preview of the action at the final world cup of the season in Cairo this weekend.

2023 Top 12 Series 4 Results

Results from the 2023 Top 12 Series 4, held on March 25 in France.

2022 Top 12 Series 1 Results

Results from the 2022 Top 12 Series 1, held on March 26 in France.

Turning Senior in 2022

A list of all of the gymnasts born in 2006 who will become eligible to compete senior international elite in 2022.

2021 Elite Gym Massilia Results

Results from the 2021 Elite Gym Massilia, held from November 12 through November 14 in Marseille, France.

2017 FIT Challenge Results

Results from the 2017 Flanders International Team Challenge, held from June 10 through June 11 in Ghent, Belgium.