2014 Commonwealths: Qualification Results


The first qualification day at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland is now complete, and we have the lists of athletes who have qualified for vault and uneven bars apparatus finals!


1. Claudia Fragapane, England – 14.453
2. Ellie Black, Canada – 14.149
3. Kirsten Beckett, South Africa – 14.000
4. Kelly Simm, England – 13.966
5. Maegan Chant, Canada – 13.950
6. Georgia Rose Brown, Australia – 13.849
7. Dipa Karmakar, India – 13.800
8. Emma White, Scotland – 13.733

Uneven Bars

1. Becky Downie, England – 14.683
2. Larrissa Miller, Australia – 14.433
3. Georgia Rose Brown, Australia – 14.083
4. Elizabeth Beddoe, Wales – 13.533
5. Ruby Harrold, England – 13.400
6. Ellie Black, Canada – 13.333
7. Raer Theaker, Wales – 13.300
8. Kirsten Beckett, South Africa – 12.966

As of right now, Australia’s Georgia Rose Brown leads the all-around race with a 28.216, followed by England’s Ruby Harrold and Claudia Fragapane with 28.133 and 27.974, respectively.

England currently leads team finals with an 85.39, followed by Australia with 83.882 and surprisingly, Wales in third with an 81.398, about a point and a half above Canada, who hope to make it up on beam and floor tomorrow.

The qualifications, which also serve as the team final, will continue tomorrow, July 29, on balance beam and floor exercise. All-around finals will be held Wednesday July 30, vault and uneven bars finals will be held Thursday July 31, the Games will conclude with beam and floor finals on Friday August 1.

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Article by Lauren Hopkins

8 thoughts on “2014 Commonwealths: Qualification Results

  1. I thought Liv Viv would have made it for UB, but so happy for GRB!
    Really happy to see some gymnasts from some less obvious countries in the finals too.


  2. Can I be suuuuuuper fussy, and mention: I notice a lot of American Gym Fans are calling this comp “The Commonwealths” but I guarantee you in all my years of watching, it’s only ever been called “The Commonwealth Games” or CWG. I’ve never heard anyone in Australia/UK ever refer to it as the Commonwealths. I’m probably the only person in the world who sees that and goes ugh, but I have a pet peeve of adding “s” to names of things that aren’t really meant to be there… (yes I’m a weirdo ha!).


    • Hahaha – Commonwealths is just the abbreviation I use for this site because I don’t like abbreviations like CWG in article headers and Commonwealth Games is too long, so I basically just take out GAME from “Commonwealth Games” and shorten it. Maybe others are doing it because that’s what I’m calling it, but honestly, it’s just due to a spacing issue!


      • Haha yes that’s fair enough, it is a bit of a cumbersome title! I’ve seen some other bloggers call it that and I’m just like “no no no!” lol.


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