Changes in the 2014 YOG Roster

Camp Bras Ginastica Artistca e Ritmica 2012

The International Gymnastics Federation announced two changes in the roster for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games today via Twitter.

Brazil will send 14-year-old 2013 junior Pan American all-around champion Flavia Saraiva while the Netherlands will send 15-year-old Isa Maassen.

Sadly, this means 15-year-old Rebeca Andrade of Brazil has withdrawn from the competition due to a broken toe according to Alexander Alexandrov, who doesn’t want to push her to compete with even a minor injury in order to save her for the start of her senior career in 2015.

Additionally, the Netherlands’ Wendy de Jong has withdrawn after injuring her ankle, according to the Dutch gymnastics federation.

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, China, from August 16-24. For a full updated list of competitors, please visit our list.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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