Changes in the 2014 YOG Roster

Camp Bras Ginastica Artistca e Ritmica 2012

The International Gymnastics Federation announced two changes in the roster for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games today via Twitter.

Brazil will send 14-year-old 2013 junior Pan American all-around champion Flavia Saraiva while the Netherlands will send 15-year-old Isa Maassen.

Sadly, this means 15-year-old Rebeca Andrade of Brazil has withdrawn from the¬†competition due to a broken toe according to Alexander Alexandrov, who doesn’t want to push her to compete with even a minor injury in order to save her for the start of her senior career in 2015.

Additionally, the Netherlands’ Wendy de Jong has withdrawn¬†after injuring her ankle, according to the Dutch gymnastics federation.

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, China, from August 16-24. For a full updated list of competitors, please visit our list.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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