2014 Youth Olympic Games Competitors


The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games are set to take place from August 16-28 in Nanjing, China, will showcase some of the best junior talent in the world. This year’s Games are the second in the competition’s history, with the first held in Singapore in 2010.

Viktoria Komova, the all-around gold medalist in 2010, went on to win the silver all-around medal in the 2012 Olympic Games. As in 2010, the United States WAG program has opted not to send a gymnast, as the competition conflicts with the country’s national championships.

Official list of 2014 Youth Olympic Game competitors by country, as released by the FIG on July 21:

Algeria: Fatima Ahlem Mokhtari Japan: Sae Miyakawa
Argentina: Agustina Santamaria Kazakhstan: Arailym Khanseiitova
Austria: Ceyda Sirbu Mexico: Stephanie Hernandez
Belarus: Natallia Yakubava Netherlands: Isa Maassen**
Belgium: Jelle Beullens New Zealand: Millie Williamson
Brazil: Flavia Saraiva* Norway: Martine Skregelid
Canada: Sydney Townsend Peru: Ana Karina Mendez
Cayman Islands: Morgan Lloyd Philippines: Ava Verdeflor
China: Wang Yan Poland: Wiktoria Lopuszanska
Colombia: Valentina Pardo Portugal: Sara Raposeiro
Czech Republic: Veronika Cenkova Puerto Rico: Paola Moreira
Egypt: Nada Ayman Ibrahim Qatar: Rahma Al Dulaimi
Finland: Monica Sileoni Romania: Laura Jurca
France: Camille Bahl Russia: Seda Tutkhalyan
Germany: Antonia Alicke Singapore: Nadine Joy Nathan
Great Britain: Ellie Downie South Africa: Mammule Rankoe
Greece: Evangelia Monokrousou South Korea: Hana Park
Guatemala: Katherine Godinez Switzerland: Gaia Nesurini
Hungary: Boglarka Devai Tunisia: Rahma Mastouri
Iraq: Fatimah Saadi Al-Tameemi Turkey: Tutya Yilmaz
Italy: Iosra Abdelaziz Uzbekistan: Veronika Orlova

* Replaces Rebeca Andrade, who broke her toe
** Replaces Wendy de Jong, who injured her ankle

As per eligibility requirements for WAG participation, every athlete was born in 1999. The youngest competitors are Nathan and Mastouri, both of whom will turn 15 on December 29. The oldest is Verdeflor, who turned 15 on January 2 and who trains at WOGA in Dallas, Texas.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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