2014 P&G Championships: Seniors Day 1


The senior competition at the 2014 P&G Championships got underway at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Penn., today with Simone Biles leading in the all-around with a 61.8.

1. Simone Biles, World Champions Centre, 61.800

The defending world champion had an incredibly solid beam routine, including a wolf 2.5, bhs loso loso, switch to switch half to back pike, and full-in dismount. She brought in a huge 15.7 on the event to start her day.

Of course, she was excellent on floor. Her double double was awesome, as was her double layout half-out, with just the tiniest hop. The double layout and tucked full-in were as stellar as always, and she earned a 15.65. It wasn’t quite as electric as it was at the U.S. Classic, but she is such a performer.

Both her Amanar and Lopez were fantastic. Her form on both was stellar, and she just slightly hopped her feet together on both, and got a 15.9 on her Amanar.

Biles finished on bars had a nice Weiler, Maloney, Tkatchev to pak salto, and full-in with a tiny hop, earning a 14.55, a solid score for an event that isn’t her best!

2. Maggie Nichols, Twin City Twisters, 58.650

On bars, Nichols hit her toe full to Maloney and Jaeger to start her routine. Her Church to pak salto was caught close but she kept going! Nothing rattles her, and she kept going right through to her double layout dismount to earn a 14.45.

Nichols continued to beam, where her bhs loso, switch ring, and punch front to wolf jump were all solid. Her double pike had a hop, but she earned a solid 14.6.

Moving on to floor, Nichols had a solid exercise with a great double layout to start. There were some form issues in her piked full-in, but her 1.5 through to double tuck and double pike were great, and she brought in a 14.55.

On vault, she finished with a DTY. Her legs got sloppy at the end, but she had one of her better landings to earn a 15.05.

3. Alyssa Baumann, WOGA, 58.400

On bars, Baumann had messy legs on her Maloney to pak salto as well as her van Leeuwen. She hit her straddle Jaeger and full-in to earn a 14.0.

Her beam was gorgeous! She hit her standing arabian, switch ring, bhs loso, front aerial to split jump, Onodi, and side aerial beautifully, and landed her 2.5 dismount with a hop forward, earning a nice 15.15.

On floor, she landed every pass with a hop it seemed, including her double layout, double tuck, and double pike. She also had a triple full, during which she crossed her ankles. Baumann earned a 14.45 for this exercise.

She finished her day on vault with a DTY. Her form got messy towards the end, and she hopped back, earning a 14.8.

4. Kyla Ross, Gym-Max, 57.950

Beginning on beam, Ross had an unusually shaky routine, with just tiny little checks and bobbles throughout though there were no major issues. Her front aerial to sheep jump was nice, there was a noticeable check on her bhs loso, and she hit her double tuck dismount for a 15.2.

Unfortunately, Ross sat her first pass, a whip to double arabian which is coincidentally her only big upgrade of the year. Her double pike, 1.5 to front full, and double tuck were all landed well, but she brought in only a 13.75.

Ross continued with a very clean DTY, though she did show a slight pike in her hips as she approached the landing, where she had just a tiny hop, earning a 15.05.

On bars, she started out well with a Maloney to pak salto, van Leeuwen, Jaeger, and bail to toe shoot, but her double layout was short – as it had been in training all day – and she landed with her knee touching the mat, bringing in just a 13.95 to end her day.

5. MyKayla Skinner, Desert Lights, 57.550

Skinner began her competition on beam, where she started out a little shaky on her bhs to tuck full, but she held on and kept going strong, hitting her switch to switch half to back tuck, back pike, and double tuck dismount for a 14.35.

Her floor was impressive…switching the third and fourth passes seems to have helped her! Her double double layout went out of bounds, but her double double looked great (just a slight shuffle back), she hit the full-in, and then nailed the 1.5 through to 2.5 to earn a 14.9, which included 0.3 in neutral deductions. Her difficulty score was a 6.6, just a tenth in front of Biles’.

On vault, she competed a Cheng with a hop back for a 15.35. Her DTY was actually very nice, looking strong in her approach and clean throughout, earning I believe a 15.15.

Her bar routine was hit, though very messy, including on her van Leeuwen, her full pirouette (she was very late on the turn), Tkatchev, Ray, bail to toe on to Ray, and full-in with a hop. She earned just a 12.95 for her exercise.

6. Madison Desch, GAGE, 56.000

On bars, Desch had a lovely routine, showcasing a stalder full to stalder before her Chow, and then a pak salto, Chow half, and piked Jaeger. A very pretty routine with lots of great stalder work, and she earned a 14.05. Her only problem was her full-in dismount coming a little close to the bar, but she saved it well.

She had a very tentative beam routine, with her bhs bhs layout looking like she wasn’t going to hit. Her punch front and front aerial were also a bit off, and there was a check on her side somi. She dismounted with a double tuck, hopped back, to earn a 13.75.

On floor, she landed her first pass (a whip to double arabian, I believe) out of bounds. Her 1.5 to Rudi was okay, but then both her double pike and triple full went out of bounds as well, causing her to incur 0.5 in neutral deductions and only a 13.7 total.

She finished on vault with a nice DTY, looking just a bit bent in her body line on the landing, earning a 14.5.

7. Amelia Hundley, Cincinnati, 55.700

Hundley started on bars with a toe full to Maloney and Jaeger, which were both nice. She didn’t connect her Ricna to pak salto, but her van Leeuwen was lovely. She peeled off a tiny bit too early on her full-in but hit it and earned a 13.9.

On beam, she had a nice wolf hop to front aerial to split jump, bhs loso, awesome switch side half, and punch front to split jump, but then her full L turn turned into a 1.5 when she overdid her momentum. She had a nice double tuck dismount to finish, earning a 14.05.

Hundley started nicely on floor with a double layout, floaty 2.5 to punch front, and double pike, though she sat her double tuck unfortunately, and rolled out of bounds to earn just a 13.25.

She went for the DTY on vault after doing the FTY at the U.S. Classic, earning a 14.5 for a solid effort, though she hopped over to the side on her landing.

8. Macy Toronjo, Texas Dreams, 54.800

Torojno began on beam with a relatively easy but clean routine, hitting a bhs loso loso, side aerial, punch front, and double full dismount for a 13.95. On floor, she had a nice exercise, including full-in, double pike, and double tuck for a 14.05. She vaulted an FTY with a hop back, looking happy to receive a 13.7. On bars, she hit her Maloney, Ray, and double layout dismount for a 13.1.

9. Felicia Hano, Gym-Max, 41.900

She started off well, albeit slightly shaky, on beam, hitting her punch front nicely as well as her side aerial and double pike dismount to earn a 13.75. On floor, her double layout was great. She hopped bac her double pike, but her high double tuck at the end looked stuck, earning a 13.5 for a relatively low difficulty routine. She finished her day on vault with a nice DTY, which looked almost stuck, earning a 14.65.

10. Ashton Locklear, Everest, 30.350

Locklear’s bars were incredible, and much cleaner than her attempt at the U.S. Classic. Her inbar full to Komova II to pak salto to Maloney to bail to Ray was incredible. Such a great combination. Her inbar half to big Jaeger were great, and she stuck her full-in to earn a 15.85.

On beam, Locklear landed her side aerial to loso with her leg up, but had a nice tour jete half, front tuck, and double tuck dismount, earning a 14.5 for her routine to end her day after just two events.

11. Madison Kocian, WOGA, 29.950

Kocian earned a 15.25 for her clean routine, which included a Komova II to pak salto, Chow half, Jaeger, and hit full-in. She’s very lovely in all of her handstand and stalder work, so I love that she does the stalder shaposh!

On beam, her standing arabian, switch ring, and front aerial to sheep jump were all slightly tentative. Her bhs loso was steady, and she under-rotated her double pike, falling forward on the landing but not putting her hands down. Kocian earned a 14.7 for her effort.

12. Veronica Hults, Texas Dreams, 28.800

Hults began on beam with a nice and clean exercise, including her bhs loso, side somi, switch ring, side aerial, and sheep jump. She dismounted with a 2.5, taking just a step out to the side for a 14.2. On the uneven bars, she performed a Chow to high, bail to Ray, inbar, inbar half to Jaeger, and a near-stuck full-out for a solid 14.6. Her handstands were lovely throughout her routine!

13. Brenna Dowell, GAGE, 15.400

What a bar routine this girl had! She hit her Tweddle to Ezhova with no problems, and then her Church to pak salto as well! Her van Leeuwen was clean, as was her double layout. A great routine, and she earned a 15.4.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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  2. I think the most telling thing from these standings is that Kyla Ross (who fell twice) is still ahead of Mykayla Skinner (who hit all four).


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