France Announces World Championship Team


This afternoon, the governing body for gymnastics in France announced the team selected to compete at world championships in Nanning, China.

The French team convened at the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education (INSEP) on September 2 for their second trial. Though nine gymnasts attended to contend for six spots, Valentine Sabatou unfortunately ruptured her Achilles while performing her piked full-in on floor, according to Actus Gymnastique.

After a day of deliberation, the French Gymnastics Federation announced the team, which includes Marine Brevet, Clara Chambellant, Manon Cormoreche, 2009 world bronze medalist Youna Dufournet, Claire Martin, and Maëlys Plessis. The remaining two gymnasts, Mira Boumejmajen and Laura Longueville, have been named as alternates.

The team unfortunately dealt with injury after injury to several key players right before the Olympics in 2012, including a fractured and dislocated elbow for Brevet. This year, the nation hopes to come back strong and reassert themselves on the international scene as they attempt to qualify into the team final.

Some videos from yesterday’s selection camp, beginning with this must-see routine from Martin on floor:

Boumejmajen on floor and Dufournet on vault:

Brevet on floor:

Plessis on vault:

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo thanks to the French Gymnastics Association

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