Podium Training Impressions: Subdivisions 10-12

The Gymternet discusses Romania, Great Britain, Jessica Lopez of Venezuela, an injury to Laura Longueville of France, and a tiny bit about New Zealand and Australia.


Netherlands tops France, Austria at Friendly Meet

France hosted the Netherlands and Austria in a friendly meet, the Recontre Internationale de Gymnastique, in Rouen over the weekend.

World Championship Team Master List

With World Championship team announcements coming in by the minute, The Gymternet has decided to organize them all in an effort to make it easier to share information! Here’s what we know thus far.

2014 French Championships

The 2014 French Championships were held in Agen, France from April 5 through April 6. Youna Dufournet was the senior all-around champion with a score of 53.650. Valentine Pikul earned the silver medal with a 53.150 while Valentine Sabatou earned bronze with a 52.500. Loan His was the junior all-around champion with a score of…