Big Changes to the Russian Worlds Team


After announcing a provisional team for World Championships following the results of the Russian Cup at the end of August, the Russian Federation has made a couple of alterations to their plans.

Ksenia Afanasyeva and Tatiana Nabieva have been added to the team, according to an article in R-Sport this morning, replacing an injured Maria Paseka.

Though she made an appearance at the Russian Championships in early April of this year, Afanasyeva was forced to miss European Championships due to an ankle injury that required surgery and hasn’t performed internationally since last summer’s Universiade. She competed on vault and floor only in Penza, but didn’t look as strong as she has in the past.

Afanasyeva is still not fully recovered, but her vault and floor look promising, according to Rodionenko. She and Nabieva – who competed decently, albeit with low difficulty, at the Russian Cup – will both be considered alternates “on equal footing” during the week of training in China. Once podium training is complete, the gymnast who seems better prepared will earn the sixth spot while the other will be named alternate.

In addition to Afanasyeva and Nabieva, team also includes the previously announced Maria Kharenkova, Ekaterina Kramarenko, Aliya Mustafina, Alla Sosnitskaya, and Daria Spiridonova.

What about Viktoria Komova? According to Rodionenko, doctors recently told her it would be best to not compete this season, though Rodionenko also mentioned a rule of hers – that all gymnasts hoping to compete in Nanning must compete on at least two events.

Komova was only able to show an uneven bar routine at the Russian Cup, and though her work looked lovely for the most part, it wasn’t a routine up to her usual standards and was matched in score by athletes competing all four events.

Anna Rodionova did not meet Rodionenko’s expectations to be named as one of the provisional team members following the Russian Cup. Though she was invited to the Worlds selection camp and was being considered for one of the spots on the team, she reportedly stayed home.

The 2014 World Championships begin October 3 in Nanning, China.

UPDATE 9/20- Afanasyeva will no longer be considered for the Worlds team. Instead, Nabieva and Polina Fedorova will contend in China for the sixth spot.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “Big Changes to the Russian Worlds Team

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  2. Lauren I think you mean that Afan competed at the RusChamps in march, cuz i don’t remember seeing afan recently at the Cup?

    I think they are doing damage to Afan having her compete before complete health AND complete readiness have returned (both are required for the kind of expectations they probably have of her).

    Valentina had always jumped the gun regarding Afan, speculating on things that Afan was herself unsure of. I am sure that her being considered for World’s is also a surprise for Afan after she said she wanted to rest and see how she was feeling “next year”. *sighing eternally* What if she worsens her vulnerable state again by coming back before she’s ready, like what happened in March when her easy FX was still too much strain? I think Nabs will get the spot. I just don’t believe that Afan, who we’ve seen nor heard anything from, and who was scheduled to be out by everyone including Valentina for “over a year,” is now suddenly on equal parring with Tatiana.


    • Yes, I said Russian Championships – I said Afan competed at Russian Champs in April and then missed Euros, and then said Nabieva competed at the Russian Cup. Maybe it’s because I said she competed VT/FX “in Penza” that it’s confusing? Because both Championships and the Cup were in Penza.

      Yeah, I think it’s a bad idea for her to even be training to try to compete at the Worlds level but I think VRod just doesn’t want to flat out make Nabieva the 6th member of the team because she is SO far below par compared to everyone else.


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