2014 World Championships Team Final Recap – Rotation 4

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The United States easily won the gold medal with a 179.280, nearly seven points ahead China in second with a 172.587. Russia picked up the bronze medal with a 171.462, edging out the team of Romanian fighters by just 0.5 after Stefania Stanila fell on beam. Romania earned a 170.963, Italy a 169.023, Great Britain a 168.495, Australia a 165.988, and Japan a 165.422.


Kyla Ross opened floor for the team, hitting her double arabian to stag very well. She stuck her double pike, and landed her 1.5 to front full very well, and she landed her double tuck with a hop forward, getting the United States started with a very solid floor routine even if it’s not super difficult. She earned a 13.966.

MyKayla Skinner looked a bit piked in her hips through her double double layout, but her legs were very straight at least and she landed it well, and her double double was also done powerfully. She stepped her feet together slightly on her full-in, and she hit her 1.5 through to 2.5 with just a step out to the side to finish for a 14.666, which got big applause from Jenny.

Simone Biles finished things up nailing her double double and then her double layout half-out, which she stuck perfectly. She had a small hop forward on her double layout, and her full-in to finish was excellent, as was her performance value throughout the entire routine. She knows they’ve got gold, as does the entire team. No question about it.


Tan Jiaxin hit a decent 1.5 through to triple full…the form was a bit shady, and dear GOD, what is her music? It’s like a space battle happening at a frat party. She hit her double pike and 2.5 with no big problems, and finished with a strong double tuck. Definitely a routine China needed, and she earned a 13.9…one of their highest scores on this event all year.

Chen Siyi moves so softly to the opening choreography in her “Moon River” routine… though it’s odd music for a floor routine. She hit her triple full and full-in with almost no problems, and came out of her 2.5 to punch front pike with just a hop, but then crashed her double pike at the end, unfortunate after an otherwise decent routine. She earned just a 12.866.

Shang Chunsong hit her 1.5 through to triple twist to punch front with no problems, unlike in qualifications. Her full-in was very low and she stepped out-of-bounds. Her 2.5 to punch front was fine, and she hit her double pike to finish. Her 14.033 was excellent for a Chinese floor routine!


Tatiana Nabieva landed her DTY very well, though the form was a bit off during her flight, though she managed a 14.933.

Aliya Mustafina had some leg separation both on her pre-flight and before her landing (her knee was bent and she had a bit of piking as well), but she stuck it with a smile on her face, for a 15.133, a criminally high score, though her distance and landing looked good.


Ruby Harrold hit a good DTY with a step back on the landing. It wasn’t super clean (not as clean as the BBC commentators would suggest, as she was piked and had major leg separation), but it was powerful.

The team overall was very strong here, finishing less than a tenth behind China…pretty cool for a team that once had to struggle to find a DTY to include in their vault lineup.


Lara Mori, the alternate who stepped in at the last second, hit her Tkatchev to start on bars. Her toe-on Tkatchev was caught well, and she hit her bail nicely. She came back up to the high bar with a Ray, muscled up her Endo a bit, but hit a decent double layout with a step forward. She was VERY proud of her 13.825 and was all smiles! Adorable.

Vanessa Ferrari looked a bit late in her turns, but hit her straddle Jaeger nicely and had a hit full-in, though her form looked a bit shady there, but she looked happy with her 14.066.


Larisa Iordache hit her bhs-tuck full with no problems to start, and her bhs-layout was also done very nicely. Her switch to switch half to sissone was a good series, as was her front aerial to sheep. She hit her side somi, and nailed her triple full with a hop. An excellent routine and for a nice 15.5.

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