2014 World Championships Team Final Recap – Rotation 3

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.17.16 AM

The United States leads after three rotations with a 135.273. They are followed by China in second with a 131.788, Italy in third with a 127.632, Romania in fourth with a 127.063, Russia in fifth with a 126.763, Great Britain in sixth with a 124.463, Japan in seventh with a 124.298, and Australia in eighth with a 123.823.


Alyssa Baumann hit her standing arabian and switch ring with no problems, and though her leg came up on her bhs-loso, she fought it and stayed on, good for a first-timer. Her switch to switch side was no problem, nor was her front aerial to split jump. There was a pause between her Onodi and her sissone to straddle jump, but she finished with a very nice 2.5 and earned a 14.5.

Kyla Ross began with a nice punch front to wolf jump, hit a front aerial to sheep, and then nailed her bhs-loso series. She had a clean full turn, a switch ring with a slight check, and then had a scary landing on her side somi, waving her arms around to save it. Her switch to back tuck was hit, as was her side aerial, and she came in for a nice double tuck dismount with a hop forward. The U.S. team submitted an enquiry related to Kyla’s start value, though it was rejected.

Simone Biles opened with her 2.5 wolf, and hit her front aerial to split jump with no problems. Her bhs-loso-loso series had a huge check with a leg up, but she shockingly saved it. Her side aerial was hit, as was her switch to switch half to back pike, pretty solidly. Her punch front was good, and she had a hop back on her full-in dismount. She looked VERY mad about her mistake, but got comforting words from both Aimee and Jenny, the best coaching staff the US team has EVER HAD. Even with the mistake, she hit a 14.966.


Yao Jinnan began beam with a front aerial, not connected to her sheep jump. She hit her bhs bhs layout with just a tiny check, and then had a nice switch ring. She overdid her full Y turn, adding an extra half turn by mistake, but hit her side aerial with no problems. She had just a step back on her double pike dismount, but earned just a 14.4.

Shang Chunsong hit her bhs-bhs-layout series with a slight pause before her jump series, and then flew through her switch half. She had a nice front aerial to sheep jump, connected well, and then hit a solid bhs-loso. Her punch front to wolf to Korbut was excellent, her double turn was better than most full turns, her switch to back tuck was lovely, as was her side aerial to sissone (though the connection may have been lost), and she landed with a nice triple full with just a step out. An excellent routine. Just what the Chinese needed. She earned a 15.066 for her effort.


Alla Sosnitskaya began with a double layout and a whip whip to triple full series. Her music is…insane? To say the least. I’ve never noticed it before, but it has a bit of “Pretty Woman” mixed with only God knows what. “Saved by the Bell?” She fell forward on her double pike, unfortunately, but hit her double tuck to finish. She earned just a 12.9.

Aliya Mustafina had a very nice double arabian to stag to start, and then hit a really messy 2.5 to front full. She hit a powerful double back, but overall it wasn’t a very strong routine, and she earned just a 14.033.


Gabby Jupp began with a full-in with just a small hop back, and nailed her 1.5 to front layout. I LOVE her music, some excellent big band but not the same overused Carly Patterson music. Her double back was hit with a little bounce, and she landed her double pike very well, making it a very solid performance. She brought in a 13.366 for her performance.

Claudia Fragapane hit her full-twisting double layout with a slight pike in her hips, and then hit a double layout with a bounce out, not going into her stag. Her double arabian landed a bit low and she had to step forward, but finished very well. Definitely not her best routine, especially in terms of her performance value, but it was hit.


Larisa Iordache continues to show improvement on bars, hitting her full pirouette, van Leeuwen, and big straddle Jaeger to start. Her Church to pak salto also looked great, she hit her toe full to toe on to Maloney with just a bit of leg separation, and she hit her full-in dismount for a 14.466.


Erika Fasana had a powerful DTY with some leg separation at the end, for a 14.9.

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