Beam and Floor Golds Go to Amado and Chiarella in Medellín


Isabella Amado of Panama won gold on beam and Mariana Chiarella of Perú came out on top on floor in the final day of competition at the 2014 World Challenge Cup in Medellín, Colombia.

Amado competed the most difficult routine of the day on beam, and it paid off even though she had a few checks, including on her bhs-bhs-layout series. Her sheep jump was gorgeous and she nearly stuck her double pike dismount, earning a 12.85 to take the gold.

The silver medal went to Colombia’s Marcela Sandoval while bronze went to Tjasa Kysselef of Slovenia. Sandoval hit a lovely switch ring and triple full dismount, earning a 12.675. Kysselef didn’t compete a great deal of difficulty, but was the cleanest of the day, hitting a solid full turn, clean back tuck, and a nice front full off for a 12.175, which tied Maria Belen Stoffel‘s routine, though Stoffel touched her hand to the beam on her side aerial and lost the tie-breaker due to her lower execution.

On floor, Chiarella showcased both strong difficulty and execution in what was probably the best routine of the competition overall. She nailed her full-in, stuck a double back, and hit a double pike to finish for a 13.525.

Sasa Golob of Slovenia won silver with a 13.15 and Filipa Martins of Portugal was the bronze medalist with a 13.075. Golob hit her double pike, a front 1.5, and a 2.5 with no major problems. Though Martin landed her double pike out of bounds, she finished with a nice 2.5 to lock down her podium spot.


Rank Name Nation Score
1 Isabella Amado Panama 12.850
2 Marcela Sandoval Colombia 12.675
3 Tjasa Kysselef Slovenia 12.175
4 Maria Stoffel Argentina 12.175
5 Filipa Martins Portugal 12.050
6 Mariana Chiarella Perú 11.475
7 Camila Klesa Argentina 11.150
8 Sasa Golob Slovenia 10.725


Rank Name Nation Score
1 Mariana Chiarella Perú 13.525
2 Sasa Golob Slovenia 13.150
3 Filipa Martins Portugal 13.075
4 Isabella Amado Panama 12.900
5 Yurany Avendaño Colombia 12.675
6 Camila Klesa Argentina 12.525
7 Dayana Ardila Colombia 12.500
8 Valentina Brostella Panama 12.375

Article by Bekah Harbison

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