Viktoria Komova Makes International Return in Hungary


The 2014 KSI-Matsz Cup held in Budapest, Hungary, featured the return of Viktoria Komova to international competition this weekend.

Though she competed at a much lower standard than gym fans may be used to seeing, the Russian Olympic silver all-around medalist seemed to have a clean and relaxed competition. She easily won the bars and beam titles without much of a fight while just missing out on floor gold to Hungary’s Tünde Csillag. Ana Derek of Croatia, who took home silver on vault in Medellín last weekend, was the vault champion in Budapest this week.

On Saturday, the first day of competition, Komova competed and hit all four events. While her difficulty was much lower throughout, she showed very clean execution, especially on her FTY vault.

She showed a bar routine similar to what she competed in Penza two months ago, looking confident throughout. Her Chow to pak salto and Chow half were gorgeous both days, as was her piked Jaeger.

On beam, Komova showed some shakiness on her turns, a full Y turn in addition to a double turn. The rest of her skills were solid if not super difficult, and she dismounted with just a layout but looked tidy throughout.

She showed a simple but clean floor routine, opening with a double back and also featuring some clean twisting elements in addition to a double back to finish (which she stumbled back a tiny bit in her first day of competition).

Full results from the competition are below! For videos from the first day of competition, check out Fran Elsner’s YouTube Channel.

Vault Final Results

Rank Name Nation Vault 1 Vault 2 Score
1 Ana Derek Croatia 13.800 14.000 13.900
2 Tjasa Kysselef Slovenia 13.750 13.100 13.425
3 Luca Diveky Hungary 14.000 12.800 13.400
4 Tünde Csillag Hungary 13.950 12.000 12.975
5 Sara King Slovenia 12.600 11.250 11.925
Tatjana Holeczek Slovenia 12.650 11.200 11.925

Uneven Bars Final Results

1 Viktoria Komova Russia 15.150 (6.5, 8.650)
2 Caterina Barloggio Switzerland 12.700 (5.0, 7.700)
3 Luca Diveky Hungary 12.600 (4.9, 7.700)
4 Tünde Csillag Hungary 12.200 (4.7, 7.500)
5 Jannika Greber Germany 10.400 (5.2, 5.200)
6 Annika Göttler Germany 9.650 (3.8, 5.850)

Balance Beam Final Results

1 Viktoria Komova Russia 13.300 (4.9, 8.400)
2 Caterina Barloggio Switzerland 13.000 (5.0, 8.000)
3 Luca Diveky Hungary 12.450 (4.9, 7.550)
4 Ana Derek Croatia 12.400 (4.9, 7.600, -0.1 ND)
5 Karmen Koljanin Croatia 11.000 (4.7, 6.300)
6 Annika Göttler Germany 9.550 (3.9, 5.650)

Floor Exercise Final Results

1 Tünde Csillag Hungary 13.550 (5.5, 8.050)
2 Viktoria Komova Russia 13.400 (4.7, 8.700)
3 Ana Derek Croatia 13.050 (5.1, 8.050, -0.1 ND)
4 Caterina Barloggio Switzerland 12.500 (4.9, 7.700, -0.1 ND)
5 Karmen Koljanin Croatia 11.150 (4.4, 6.850, -0.1 ND)
6 Luca Diveky Hungary 6.100 (1.8, 8.400, -4.1 ND)

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Videos thanks to Fran Elsner

10 thoughts on “Viktoria Komova Makes International Return in Hungary

  1. I’m just so happy she’s back that I could actually cry 😉 I adore her lines and her clean form on all the apparatus.

    I just read your comment on tumblr concerning the hype about vika and that you hope there will be no double standard if Gabby or Aly came back with equally “easy” skills. Even though I agree with you at some points I still think there’s a big difference between Vika and them. As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) Gabby and Aly choose to pause after the Olympics, touring around, giving interviews, dancing with the stars etc. Vika on the other hand just had bad luck with injuries and illness. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to compete in 2013, she just couldn’t. People appreciate her fight to comeback and are just happy for her that she’s finally able to compete again. I think that’s what the hype is about. 🙂


    • For me – the double standard comparison is less about the expressed happiness to have her back and the appreciation of her fight to recover from illness/injury and more about the comments related to how her skills are looking good. I mean – Kyla has taken not time off, was injured and still competed but with constant criticism of a lack of upgrades instead of amazement that she was still out there competing and on all 4 events in the team competition! So yes, it’s great to have Vika back and her movements are as beautiful as ever, but she is certinaly not there from a difficulty perspective. I hope that if/when Aly and Gabby come back that fans are equally appreciative to have them back regardless of their skill level. I personally don’t care what the reasoning is for their time off, though of course my heart always hurts for a gymnast who is injured.


      • I would love to see a competition with Gabby, Aly, and Komova back. It will definitely be a little nostalgic and if you blink, it could seem like we were watching the London Olympics again. Just imagine a bars final with both Komova and Gabby! Imagine the excitement between past rivalries and also the potential awkwardness between them….


  2. I definitely hope that gym fans will be supportive of all the 2012 Olympians who are trying to make comebacks; obviously it’s incredibly hard. There’s definitely a difference in situation between Vika and Aly/Gabby though – if Vika gets back anywhere near her 2012 level then she’s pretty certain to be on the 2015 team and quite possibly the Rio team; I’d say there’s very little question of that. With the US 2012 girls though, even if they’re 100% their Olympic selves they won’t necessarily make it. In the US you basically have to be competition-ready by the start of the season and have strong performances through that season (not necessarily flawless, but certainly full-difficulty) to have a chance of making the team. So I can understand people thinking like ‘if you’re not going to show full DV off the bat then why bother?’. I think that is in essence why Aly didn’t compete this year (didn’t Marta basically tell her not to?) and probably a factor for Gabby as well, whereas Vika just isn’t in that sort of situation – she can afford to go out a few times without a real dismount, or with filler tumbling passes. I imagine it was Russian strategy to enter her into this meet where she could still win stuff without high DV rather than struggle through Massilia or Blume or whatever, but it isn’t really a problem.
    Timing also plays a part, of course – having ‘started’ her comeback in November Vika has ages to get ready and people commenting are taking that into account. If Aly and/or Gabby are showing layouts at Classics in June or July or whatever then that’s much more of a problem.
    So yeah basically being mean about the US girls while raving about Komova would be hypocritical but the commentary is likely to be slightly different given how different their situations are.


      • I think she is lovely, but the most technical gymnast right now? Did you see her piked handstands on bars? And she was doing “easy” skills (in quotes b/c only easy for an elite) and I’m sure numerous gymnasts could do those skills well technically. She s a pleasure to watch and she was missed, but I wouldn’t say she’s the most technical gymnast right now.


    • I’m quite sure everyone will be supportive. Remember when Asac made her comeback. Everyone was soooo excited. I personally think she was even better than before. Her charisma and artistry (whatever the definition is) was a pleasure to watch.
      But then again, it’s the gymternet. You never know.


  3. I hope this doesn’t seem rude. But didn’t she do a Komova II to Pak and then Komova I, instead of Chow to Pak and then Chow 1/2 (as stated in the article)?


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  5. It’s funny; when it’s an American, injurEd. They take static. Look at kaylyn and bross. They’ve been out with injuries and mackayla four surgery. And peop talk smack. The Russians or lordache gets injured the world ends. It’s double standard. last I checked mackayla and kaylyn have been out quite a it. Look at all the crap Kayla Ross gets; a back injury is probably one of the hardest to heal from. So all the haters need to shut up; she has kept competing and still in the top ten.


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