The November U.S. National Team Camp


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Update: After their successful performances at this month’s training camp, Gabby Douglas, Rachel Gowey, Victoria Nguyen, Aly Raisman have been added to the U.S. national team. Congrats ladies!

Thanks to the TBGI (that would be the Tumblr Bureau of Gymnastics Investigation), we have a complete list of those in attendance at the November national team training camp at the ranch in Huntsville, Texas.

Using nothing but a blurry photo taken from across the room, a bunch of dedicated fans (all thanked below!) were able to put the pieces together. Most exciting to note? In addition to the return of Sabrina Vega after more than two years out of the sport, Rachel Gowey is back! Gowey injured her ankle while dismounting beam during podium training at the P&G Championships this summer and was forced to sit out the competition; three months later, she seems mostly healed.

On the junior front, the ranch welcomed Laney Madsen for the first time. Madsen is a former cheerleader who made the transition to gymnastics in 2012 with a move to Gym-Max, where she trains alongside current national team members Kyla Ross and Felicia Hano. As a cheerleader, she was tremendously talented and very popular, and it looks as though she’s done well in acquiring skills so far. Her tumbling is especially impressive, and she can reportedly land DTYs on vault. As a 2001 baby, she won’t factor into the 2016 picture but it should be fun to watch her progress in the coming years.

From the national teams, based on the photo it seems as though Madison Kocian, Maggie Nichols, and MyKayla Skinner are missing from the senior ranks along with Brenna Dowell, who made the move to Oklahoma this month. Emily Gaskins, who recently moved gyms from Cincinnati to Intensity Gymnastics in Florida, is missing from the junior team, but she had surgery after nationals so she is likely still recovering.

Here’s the list of all 33 gymnasts at camp!


Alyssa Baumann, WOGA
Simone Biles, World Champions
Madison Desch, GAGE
Gabby Douglas, Buckeye
Ashley Foss, North Stars
Rachel Gowey, Chow’s
Felicia Hano, Gym-Max
Amelia Hundley, Cincinnati
Ashton Locklear, Everest
Aly Raisman, Brestyan’s
Kyla Ross, Gym-Max
Emily Schild, Everest
Polina Shchennikova, TIGAR
Sabrina Vega, GAGE


Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
Nia Dennis, Buckeye
Christina Desiderio, Parkettes
Norah Flatley, Chow’s
Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite
Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s
Bailie Key, Texas Dreams
Laney Madsen, Gym-Max
Abigail Matthews, Cincinnati
Maggie Musselman, Hill’s
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s
Marissa Oakley, Phenom
Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams
Lexy Ramler, KidSport
Megan Skaggs, Gym Academy of Atlanta
Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
Alexis Vasquez, Chow’s

Article by Lauren Hopkins

A huge thank you to the Tumblr Bureau of Gymnastics Investigation for their excellent sleuthing! aporgras | elss23 | ameliajadej | rainy-the-gym-fan | 30sec-dance-party | grishinasbangs | gym-maroney | madison-kocian | Arabian Punch Front

14 thoughts on “The November U.S. National Team Camp

    • Nope – it’s by invitation. Martha Karolyi began inviting Ragan Smith to the ranch when she was about 11 or so, I think a full two years before she even tested elite!


    • Thanks! I think you’re right..someone just assumed she was at camp because her Instagram said something about going to Texas but I think it was about developmental camp, and she’s not in the picture so that makes sense! 🙂


  1. Very impressive work, TBGI! The talent in that room is mind boggling. Sometimes I wish USAG could lend out gymnasts to other countries so we could see them all compete internationally.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s possible that she just wasn’t invited…this camp seemed like more of a national team camp with other top nationals finishers, and Ari definitely wasn’t one of the best juniors this year. Last month they had more space to invite non-top finishers due to the Worlds team getting the month off, but now it looks like it’s back to normal.


  2. And now that the USAG finally posted the roster…

    Wow, Gabby, Aly, Rachel Gowey, and Victoria Nguyen all added to the National Team.


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