WOGA Classic International Field Announced


The international elite session field for the WOGA Classic, to be held this Saturday February 14, is set, Gymnastike reports.

The field includes 2014 World Championship gold medalist Alyssa Baumann of WOGA. It will also mark the competitive return and senior debut of TIGAR’s Polina Shchennikova after suffering a back injury that kept her out for all of last year. Other familiar U.S. faces include former Classics and nationals competitors Elena Arenas (Georgia Elite), Adeline Kenlin (Iowa Gym-Nest), Maile O’Keefe (Salcianu), Adriana Popp (Girls Co-Op), and Alyona Shchennikova (TIGAR).

Katelyn Ohashi, who returned to the stage as a level 10 gymnast this season for the first time since winning the American Cup two years ago, is also slated to compete in the elite session. She has stated that she is taking her comeback one day at a time and has no immediate plans to return to elite, so this is likely just a special appearance, as her gym is the host gym and she is not expected to compete in the elite qualifier.

Rounding out the field are Irina Alexeeva (WOGA/Russia), Bai Yawen (China), Georgina Hockenhull (Wales), Nachiko Kimura (Japan), Honoka Koga (Japan), Nagi Kajita (Japan), Brenda Medina (Areba Jalisco/Mexico), Sae Miyakawa (Japan), Yuka Momiyama (Japan), Isabela Onyshko (Canada), Angel Romaeo (Wales), Natsumi Sasada (Japan), Akiho Sato (Japan), Mirai Sekiguchi (Japan), Raer Theaker (Wales), Celine van Gerner (Netherlands), Koko Tsurumi (Japan), Xie Yufen (China), and Zhu Xiaofang (China).

The optional elite qualifier – required for gymnasts to qualify to the elite level and to the U.S. Classic this summer – will be split into two sessions in the morning prior to the international session. Gyms to compete in the first session include Adrenaline, All-American SD, All-American Utah, DGA, Everest, First in Flight, Girl’s Co-Op, Gym Power House, J&R, Kurt Thomas, Metroplex, Paramount, TIGAR, Top Notch, Victory, World Class, and Zenith. In the second session, we’ll see 10.0 Academy, Capital VA, Cincinnati, ENA Paramus, GBC, Hill’s, Love, Iowa Gym Nest, Olympia Hills, MEGA, Prestige, Rebound, Shooting Stars, Solid Rock, Texas Dreams, WOGA, and World Champions.

2014 World gold medalist Ashton Locklear was originally expected to compete, though according to her ask.fm, she will not attend.

The elite qualifiers will be held at 8 am and 12 pm CT, while the international session is at 6 pm CT. Gymnastike will stream the event live.

Who are you most excited to see? We personally can’t wait to check out how 2009 world bronze all-around medalist Tsurumi is looking in her first meet since the Olympics!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

10 thoughts on “WOGA Classic International Field Announced

  1. After Koko Tsurumi, I’m curious about fresh senior Zhu Xiaofang, especially now that Yao Jinnan is out for the remainder of the year. I hope she still has the mario music for her floor.


  2. Schennikova for sure! She’s been out for a while and last we saw her in 2013 was scoring mid 14’s on bars and 13’s on beam. I’m curious to see what a year of injury and upgrades have produced.


    • Yes, but that wasn’t really a ‘big deal’ competition either in Japan or especially internationally. This is the first time she’ll be on a stage where people can actually see her.


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