The 2nd Italian Serie A Nationale Recap

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The team from Brixia Brescia won the second meet of the Italian Serie A with a score of 168.250, earning 25 points toward their overall series ranking.

Erika Fasana led the team with the best all-around performance of the day, scoring a 57.350 thanks to 0.8 in bonus (so internationally it would have been 56.550). Aside from beam, where she struggled with some wobbles earning a 13.500 with just a 7.900 execution, she looked impressive, especially on vault, where her DTY looked solid for a 14.900, and on floor, where she performed a double layout with a little hop, a stuck full-in, a double Y-turn connected to an illusion turn, and a double pike for a score of 14.150. On bars, she again performed the upgrades she delivered at the first Serie A meet, earning a 14.000.

Vanessa Ferrari fell on bars, but on vault she delivered a well-executed Yurchenko 1.5 for a 14.700. On beam, she changed her acro series, opting for a round-off connected to the layout on two feet, which looked a bit piked; then, she performed a switch leap connected to a ring leap, a sissone to front aerial to a sheep jump (though the last connection was pretty slow and she probably wasn’t credited), a switch half, a switch ring, and a stuck double pike for a 14.100. On floor, she downgraded her tumbling again, performing a double layout with a hop, a stuck full-in, a double tuck, and a double pike, scoring a 14.100.

Martina Rizzelli had the best score on vault, as her DTY received a huge 14.950 without the bonus, though honestly there were still some form issues. On floor she had a rough time with her double tuck, landing poorly and almost falling, but her double layout was gorgeous and she almost stuck her full-in, earning a 13.200. She finally showed consistency on bars, where she didn’t have any big mistakes – her 6.0 start value routine featured a Tkatchev to pak salto, a Maloney to bail to Ray, and a full-in dismount with a tiny hop for a 14.300. If she builds up more consistency here, she could become a real lock on the Italian team, where bars is pretty lacking. Unfortunately, she’s been dealing with chronic back pain, which sometimes prevents her from competing at her best.

Lavinia Marongiu performed on beam at this meet, but unfortunately fell, earning just an 11.400 (the d-score was particularly low for her standards at only 4.9).

The Artistica ’81 Trieste team reached the podium again, placing second with a score of 158.200, earning 22 points toward their overall series ranking. The veteran Federica Macri led the team with a consistent performance on all four apparatuses. She had an especially great execution score on vault for her excellent FTY, earning a 14.350.

Tea Ugrin is still getting back all of her skills after undergoing surgery on her injured foot, but there’s a silver lining – she earned a high execution score for a floor routine that was easier than her usual standards, for a final score of 13.500. She delighted the audience with her beautiful balletic choreography using Swan Lake music.

Giorgia Campana competed again on bars only, but this time she fell, earning a 12.950.

Lara Mori led Ginnica Giglio team towards the podium. The team from Tuscany was third with a 155.950, earning 20 points toward their overall series ranking. Mori had some issues on bars and beam, where she had falls, but she was otherwise consistent on vault, earning a 14.000 for her FTY, and on floor, where she scored a 13.550 for her dynamic and entertaining routine, which featured a stuck full-in, a stuck triple full, a double tuck (though she stepped OOB), and a double pike.

The GAL Lissone team lost out on the podium by just three tenths. The team welcomed back Elisa Meneghini, who returned to the competition floor for the first time since before World Championships, which she was forced to skip due to a back injury. At the same time, they saw the absence of another strong competitor, Carlotta Ferlito, who was suffering a foot injury.

Meneghini had some issues throughout the meet. On beam, she had many balance checks, wobbling on the back tuck after the switch leap, and then she fell on her brand new upgrade, the double turn, and failed at hitting the switch ring leap (her leg was nowhere near her head), wobbling again there. She was a bit hesitant on her side somi too, but in the end she stuck her double pike dismount, scoring a 13.150. She downgraded her vault to an FTY, earning a 13.850, and she had some hard times on bars, scoring just a 12.650. On floor she delivered a simplified routine with a low d-score (4.9), earning a 13.400 total.

It wasn’t the luckiest day for Pro Lissone either, as Giulia Paglia injured her foot landing her vault during podium training. Then, Enus Mariani also injured her foot after landing badly on her double pike dismount from beam. She performed on bars after the injury, downgrading her double layout dismount to just a layout, but she scratched the other events.

Polish superstar Marta Pihan-Kulesza, who competes for Pro Lissone as a guest, had a mixed day. She performed well on bars, with a routine that featured a Shaposhnikova connected to a bail to Ray, a straddled Jaeger, and a double front dismount, earning a 14.000 without the bonus, but on floor she sat her front double full, earning just a 13.000.

Article by Valeria Violi

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