The Jesolo Teams


After a selection camp at the ranch last week, USA Gymnastics announced the teams set to compete at the City of Jesolo Trophy, to be held in Jesolo, Italy this week.

The announcement of the U.S. team (which will see the return of 2012 Olympic gold medalists Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman) was the last piece of the puzzle. They traveled to Italy overnight and join teams from Australia, Canada, France, and the host country for the competition that begins with qualifications on Wednesday.

The senior U.S. team features ten members, but based on the 6-5-4 competition format (in which there are six members of a team, five who go up on each event, and four scores counting to the total) they are only allowed to field six athletes. The remaining four will instead compete as individuals, vying for the all-around podium as well as spots in the event finals.

Most of the other teams are straightforward, with both Australia, Canada, and France sending six seniors apiece, though Canada is the only of these three fielding a full junior team; Australia has just five on their list, while France has opted not to send anyone (no one that’s listed, at least).

As always, Italy complicates things a little with their teams. They have five set to compete, including the main senior and junior teams comprised of the girls who typically compete internationally for Italy.

They also have the Azzurrabili team, which includes senior gymnasts who probably won’t represent Italy at Euros or Worlds, but could be part of the picture if someone gets injured or if they become more competitive in the future. There’s a similar team for juniors referred to as promesse azzure, and last but not least, a “young dream team” made up of girls born in 2003.

Italy actually just had some replacements named to their team today; Chiara Imeraj and Nicole Terlenghi will replace Francesca Deagostini and Federica Macri, both of whom are injured.

So how does this whole thing work?

The competition begins March 25 with qualifications held for juniors on Wednesday and seniors on Thursday. Only Australia, Canada, and France must attend qualifications; the U.S. and Italy are exempt, as the U.S. are defending champions and Italy are the hosts.

Team finals are Saturday for both juniors and seniors. The top two teams in each division after qualifications will advance to compete with the U.S. and Italy, and some select individuals from the non-qualifying team will join them, as the team final acts as the all-around final as well.

Event finals are Sunday, and will include the top eight gymnasts on each apparatus (following two-per-country rules, of course).

The full teams are below!


Seniors Juniors
Eliza Freeman
Georgia Godwin
Emily Little
Rianna Mizzen
Kiara Munteanu
Emma Nedov
Yasmin Collier
Talia Folino
Paige James
Emi Watterson
Emily Whitehead


Seniors Juniors
Ellie Black
Helody Cyrenne
Sabrina Gill
Isabela Onyshko
Audrey Rousseau
Sydney Townsend
Jade Chrobok
Shallon Olsen
Ana Padurariu
Megan Roberts
Meaghan Ruttan
Rose-Kaying Woo


Seniors Juniors
Camille Bahl
Marine Brevet
Loan His
Anne Kuhm
Valentine Pikul
Louise Vanhille


Seniors Juniors
Erika Fasana
Carlotta Ferlito
Alessia Leolini
Elisa Meneghini
Martina Rizzelli
Tea Ugrin
Sofia Arosio
Sara Berardinelli
Clara Colombo
Francesca Linari
Michela Redemagni
Nicole Simionato
Azzurrabili Promesse Azzurre
Sofia Bonistalli
Adriana Crisci
Chiara Imeraj
Enus Mariani
Jessica Helene Mattoni
Arianna Rocca
Nicole Terlenghi
Martina Basile
Giulia Bencini
Elisabetta Bobul
Martina Granato
Emma Novello
Sydney Saturnino
Chiara Vergani
Young Dreams
Giorgia Balottari
Benedetta Ciammarughi
Alice D’Amato
Asia D’Amato
Matilde de Tullio
Valentina Giommarini
Giorgia Villa


Seniors Juniors
Alyssa Baumann
Simone Biles
Madison Desch
Gabby Douglas
Bailie Key
Maggie Nichols
Aly Raisman
Kyla Ross
Emily Schild
Megan Skaggs
Norah Flatley
Jazmyn Foberg
Laurie Hernandez
Victoria Nguyen
Ragan Smith
Olivia Trautman

Follow along at Jesolo thanks to the Italian Gymnastics Federation’s YouTube, which will air live coverage of the event.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

23 thoughts on “The Jesolo Teams

  1. That’s too bad US is missing UB specialists in Kocian and Locklear. Not that it matters much. But that would be interesting to see who does bars. Simone might end up doing bars even though she hate it. Unless both Kyla AND Gabby outscore her here….

    Wonder how the team composite would be for team final. Not that it would matter as US would win anyway no matter who does team…

    I am just excited to see how Gabby and Aly look as well as Kyla hopefully with some upgrades and also hopefully Bailie won’t disappoint even though I heard she hasn’t been doing well lately at camp.. Will Simon surprise us with some more upgrades?

    Havent seen or heard much about Emily and Megan so wondering where they fit in the grand scheme of everything (not just Jesolo)…. They weren’t featured in Jan 2015 Ranch video collection…


    • They are all pretty much injured, except Hundley who is just not at international standards right now. Skinner hurt her knee at American Cup and is taking it easy for the rest of the spring, Gowey had a scope done on her ankle in Jan and isn’t ready to do full routines, and Kocian I think they’re just going to bubble wrap until it’s time to prepare for Worlds because she has some sort of injury every second of every day.


  2. I didn’t realize Mykayla was hurt either, thankfully it sounds like nothing serious? Sooo upset I’m going to be out of town this weekend!! 😦


    • Yeah, not serious I don’t think…she competed with the injured knee at American Cup (she tweaked it in training I believe) and seems fine…just in her best interest to chill for now and get healthy.


      • Thank you! I was wondering what the story was there. Do you know if Gabby and Aly are prepared for all around? Am I understanding correctly that any girl that’s not on the official team can still compete any of the individual events they want?


        • I’m not sure where they stand in terms of all-around…and in terms of those not competing on the actual team, it will likely be a decision made by their coaches/Marta together. I would imagine all are doing all-around, but last year I believe it was Madison Kocian who was still dealing with injuries and so didn’t compete all four. It’s probably however many events they’re prepared for at this point in the season.


  3. Just an update – Paige James of Australia is now out of the delegation after last weekend’s Senior/Junior Interstate Classic, as a precautionary measure. Unsure if a replacement has been named.


  4. Didn’t know Skinner was a little hurt before AC… well hope she gets better soon so she can work up to better performance… Depressing that theres so many injuries on US team right now… Wonder how things will look by june/july.

    So anyone knows anything about Emily Schild and Megan Skagg?


    • They should be combined, but the scores won’t be combined. Like, if seniors are on vault, juniors will be on bars, and then swap. I’m pretty sure that’s how they did it last year.


  5. I don’t know the full scores but it seems that out of the juniors Rose-Kaying Woo posted the highest all-around score with a 55.7 followed by Shallon Olsen (53.9) and Talia Folino (53.4).


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