The Golden League Preview

Italy is gearing up for their second annual Golden League competition, which will act as the country’s first trial for World Championships.

2015 City of Jesolo Trophy Qualification Results

Results from the City of Jesolo Trophy, held March 25 through March 29 in Jesolo, Italy.

The Jesolo Teams

Team information for all five nations set to compete at the 2015 City of Jesolo Trophy this weekend in Italy.

A Look Ahead at Italy’s Serie A Meets

Find out every crazy detail and rule regarding Italy’s Serie A competitions, which begin this Saturday, February 7, in Ancona.

2015’s New Seniors: The Extensive List

We at The Gymternet have an extensive list of over 250 new seniors listed in alphabetical order by country. Did we leave anyone behind? Let us know!

Italy Shows Huge Potential at Golden League

Vanessa Ferrari won the all-around at the Italian Golden League meet while the event titles were divided up among Arianna Rocca, Erika Fasana, Giorgia Campana, and Elisa Meneghini.

The Golden League Coverage Guide

The Golden League, a new Italian women’s gymnastics meet, will be held for the first time ever this weekend in Porto San Giorgio, Italy, as the gymnasts prepare for Worlds.

2014 Italian Championships Results

Results from the 2014 Italian Championships, held from May 31 through June 1 in Ancona, Italy.

2014 European Championships Results

Results from the 2014 European Championships, held from May 12 through May 18 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

2014 Munich Friendly Results

Results from the 2014 Munich Friendly, held on April 12 in Munich, Germany.