The Euro Games Ladies in Baku

The European Games teams began arriving in Baku, Azerbaijan earlier this week and have been biding their time training, exploring the village, and participating in today’s opening ceremonies.

We’ve combed social media to bring the experience of the games to you. Enjoy!

We have to get things started with a picture of the little Romanians looking absolutely adorable. Here’s Silvia Zarzu, Laura Jurca, and Andreea Iridon in front of the flag.

Laura (that smile!), Silvia, and Andreea during their travels.

Giorgia Campana, Alessia Leolini, and Tea Ugrin of Italy take a selfie during some down time.

Celine van Gerner and Lisa Top of the Netherlands also practiced their selfies.

Lisa posted this great pic with Celine in front of the gymnastics arena.

Lieke Wevers has been pretty quiet, but she did share this delicious photo of her breakfast.

A blurry but adorable photo of the Norwegian gals during opening ceremonies.

Belgian ladies Gaelle Mys, Cindy Vandenhole, and Lisa Verschueren.

Cindy and Gaelle after training.

The Austrian MAG and WAG teams pose in front of the flag.

Poland caught a glimpse of their gymnasts right in front during the opening ceremonies march.

Sophie Scheder, Leah Griesser, and Elisabeth Seitz looking lovely in green.

The Danish team, featuring Mette Hulgaard, Michelle Lauritsen, their coach, and Linnea Wang.

More of the Danes, including Michelle in her beautiful glasses, Mette, and Linnea with their custom luggage.

I love the Danish ladies in Gabby Douglas GK training leos! I believe Mette captioned this “diamonds are a girls best friend.” 🙂

Spanish ladies Ainhoa Carmona, Ana Perez, and Claudia Colom in the meal hall after training.

The Hungarian delegation, including Luca Diveky, Dorina Böczögö, and Noemi Makra.

Belarus ladies Aliaksandra Koshaleva and Natallia Yakubava enjoy a bus ride to the village after training.

Swiss women Caterina Barloggio, Giulia Steingruber, and Jessica Diacci after a training session.

Jessica and Giulia (LOVE these glasses!) enjoying (or hating) an ice bath.

And here are the Swiss ladies with the Swiss lads, enjoying some time out in the village.

Israel’s Tzuf Feldon with Alexander Shatilov. Tzuf is the only Israeli woman to compete in Baku.

The Brits were all over social media with updates. Here, Charlie Fellows, Kelly Simm, and Georgina Hockenhull pose in front of the gorgeous arena.

Here’s Georgina, Charlie, and Kelly on their flight over.

Charlie and Kelly enjoyed a bike ride during their free time, but Georgina couldn’t go because she had to take an exam!

It wasn’t all bike riding, though…here are the Brits after a hard day of training.

Seda Tutkhalyan, Aliya Mustafina, and Viktoria Komova looking lovely on their bus ride.

A reunion! The Russians meet with Azerbaijan’s Yuliya Inshina, Kristina Pravdina, and Marina Nekrasova in the village.

The host team gymnasts pose with the Azerbaijani athletes in front of the gorgeous village.

Alina Circene of Latvia poses in front of one of Baku’s monuments in the brightest sneakers I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of green, the Irish were keen to show off their leos! Here’s Tara Donnelly, Nicole Mawhinney, and Ellis O’Reilly.

The French delegation getting ready to march in the opening ceremonies. If you look closely, you can see Marine Brevet, Valentine Pikul, and Anne Kuhm.

The Czech Republic’s Veronika Cenkova put this collage together with teammates Petra Fialova and Anna-Maria Kanyai. They’re definitely enjoying themselves!

Here are the Greek women, Ioanna Xoulogi, Myropi Christofilaki, and Vasiliki Millousi posing with their mascot during opening ceremonies.

And we’ll end with a fantastic picture of Vasiliki on her bed in the village (the comforters look a bit like the ones from London!). She hopes to kick butt on beam this week.

Thanks for this glimpse into your European Games lives, ladies! We wish everyone in Baku an excellent competition.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “The Euro Games Ladies in Baku

    • Yeah it’s going to alternate wag and mag allllll day long. (Like they do for world cup finals.) Wag vt and ub alternating with 3 of the mag and then the next day bb and fx with the other 3. I think the competition might last forever?


  1. Gymnastics aside…. Shatilov, steingruber, vasiliki and dorina are realll goood looking!

    Best of luck for all gymnasts involved.


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