European Games Team Final Sub 1-2

The first subdivision began with competitors from the Ukraine and Great Britain on beam.

For Ukraine, Yana Fedorova got off to a bad start with a fall on her side aerial loso series, and then had balance checks on her full Y-turn and front aerial. She hit her leaps well, including a tour jete half, and had a step out to the side on her 1.5 dismount, but scored just an 11.7. We didn’t see the work of Angelina Kysla or Krystyna Sankova, though they earned scores of 12.1 and 11.433, respectively.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.04.59 AM

Fedorova before beam.

On floor, Sankova had a very rough routine, crashing two of her passes, going out-of-bounds several times (including once on her choreography!) to lose five tenths in penalties, earning an 11.133 after Fedorova’s 11.233. Kysla went last and also had some struggles, hitting her double arabian to start but then stumbling out of bounds on her 1.5 to 2.5, though she ended with a strong double pike for an 11.7.

Their highest all-around finisher was Kysla with a 50.432, followed by Sankova with a 47.899 and Fedorova with a 45.832.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.43.03 AM 1

Sankova happy being done for the day.

The Brits were next on beam, again in gorgeous leotards (red this time). Charlie Fellows unfortunately started with a fall on her punch front and then again on her aerial, but got back into a good flow with her bhs loso, and hit everything else, including a stuck double tuck dismount for a 10.966.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.18.55 AM

Fellows shows off the pretty red British leo.

Kelly Simm went next with a bhs layout with a check but she fought well. She also had a check on her punch front, and back tuck, but hit her front aerial nicely and had a strong double tuck dismount with just a step. She did have a full-in earlier this year but with Fellows’ falls, likely wanted to play it safe, and earned a 12.533.

Finally, we saw Georgina Hockenhull with a controlled aerial to loso, a nice leap series, a clean side somi, and a double back dismount with just a slight step back for a solid 13.833.

Hockenhull got things started on floor with a double arabian stepped forward, a 2.5 to front tuck which she stumbled a bit but managed to keep in bounds, a double tuck, and a double pike, some nice work though nothing flashy for 12.6, giving her an all-around score of 51.132.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.53.32 AM

Hockenhull beginning her floor routine.

Fellows was able to redeem herself on floor with a nailed piked full-in, a double tuck, an excellent triple full, and a double pike with just a step for a 13.166, finishing her all-around performance with a 51.798.

Simm nailed her double layout COLD to start and then hit her whip to full-in very nicely. Her 1.5 through to double tuck was a tiny bit low but solid, and she finished with a double pike to earn a 13.6 which gave her the lead in the all-around over her teammates with a score of 53.299.

The second subdivision featured competition from Denmark, Belarus, Russia, and Croatia.

On beam, we saw our first glimpse of Linnea Wang of Denmark, though unfortunately she had quite a few falls, on her punch front and back tuck. The new senior also had a big check on her bhs loso series as well as on her full turn, but had nice leaps and hit her gainer pike dismount with just a hop, finishing with a 9.6. Her teammate Mette Hulgaard had an 11.4.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.05.23 AM

Wang on beam.

Aliaksandra Koshaleva on floor for Belarus showed some lovely choreography in her “Hava Nagila” floor routine, which she opened with a nice double tuck. She also hit a nice punch front layout full and a stuck double full to finish with a 12.233, the highest among the Belarussian girls on floor (they also counted Sviatlana Lifenka‘s 11.866 but dropped Natallia Yakubava‘s 11.733).

On beam, Koshaleva had a few struggles, including on her switch to sheep jump and bhs to back tuck, but fought like hell to stay on for both. She hit her switch ring, front aerial, punch front, and a punch front full dismount, which she stumbled off the mat.

For Russia, Seda Tutkhalyan had an excellent beam routine, featuring a roundoff layout, a split jump to wolf jump, switch ring, superb roundoff to layout full, front aerial to sheep jump, a switch leap with a pause before the switch half, a full turn, and a double pike with a step back. Tutkhalyan earned a 14.6, with a d-score of 6.3.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.20.51 AM

Tutkhalyan was super proud of her beam routine.

Aliya Mustafina had a routine with a slight stumble on her double pirouette, a standing arabian, switch ring, side aerial, split leap, side somi with a big arm-waving wobble, front aerial to front aerial with a sizable pause before her back handspring (seriously, girl, change this series, you’ve had six months!), and then a double tuck with a small bounce back, earning a 14.566 with a 6.1 d-score.

Last up for the Russians was Viktoria Komova, who began with a full L turn into a front aerial to sheep jump, which was very fluid. She hit her bhs loso without any issue, landed her standing arabian, hit her jumps, had a slight wobble on her Y-turn and a hip check on her punch front, really fought for her side somi, and hit her double back with a step forward for a 14.233 with a 6.0 d-score.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.28.56 AM 1

Komova on beam in her elegant routine.

On floor, Tutkhalyan hit her whip whip through to piked full-in excellently, and then nailed her 2.5 to front layout, 1.5 to front full to stag (though stepped forward a tiny bit on the stag), and a stuck double pike, taking just a tiny bounce in place after landing it. She earned a 13.6 there, and finished her all-around performance with a 57.332.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.47.49 AM

Tutkhalyan’s finish to her big floor routine.

Komova began her floor routine with a double layout landed a bit short, her knees bent and leaning forward. She had a big step out-of-bounds on her 1.5 through to double arabian, her triple full was quite a mess, not getting fully around and she had to take a big step back and out-of-bounds again, and she landed her double pike with a step, totaling a 13.3 to finish with a 56.965, right behind Tutkhalyan.

Last up was Mustafina, who hopped back on her double layout, went out-of-bounds on her 2.5 to front full, hit her 1.5 to Rudi, and hopped back on her double tuck. It was a very nice routine, with her turns looking especially lovely, as usual. She earned a total of 13.966 to end her day with a 58.865, more than enough to give her the Russian spot in the all-around final.

After the first two subdivisions, Mustafina led the all-around qualification with a 58.865, followed by Simm with a 53.299, and Kysla with a 50.432.

Russia finished the team competition with a 116.897, followed by Great Britain with a 107.964, and Ukraine with a 98.698.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

4 thoughts on “European Games Team Final Sub 1-2

  1. So happy to see Seda putting everything together in competition. She showed she was capable of great AA performance in Torino and now just proved she can be counted on for her team. So proud of her!


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