European Games Team Final Sub 3-4

The third subdivision featured competition from Hungary, Greece, Azerbaijan, and individuals Vaida Zitineviciute of Lithuania and Mariana Pitrez of Portugal.

Hungary began on beam where we saw Luca Diveky hit her full turn, punch front, bhs to back tuck series with a check, side somi with a check, and a front full dismount for an 11.333. Noemi Makra also hit her routine with an Onodi, roundoff to layout with a bobble, full L-turn to full pirouette, side somi, switch to back pike with a bobble, and a double pike dismount for a 12.466. Though we didn’t see Dorina Böczögö‘s routine, she had the team’s highest at 12.766.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.09.47 AM

Makra wasn’t thrilled with her beam.

We didn’t get to see any of the Hungarians on floor, though Böczögö finished with a 13.566 and Makra with a 12.4. The top all-arounder for this team was Böczögö with a 53.764, followed closely by Makra with a 53.398.

For Azerbaijan, we saw Yuliya Inshina go up on beam where she competed a switch to wolf jump, ring leap, side aerial with a wobble, full turn, side somi with a wobble, a bhs to either a very piked layout or a slightly open pike (don’t you hate when they’re totally in between?!), and a double tuck, which was low but hit for a 12.266.

Her teammate Marina Nekrasova went on to hit a great routine, including a switch to back tuck, bhs loso, punch front, and a nice double tuck. She was all smiles when she saluted, thrilled to finish her relatively solid routine for a 12.966.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.22.20 AM

Inshina and Nekrasova after hitting beam.

On floor, Inshina skidded back a bit on her double tuck and went out-of-bounds, and then came in a bit short on her 1.5 to front full. She finished with a double pike landing a bit short, but it was a hit routine even with the mistakes in terms of not counting falls. She posted a 12.1 and finished in the all-around with a 47.632. Nekrasova also hit her routine, including a big double tuck and double pike with a small bounce to earn a solid 13.0, finishing in the all-around with a 50.832.

We got to see one of the Greek women on floor, though Vasiliki Millousi had a struggle with her first pass, stumbling back and sitting her double tuck. She also went out-of-bounds on her triple full, though landed her final pass nicely and earned an 11.7, ahead of teammate Ioanna Xoulogi with an 11.566, but behind Myropi Christofilaki with a 12.166.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.15.34 AM

Millousi in her opening pose on floor.

On beam, Millousi performed her loso mount, a bhs loso loso with only a tiny bobble, a switch leap, front aerial to sheep jump with a big wobble but she fought like crazy to hold on, a side somi with nice extension, a side aerial, and a double pike a bit low with a step forward. This routine earned a 13.6, so she could be borderline in the final, and she finished her all-around with a 51.466.

The fourth subdivision introduced Switzerland, Germany, Sasa Golob of Slovenia, and Tzuf Feldon of Israel.

Caterina Barloggio kicked off Switzerland’s performance on beam. Barloggio began with a switch leap which looked nice, but then had a wobble on her back tuck to sheep jump. She hit her punch front, but then stumbled backwards on her bhs loso, though she was able to control herself and not fall. Her chest was a bit low on her switch side, and she nearly stuck her gainer layout dismount, earning a 12.666.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.52.46 PM

Barloggio before her beam routine.

Up next was Jessica Diacci, who was not as successful as her teammate. Diacci hit her switch to back tuck and sissone to wolf jump with no problem, but then had a stumble on her front aerial to sheep, and the sheep itself was a bit of a mess. She fell on her bhs loso and then again almost immediately on her punch front. Her switch ring was a bit wonky in terms of form, and she finished with a stumbled back double tuck, earning just an 11.333.

Diacci was first up on floor for the Swiss women, competing a double pike bounced back slightly, a 1.5 to front layout with a little hop, a double full with a slight hop back, and a cowboyed double tuck with a step, posting a 12.566. We didn’t see Barloggio’s routine here, but she hit for a 12.833.

Giulia Steingruber, who we didn’t get to see on beam but hit a solid routine for a 14.4, began her floor with an excellent full-in double layout, landed very precisely, and then she took a controlled lunge back on her double layout. Her open double tuck bounced a bit, causing her back leg to fly up, and she also lost control on her double pike, bouncing back several feet and putting before finishing. Not her best in terms of landings, but she still managed a 13.566 to earn a spot in the event final.


Steingruber watching her teammate’s routine after finishing her own.

For Germany on floor we only saw Sophie Scheder‘s routine, but it was a very nice one, beginning with a solid double pike and continuing with a 2.5 with a small step, and a double tuck to finish for a 13.266. Elisabeth Seitz seemed to have a bit of trouble, and hit just a 12.866, but Leah Griesser really stepped up, adding a 13.166 to their total after her relatively clean performance.

On beam, Scheder had a very smooth bhs loso, a pause between her front aerial to sissone to split jump, a clean side somi, a full Y-turn with a slight check, a side aerial, nice leaps, and a stuck gainer layout, earning a 14.133 with a huge 8.733 execution for a spot in the final to go along with her bars spot.

Griesser had a check on her front aerial, a nice press handstand where she showed some lovely flexibility, and then she fell on her bhs loso, unfortunately. She continued with a check on her side aerial, a sheep jump with her feet not close to her head, a side somi, and a front layout full dismount. Though her score here was just an 11.766, her routine actually counted over Seitz’s, which we again didn’t see. Seitz scored only an 11.033 with a 6.033 execution and a tenth deducted as a penalty for going over time.

FullSizeRender (1)

Scheder and Griesser cheer on Seitz during floor.

We didn’t see anything from Feldon or Golob, though Feldon earned a 12.966 on beam and a 12.2 on floor for a 50.299 all-around total, while Golob, who performed just on floor, notched a 13.233 for her solid routine, though was several spots away from making the final.

After the first four subdivisions, Aliya Mustafina led the all-around qualification with a 58.865, followed by Giulia Steingruber with a 56.565, and Sophie Scheder with a 56.432.

The team competition standings following four subdivisions included Russia in the lead with a 116.897, followed by Germany with a 110.397, and Switzerland with a 108.764..

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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