Chinese World Championships Team Named


After an internal selection competition held this week, the Chinese federation has named the eight gymnasts who will comprise the world championships team this October.

The team includes:

Chen Siyi
Fan Yilin
Huang Huidan
Mao Yi
Shang Chunsong
Tan Jiaxin
Wang Yan
Zhu Xiaofang

The six who will actually compete in Glasgow will be named prior to qualifications, and will be based on how the women look as they continue their preparation as well as how they perform in podium training.

Missing from the equation is 2014 world silver medalist on beam, Bai Yawen, who has had a very inconsistent season even on her strongest event. Of course, Yao Jinnan is also out due to the shoulder surgery she underwent in the United States earlier this year.

Announcement thanks to Weibo.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

13 thoughts on “Chinese World Championships Team Named

  1. Rodionenko confirmed today that Musty will not compete, and will prepare for Rio instead. That really shakes up not only who will be named to the team, but how they’ll fare in team finals in Glasgow. I’m thinking bronze…


    • Literally just included his interview in our AA recap…and yes, I could actually see Russia finishing off the podium in Glasgow now that Cata and Larisa are back for Romania. Romania was within tenths of bronze last year WITH Aliya. Could be a very rough meet.


  2. Is Fan Yilin the gymnast formerly known as Yang Yilin? Wasn’t she planning to change her name because Yang means difficult to win gold, or something similar?


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      • No, Huang is for sure out of the list.
        Also, there was a team test (basically the gymnasts perform their routines as it is in competition) today, Sept 30. The highlight is- Tan Jiaxin is recovering pretty good. She did well in VT and UB. She will have a big chance in WC. It will be interesting to see who is going to be called as the alternate.


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