Qualification Subdivision 9 Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of World Championships to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

3:20 pm. Kylie Dickson (BLR FX) – Full –in (super sloppy legs,) back 2.5 to punch front hopped out of bounds double spin, Good set into the double pike but stumbles back again.

3:14 pm. Madelaine Leydin (AUS BB)  Full spin, side somi, low punch front, BHS Losco (wobble) switch, split to pike jump, switch side ¼ (wobble,) front aerial, RO double pike to finish. 12.933

3:11 pm. Georgia Godwin (BB)  cool mount, jump straddle back, triple wolf, switch to straddle, off on flight series, (BHS, 2ft to layout) front aerial side aerial, (pause) sissone to  side somi, stumbled on double wolf (may be a full fall – hard to say), switch ring, RO double pike to finish.

3:07 pm. Albena Zlatkova (BUL – V) Sat her handspring front pike. 12.816

Kiara Munteanu (BB) RO Layout, punch front, switch to sissone (shy on both,) switch side ¼, switch ½ (shy), full spin, side somi, Stuck double tuck to finish… She FOUGHT for that stick too!

3:04 pm. Chiarella Avalos  (PER V)  FTY big split off the top of the horse and really sloppy legs. 13.7

Mary Anne Monckton – BB side aerial to back step out Great, L spin, switch, fall on switch ½, front aerial to split to straddle jump, switch ring, sissone, off on side somi, RO double pike to finish.

3:01 pm. Emily Little (AUS BB) – punch front, wolf spin, switch to switch ¼ – wobble, front aerial, BHS Losco, switch side ¾, triple full to dismount.

We move into the final rotation with Australia on Beam and France on Bars.

2:49 Larrissa Miller (AUS UB) kch ricna to immediate gienger, pike in and out, pike in and out ½ to jaeger, bail to handstand, back up to high ,pike in out 1/1, giant into full-in. 14.166

2:46 pm  Godwin – UB kch weiler 1/2, Maloney to pak immediate toe on, van Leeuwen, giant ½ to jaeger, ½ giant 1/1 wind up into double pike (STUCK)

2:43 pm. Munteanu (AUS UB) kch shaposh, tkatchev to immediate in var gienger, giant ½ to jaeger, bail to handstand off on clear hip, remounts giant 1/1, flung out her full-in.

2:41 pm. Loan (FRA – V) Stuck her FTY right down the middle!

Dickson (BLR – BB) Punch front on and just sat it on the beam. Tried to cover it with choreo, BHS Losco, Punch front, front aerial, shy on switch ½, full spin with leg held high, Big pause before dispount. 2.5 to finish.

Kuhm (FRA – V) FTY right down the middle. Slight bounce after. 13.933

2:39 pm. Kwan BB – double turn, bhs, losco, front aerial, sissone, side aerial, switch side ½, side somi, switch to wolf, double tuck to finish.

On to the 3rd rotation.

2:25 Marine Brevet (FRA FX) Huge stuck double layout, back 1.5 to stag, double Memmel, double tuck to finish and bounces out of it up and forward.

2:20 Valentine Rashkova BB – punch front on, front aerial to 2ft. BHS, wolf jump to very shy split jump,….Gainer pike to end.

Kylie Dickson (BLR UB) Kch, end  ½, chow,pak, kch, Maloney, kch, ½, toe on tkatchev (hit her fee on the bars) 1/1, full in to end.

2:16 pm. Georgia Godwin with a BEAUTIFUL FTY. Stuck it cold. Only a little off to the side.

Loan His FX – Full-in to start. Oh God. The music is like a squeaky Carmen. No. Just NO! Nice double full. Double L spin, Double tuck to finish.

Nice DTY from Emily Little. Right down the middle. Some Musty legs in the air though. 14.8

2:13 pm. Valentine Pikul FX – 2nd pass is double pike (step back) Final pass is a double tuck with a small hop back.

Kiara Munteanu V – Very piked FTY

Madelaine Leydin V – Yurchenko 1.5. First half was good but had to tuck heavily to make the landing.14.0

Australia is headed to vault and France is headed to floor.

2:08 pm. Claire Martin (FRA BB) Missed the first half….Onodi, wolf split jump,  split leap to side aerial, front aerial, sissone, to side somi! Great connection, switch to switch half (not 180), ends with a short double pike and shoots forward (not quite a fall)

2:03 pm. Marine Brevet (FRA BB ) – switch switch ½,  front aerial, sissone, split leap, off on her Memmel turn. BHS Losco, She has really beautiful beam choreo, side Aerial step-in, side somi. Double pike to finish. 13.233

1:59 pm. Anne Kuhm (FRA BB) – straddle mount, side aerial, split to wolf, BHS Losco, full turn, front aerial, sheep jump, switch (pause) back tuck, nice double pike off the end. 13.366

Larrissa Miller (AUS FX) – Front full to front double full, Almost sat double Arabian, back 2.5, double Memmel turn, tour jete full. Not a fan of the music. It’s too sad and slightly out of tune. 13.5

1:56 pm. Emily Little (AUS FX) – almost stuck full-in pike! Comes back with a full-in (legs a bit separated especially through the pull) 1.5 to a slow double full, wolf turn straight into choreo, Great double pike to finish, just a step back!

1:54 pm. Valentina Rashkova (BUL – UB) just stuck her double layout dismount off bars.11.9

1:52 Kiara Munteanu (AUS – FX) wolf spin to open, big pause before front lay to front double tuck (big bounce out) , comes back with a double pike, front full, finishes with a sky high almost stuck double tuck!

1:51 Alaina Kwan (BLR –V) FTY. Nice form in the air but of to the side and has a big rebound up in the air.

1:47 pm. Georgia Godwin stayed steady through the wolf turn, front full to 1.5 to low sissone, connects her Memmel turns well, double tuck, Double tuck to finish. 13.766

Louise Vanhille (FRA  -BB) Nice opening sequence, L spin, BHS Losco…Entds with a stuck double full.

Marcia Vidiaux(CUB) just vaulted to her back. 7.416

1:44 pm. Madeline Leydin (AUS – FX) 1.5 through to double tuck. Cool backhandspring to her head straddle roll out choreo. Double pike with a hop back. 13.333

Valentine Pikul (FR – BB) France with a fall on punch front mount. Another huge bobble. Lots of little mistakes here and there. 12.2

We are back with France and Australia in the team competition. Other things to note are the two Americans representing Belarus this rotation starting on vault.


Article by Kensley Behel

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