Qualification Subdivision 8 Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of World Championships to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

1:00 pm. Mariia Smirnova (AZE – UB) jump to inside high bar kch, toe on, giant ½, jaeger, bail to handstand and back up, giant, dismounts with a layout with 1.5 twists. 11.466

12:56 pm. Tutya Yilmaz (TUR – FX) Piked full-in to open. Jazzy routine kind of Patterson 2004 esque, comes back with a tucked full-in, 3rd pass is a double tuck, Huge double pike to finish! Great routine for her! 13.166

12:55 pm.  Switch to split, side aerial to a perfect back tuck! Cool! Front aerial, switch ½, Almost fell of on L turn, side somi Stuck double pike to finish.

12:53 pm. Rifda Irfanaluthfi UB – Kch, up to the high bar giant giant 1/1,  3 giants to wind up for a double pike dismount…. Not sure if that was her entire routine or if she fell of and it is just super short.

Lisa Verschueren BB – Switch to split leap, wolf turn, BHS Losco, switch ½, front aerial, side aerial with a bobble, double pike to finish.

The Korean team scream every time their teammate lands. It’s adorable.

12:47 pm. Rune Hermans BB – opens with a double wolf turn, switch to sissone, BHS Losco, side somi – solid, switch ½, front aerial, side aerial, 2.5 to finish! 13.8

12:43Julie Croket BB – switch to split, lovely BHS Losco combo, really low punch front (almost came off) front aerial, switch side ½, Memmel turn, Stuck Gainer layout off the end of the beam

Lee Hyebeen (KOR – V) – Stuck FTY

Yun Narae V – Almost stuck FTY right down the middle. Also a great block! 14.033

According to the announce, Belgium is still in 7th after this rotation.

12:34 Yun Narae FX – 2.5 to punch front, 1.5 through to double (chest was low)…. Almost stuck double pike to finish.

Laura Waem UB – Kch, grip change, weiler (can’t make it) tries to do it again and she cant press up. Belgium will now have to count a fall. KCH, chow to pak, kch, Maloney, bail to handstand and back up, toe one 1/1, tkatchev, Stuck her full-in. Way to finish strong!

12:30 Marina Nekrasova VFront handspring pike ½ out.

12:28 pm. Rune Hermans UB – Kch to on 1/1, Maloney bail and back up, toe one tiant ½, to jaeger, giant ½, almost stuck full-in.

Phan Thi Ha Thanh V – Vt. 1 Handspring pike ½ out. Vt. 2 yurchenko double.

Lisa Verschueren UB – KCH, giant ½ to jaer, toe on, to pak, Maloney, to bail and back up, giant 1/2, Big double front to finish!

12:28 pm. Caught the end of Gaelle Mys’ routine. It was beautiful until the dismount where she flew forward after her front double tuck.

Ekin Morova (TUR – BB) Punch front, Off on BHS Losco (bad knees,) Side aerial (big wobble) Almost off on switch to back tuck combo, full spin with a flexed foot…no, switch ½, double tuck to finish.

Belgium is in 7th place respectively heading into the 3rd rotation.

12:17 pm. Mariia Smirnova FXOpens with a triple twist – legs come undone at the end. Double tuck with low chest, switch ring, Full L turn to full turn, side somi, back 2.5 to finish.

12:13 pm. Rifda Irfanaluthfi (INA- FX) – beautiful extension on her jumps, Double pike, Double Memmel turn, Her music is kind of an Irish jig, tightly tucked double tuck to finish! She seems to really enjoy performing this routine.

12:10 pm. Do Thi van Anh (VIE – FX) A little shy on her double pike and she stumbles forward a bit, Double twist, Straddle full, switch side ½, double tuck to finish.

12:06 pm. Heo Seonmi (KOR – BB) wolf jump to split jump. Front aerial, BHS Losco, I think that was supposed to be a front aerial to 2 ft but she stepped out again, side somi, great Memmel turn, switch, Double pike to finish!

12:03 pm. Lisa Verschueren V – Great block on her FTY.

Marina Nekrasova FX – Opens with a full-in and comes back with a double Arabian. Beautiful double tuck, ends with a messy back 2.5.

Gaelle Mys V – Great kick out of the DTY. Legs a little loose though. 14.133

12:00 pm. Rune Hermes  V – FTY some form issues but good direction.

Yuliya Inshina FX – Opens with double Arabian, 1.5 to front full, double Memmel turn, choreo is slow, lng pause in the corner before the double pike.

Laura Waem V – FTY it looked like she might kick out of  it but she waited to long to twist and had to pike it down.

Cindy Vandenhold V – Almost identical vault to Laura’s.

On to the 2nd rotation!

11:53 Rifda Irfanaluthfi (INA – BB) Punch front, BHS to pack pike – off on the pike, switch, switch side ¼, Almost off on Memmel turn, side aerial, front aerial, wolf jump to sissone, side somi, Stuck front full off the end of the beam!

11:50 am. Phan Thi Ha Thanh (VIE – BB) 11:50 free walkover to wolf jump, BHS back layout (low) switch, to switch ½, full spin tour jete ½ – good. Aerial, side somi, double pike to finish! Nice routine!

Belgium is currently sitting in 6th  (respectively) after that rotation! They have huge following here!

11:45 am. Rune Hermans (BEL – FX) Full-in to start. She looks like she’s having fun! Back 1.5 to front full. Switch ring to tour jete full to stag, back 2.5 to punch front. Her team is really really cheering her on! It’s nice to see! 13.966

11:40 am. Mariia Smirnova (AZE – BB) side aerial (big wobble,) switch to sissone, eeek really bad form on the BHS back tuck, full turn good, awkward side somi – thought it was going to be a front aerial to 2 ft, front aerial, Double twist to finish. 12.066

Lisa Verschueren (BEL – FX) Double L turn, super high double tuck, back 1.5 to front full – some shuffling of the feet, struggles a bit on the double wolf turn, STUCK double pike! Really powerful and fun routine from her! The  crowd really got into it! 13.933

11:38 am. Dayeon Eum (KOR – UB) Kch Maloney into pak, kch shaposh ½ , clear hip giant ½ to jaeger, kch /2, giant 1/1 into full twisting double back.

11:34 am. Cindy Vandenhold (BEL – F) Double Pike to open , 2.5, double tuck, free aerial. Interesting choreo to finish the routine 12.933

Hyebeen Lee (KOR – UB) Van Leeuwen, toe one 1/1, tkatvhev, blind change, giant ½, clear hip (but only like the first half) immediately into a double tuck.

Peppijna Dalli (MLT – V) Tsuk pike. Chest was low on the landing.

11:33 am. Tutya Yilmaz (TUR – V) FTY.  Slightly piked but good direction!

11:30 Laura Waem (Bel- FX) Straddle 1/1, Double twist, side aerial, Wolf turn,  finishes with a double tuck. I like her music!

Demet Mutlu (TUR – V) Handspring pike half out, low landing.

Ekin Morova (TUR – V) Handspring tuck half out.

11:28 am. TUR and MLT are starting on vault, KOR on Bars. AZE, VIE, and INA on Beam and Belgium is on Floor.

11:25 am. March in is beginning! Belgium is in a very pretty sparkly white and red leo.

Article by Kensley Behel

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