The Olympic and Test Event Qualifiers


Unlike world championships in the earlier half of the quad, this year, worlds is more than a competition.

The meet is a qualifier for the 2016 Olympic Games, with the top eight teams and any individual apparatus medal winners in Glasgow moving on with automatic qualification to the Olympics in Rio. For those that don’t qualify directly to the Olympics, teams and individuals qualify instead to the Test Event, held at the Olympic site from April 16-19. The teams ranked 9th through 16th in qualifications move on, as do two individuals from each team ranked 17th through 24th and then the top 24 all-arounders not already on teams.

Now that women’s qualifications are complete, we have the full details regarding who is continuing on! There’s still the likelihood that a gymnast not from a qualifying team will qualify to the Olympic Games through an apparatus medal, and we’ll update if that happens over the weekend.

Olympic Team Qualifiers

The following nations earned direct Olympic berths allowing for five members per team.

Rank Nation
1 United States
2 Russia
3 Great Britain
4 China
5 Italy
6 Japan
7 Canada
8 Netherlands

Test Event Team Qualifiers

The following nations earned spots at the Test Event. The teams ranked 1st through 4th following competition at the Test Event will qualify full teams to the Olympic Games.

Rank Nation
1 Brazil
2 France
3 Belgium
4 Germany
5 Romania
6 Australia
7 South Korea
8 Switzerland

Spain and Hungary are reserves.

Test Event Individual Qualifiers

The following nations earned individual spots at the Test Event. From here, one per country will qualify to the Olympic Games until spots are filled. For more information as to how these spots are divided, read about the qualification process.

Rank Nation Rank Nation
1 Spain 21 Slovenia
2 Spain 22 Trinidad & Tobago
3 Hungary 23 Peru
4 Hungary 24 Guatemala
5 Poland 25 Jamaica
6 Poland 26 Turkey
7 North Korea 27 Armenia
8 North Korea 28 Malaysia
9 Mexico 29 Algeria
10 Mexico 30 New Zealand
11 Sweden 31 Belarus
12 Sweden 32 Argentina
13 Austria 33 Vietnam
14 Austria 34 Azerbaijan
15 Greece 35 Slovakia
16 Greece 36 Ukraine
17 Venezuela 37 Chile
18 Portugal 38 Ireland
19 Uzbekistan 39 Croatia
20 Cuba 40 Iceland

Reserves include Colombia, India, and South Africa.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “The Olympic and Test Event Qualifiers

  1. So if I understand this correctly, if Hong Un Jong wins a vault medal here, North Korea sends two additional gymnasts who are not Hong to the Test event, in the hope that one of them qualifies and they send through both her and Hong to Rio. Is that correct?


    • If Steingruber does not medal at these games, say places 4th everywhere, would she still need to qualify at the test event since Switzerland did not qualify a team (and at this point is unlikely to do so?)


  2. Does Giulia Steingruber get an automatic spot ath Rio if she medals in the all-around? Or is the individual medal qualification to the olympics only valid for event finals?


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