Elite Gym Massilia Begins Friday


The annual Elite Gym Massilia competition, featuring both juniors and seniors in contention for Open and Master all-around as well as event titles, is set to begin this Friday November 20 in Marseille, France.

Several top nations have pre-qualified to send gymnasts to the Master competition, including Russia, Romania, Italy, Canada, France, and Belgium. The Open division also boasts some top-notch juniors in addition to some lesser-known juniors and seniors (many sent by club gyms as well as those from national programs), and will include the return of Aleeza Yu of Canada, out of competition for the past year due to injuries sustained at the 2014 World Championships. Additionally, those gymnasts who compete well in the Open division can qualify into the Master competition, so look for that field to grow.

The most exciting competition should come from the four juniors who stole the show at the European Youth Olympic Festival this summer, Russia’s Angelina Melnikova and Daria Skrypnik as well as Belgium’s Nina Derwael and Axelle Klinckaert. With these four ladies, all of whom turn senior in January, now competing at the same level as highly experienced seniors – especially those on the Italian, French, and Romanian teams – it will be our first look at how they’ll stack up to the veterans going into the Olympic year. Derwael, a beautiful bar worker, has been training some excellent upgrades there, including a take on the Tweddle but from a stalder entry!

A full list of competitors is below. The Gymternet will have a reporter on scene in Marseille with a full report coming after the weekend, and we’ll also be posting videos as they become available.

Edit: Some Canadians, possibly from one of the clubs listed in the Open division, will reportedly not attend due to the attacks that occurred in Paris last week. Tea Ugrin, initially listed to compete with Italy, has backed out due to injury. She was replaced by Francesca Linari.

Master Competitors

Senna Deriks
Nina Derwael
Axelle Klinckaert
Julie Meyers
Marine Brevet
Loan His
Claire Martin
Louise Vanhille
Francesca Linari
Martina Maggio
Enus Mariani
Elisa Meneghini
Diana Bulimar
Andreea Ciurusniuc
Maria Holbura
Laura Jurca
Natalia Kapitonova
Angelina Melnikova
Evgeniya Shelgunova
Daria Skrypnik

Open Competitors

Alexandra Eade
Eliza Freeman
Maellyse Brassart
Oriane Jungers
Chloe Leblicq
Myrthe Potoms
Vanina Vallee
Jade Chrobok
Haley de Jong
Victoria Jurca
Shallon Olsen
Ana Padurariu
Meixi Semple
Laurie-Lou Vezina
Aleeza Yu
Clara Beugnon
Juliette Bossu
Marine Boyer
Grace Charpy
Lorette Charpy
Coline Devillard
Alisson Lapp
Oréane Léchenault
Alison Lepin
Lea Marques
Morgane Osyssek
Océane Pause
Pole France de Marseille
Ines Ben Rhouma
Camille Caruana
Soyfa Cazalis
Pauline Grac
Gaelle Mahe
Fiona Oke
ASCM Toulon
Alizee Aicardi
Melina Damianthe
Emilie Lartin
Alison Truchard
AG Le Mans
Alba Asencio
Sarah Coll
Raquel Gil
Marina Gonzalez
Berta Miarons
Florence Nang
Laia Nohgue
Ivet Ribo
Malak Sakr
Shaed Sakr
Claudia Salat
Violeta Sanchez
Roser Senmarti
Maria Serrano
Bretagne Gym
Alice Bellanger
Jade Bouffard
Maelle Dumitru Marin
Loeza Floch
Chloe Tertrais
CIR Sud Ouest
Mey Lyn Anton
Clemence Behier
Romane Cabrol
Cecilia Flouchip
Dunkerque Gym
Myriam el Koucho
Romane Fontaine
Manon Strosberg
GP Aix
Elisa Bianchini
Justine Jolet
Marine Lebaux
Lena Stockhausen
Saint Lo Gym
Adelaide Challes
Agathe Deshayes
Loicia Porte
Melissande Simonin
UGSP Valence
Carmela Chopard
Nina Dumay
Joana Garagnon
Maria Strisca
Alise Tizon
Tittmoning (Germany)
Claudia Colom
Sonja Fischer
Linda Hamersak
Leonie Reichenbach
CAV Sarsfield (Argentina)
Camilla Bonzo
Tamara Casco
Valentina Contreras
Agustina Pisos
Mayra Vaquie
Viagym (Canada)
Marjory Bastien
Emilie Dumont
Elly Gilbert
Bluewater (Canada)
Amy Bladon
Jovie Richardson
Rachael Riley
Gemini (Canada)
Myrelle Morin
Megan Phillips
Paulina Vedenin
Silvya’s (United States)
Jessica Hutchinson
Kendall Whitman
Funtastic (Netherlands)
Olessya Dadema

On Friday November 20, competition kicks off with the Espoirs (age 9-12) at 10 am followed by the international elite Open Massilia at 1 pm. The Master Massilia competition will be held Saturday November 21 at 4 pm and event finals are set to take place Sunday November 22 at 3 pm. All times are local to Marseille, which is six hours ahead of EST. Results should be available here following each competition.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “Elite Gym Massilia Begins Friday

  1. I’m not sure about Canada as i already saw pictures of some girls taking the plane to Paris. It might be just one Canadian club.. But still, not sure.


  2. Do you know why USA don’t send any gymnast at Massilia ? It would have been great to see Hernandez and Foberg against Melnikova and Skrypnik.


    • Well, they opted for Junior Japan this year for their top two juniors, which is a bit more competitive, and then Ragan will be going to Top Gym so I think it’s just a matter of choosing which ones are best for their timing, considering they had a camp going on at this time and likely didn’t want anyone to miss camp for meet travel!


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