2018 Mallorca Cup Results

Results from the 2018 Mallorca Cup, held from February 17 through February 18 in Mallorca, Spain.

2017 Spanish Cup Results

Results from the 2017 Spanish Cup, held from March 31 through April 2 in Guadalajara, Spain.

2015 Elite Gym Massilia Results

Results from the 2015 Elite Gym Massilia meet, held from November 20 through November 22 in Marseille, France.

Elite Gym Massilia Begins Friday

A brief intro to this weekend’s Elite Gym Massilia competition, happening in Marseille, France.

2014 Élite Gym Massilia Report and Results

Full results and a detailed report of the open and master competitions as well as the event finals at the 2014 Élite Gym Massilia competition in Marseilles, France.