Oliveira Captures Brazilian Title


The field at this year’s Brazilian Championships, held less than a month following World Championships in Glasgow, was a little thin with everyone – including stars Flavia Saraiva and Daniele Hypolito – in recovery mode. But that didn’t stop 17-year-old Lorrane Oliveira from showing off huge routines to take the gold above veteran Jade Barbosa!

Oliveira has flown somewhat under the radar with the surprising depth of the Brazilian program, especially after not competing in her first senior season last year due to injury. With the senior debuts of Saraiva and Rebeca Andrade this year in addition to the triumphant return of Barbosa and the always reliable Hypolito, no one really noticed Oliveira until she shockingly became her country’s top entry into the all-around final at worlds. With four hit routines, including impressive turns on vault and floor, she managed to qualify in 11th place with a score of 56.365, defeating all three all-arounders on her team who looked more likely to succeed.

Prior to worlds, Oliveira had attended a few world cup events, missing event finals in Doha and falling in the Sao Paulo floor final, but grabbing silver on beam in Ljubljana. Her Pan Ams performance was disappointing, with falls on everything but vault, but by the time the fall rolled around, she was looking good, proving herself with a 55.65  with a fall at a friendly meet in Germany in the weeks leading up to worlds.

In the all-around competition this weekend, Oliveira posted a massive 58.5, including a 15.25 on floor with a 6.8 d-score. It seems Brazil used a small bonus system, but even so, she had fantastic work there, performing a huge Dos Santos, a tucked full-in with a slight bounce, a tucked double Arabian with a bounce, and a double tuck lunged back to finish. Including her dance elements, this routine’s difficulty is valued at a full point lower, but either way it was very strong work.

Otherwise, Oliveira showed a big and clean DTY and clean work on both bars and beam. She repeated her strong performances during event finals, winning gold on bars with a 14.225, bronze on beam with a 14.075, and gold on floor with a 14.875, again with bonus tenths on the latter.

Barbosa in second place with a 56.15 did some very strong work in the all-around, especially on beam, where she posted a 14.8. Beginning with a lovely loso mount, she continued with excellent presentation, showing only tiny balance checks and no major errors before dismounting with a double pike.

She was clean on vault and floor, and though she got stuck in a giant full on bars, was mostly solid there, some form issues aside, and finished with a stuck double layout. During event finals, Barbosa medaled on both of her events, with a bronze on bars for an equally decent routine and then gold on the latter with a 14.75.

The bronze all-around medalist was worlds team member Leticia Costa, who posted a strong 55.75 with especially strong work on vault and floor. Her FTY on vault is so clean and strong, it earned a massive 14.3, and she picked up a 14.05 on floor, the second highest score of the day there, after hitting her double arabian, tucked full-in, double pike, and double tuck very well.

She showed some clean form on bars, for the most part, looking tidy and finishing with a great double front for a 13.45, and on beam she picked up a 13.95, showing some weakness on a couple of leaps but otherwise showing a great steadiness and nearly sticking her double tuck. Costa also picked up the vault gold and bars silver event medals, though she missed out on the beam podium, performing a watered-down routine there.

Last year’s national champion Hypolito was also in attendance, but didn’t compete in the all-around. She hit bars, but fell on her layout series on beam and got just a 13.15 there, which took her out of the final and she then opted to not compete in uneven bars finals.

Honorable mention goes to Lorena Rocha, who had a very steady day in the all-around to pick up a 54 even, good enough for fourth place. She qualified into the bars and floor finals, but mistakes on both kept her off of the podium.

In the junior competition, the Rio-eligible Carolyne Pedro took the title with a 53.3, besting Luisa Kirchmayer by a point after her solid work across the board. Pedro made both the bars and floor finals, winning bronze on the latter with a 13.55 for her solid work there. Kirchmayer, born in 2001, had a 52.3 and looked especially impressive with her work on bars, though she did have a fall there that knocked her score down. In third was Luana Silva with a 50.15.

Event medalists not yet mentioned included Thayse Silva with silver on vault and floor, Isabelle Cruz with bronze on vault, and a surprising silver from the 13-year-old Isabel Barbosa on beam, where she had an impressive 14.175, defeating four seniors. Keep an eye on her…she only placed 8th in the all-around due to low bars difficulty as well as falls both there and on floor, but her beam shows a ton of promise.

Full results from the meet are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “Oliveira Captures Brazilian Title

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  2. Hypolito didn’t choose not to compete the uneven bars final. she was suffering from an urine infection, so she couldn’t do so much effort. the doctors told her not to compete, and she did it.


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