Dutch International Assignments Announced for 2016


The Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie has announced the Dutch women set to compete at international competitions this spring as they test gymnasts in preparation for selecting a team for the 2016 European Championships, as well as the Olympic Games.

Several gymnasts have been awarded opportunities to compete, from experienced worlds team members to gymnasts just entering the senior ranks. The following is a list of competitions and gymnasts set to compete at each:

March 3-6 International Gymnix
Kirsten Polderman, Maartje Ruikes, Eythora Thorsdottir
March 5 American Cup
Tisha Volleman
March 12 Glasgow World Cup
Lieke Wevers
March 18-20 DTB Team Challenge
Reina Beltman, Vera van Pol, Eythora Thorsdottir, Mara Titarsolej, Dyonaillys Supriana
March 19 Stuttgart World Cup
Celine van Gerner
March 31-April 3 Cottbus Challenge Cup
Noel van Klaveren, Lisa Top, Sanne Wevers
April 16-19 Olympic Test Event
Lieke Wevers, Sanne Wevers

All of those in serious contention for Rio will compete internationally at least once this spring, with several Рincluding Thorsdottir and the Wevers twins Рgiven two assignments, as they are likely those being most highly considered for the Olympic team based on recent success.

This spring will see the return of van Klaveren and van Gerner, both of whom were expected to make last year’s worlds team but were held back by injuries. Van Klaveren is a Euros medalist on vault who can add a point to the team total on the event while van Gerner, the 2012 Olympian for the Netherlands who returned to competition in 2014, is a strong all-arounder with especially big skills on beam.

Of those in contention, these five are generally the strongest and would make for an impressive Rio squad, though I can see Titarsolej, Volleman, and Top factoring in as well.

Not represented on this list is Isa Maassen, the 2014 Youth Olympic Games competitor who became a senior last year.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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