Hat Tricks for Onyshko and Chrobok, Rogers Exhibitions


Elite Canada all-around champions Isabela Onyshko of Brandon Eagles and Jade Chrobok of Gemini Gymnastics each pulled out another three medals in Sunday’s event finals, with Onyshko winning bars, beam, and floor and Chrobok capturing the junior titles on all but bars.

Onyshko kept up her consistency in event finals, showing clean work on all three she competed. On beam, she nailed both her bhs-bhs-layout series as well as her new tuck full series, and her work on floor was gorgeous, edging out Ellie Black by just 0.025 to complete her victorious Sunday afternoon.

Black competed in all four finals, getting silvers on all but bars, where she placed fourth. Overall it was actually a great day for her, and was definitely an improvement from her all-around performance. Her only fall came on beam, on the 2.5 dismount after hitting the rest of the routine with barely any issues. Even with the fall, she managed a 14.0 for second place thanks to her otherwise excellent work in an overall weak rotation.

Aleeza Yu was third on beam with a somewhat shaky routine, though it was great to see her have a relatively solid first meet back after injuring her knee at world championships in 2014. Until, that is, she seemed to have re-injured it during her performance on floor in the next rotation. Yu stumbled on a leap, and then gingerly lifted her heavily-braced leg behind her until she could be helped off; while it originally looked like her knee was affected, it seems it was actually her ankle. With everything it took to get her back into competition shape, it was horrible to see the drama start all over again less than 48 hours into her return, so we wish her the best in her recovery.

First-year senior Shallon Olsen, who struggled in her all-around performance on Friday, won the vault gold with a 14.8. Other medalists included Maude Lebeau with vault bronze, Madison Copiak with bars silver, Emilie Dumont with bars bronze, and Megan Roberts with floor bronze.

Brittany Rogers, who helped lead the University of Georgia to a stunning victory over the top-ranked University of Florida on Friday night, flew to Halifax to compete exhibition routines tacked onto the end of each event final on Sunday. She performed on all four events, showing a solid DTY on vault, falling on her pak salto on bars, and then hitting beam and floor, including a stuck double arabian on the latter. She’ll definitely need to work on a few upgrades as the year goes on – for example, she only had a 1.5 dismount off beam – but considering she’s competing at the NCAA level every week, it’s fully understandable if her elite routines aren’t totally perfected just yet. She has time, and will surely pull out the big guns by the time nationals roll around in May.

In the junior division, Chrobok won vault with her Yurchenko 1.5 earning a 14.375, beam with a 14.1 for her difficult and solid routine there, and floor with a great routine for a 13.825. She unfortunately had a fall on bars, earning only a 12.0 there, but this rotation was very weak overall so she still ended up with the silver medal. Her Gemini teammate Ana Padurariu qualified into the bars and beam finals, and likely would’ve put up a great challenge there, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to some ankle pain sustained after her fall on floor during the all-around competition a day prior.

It was Victoria Jurca who came in for the bars win with a 12.475 for her routine while Megan DiPietro won bronze with an 11.975; again, not the strongest day on that event for the juniors! The best routine was probably Eloise Monat’s…she had clean form and showed a lot of promise, but with only a 3.4 start value, she was only able to finish sixth.

In addition to her bars win, Jurca was the silver medalist on floor for her great routine there, and placed fourth on vault and beam, with a fall on the latter. The beam rotation also saw lots of mistakes, but again Brooklyn Moors showed a tremendous performance quality there, and the little Montana Fairbairn, who tied Moors for silver, should be one to watch in the future once she can get some control over her big skills.

On vault, Kelly Johnston and Sayge Urban won the silver and bronze medals, respectively, both showing clean work on their FTYs, and on floor, Haley de Jong came up with a bronze medal performance, a great vindication for her rough go in the all-around on Saturday and in the bars final earlier on Sunday.

Full results are available here. For more of our Elite Canada coverage, including interviews and videos, check out the coverage guide!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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