Elite Canada Senior All-Around Medalist Playlist

Thanks to our videographer Alexandra Leask, we’re excited to bring you some videos from the all-around competition at Elite Canada over the next few days. Below, enjoy an interview with 2016 Elite Canada champion Isabela Onyshko in addition to the bars, beam, and floor performances from Onyshko, silver medalist Megan Roberts, and bronze medalist Ellie Black.

An interview with Isabela Onyshko

Isabela Onyshko – Uneven Bars

Isabela Onyshko – Balance Beam

Isabela Onyshko – Floor Exercise

Megan Roberts – Uneven Bars

Megan Roberts – Balance Beam

Megan Roberts – Floor Exercise

Ellie Black – Uneven Bars

Ellie Black – Balance Beam

Ellie Black – Floor Exercise

For more coverage from 2016 Elite Canada, visit our coverage guide. We’ll have more videos from the senior and junior all-around competition coming soon!

Videos thanks to Alexandra Leask

5 thoughts on “Elite Canada Senior All-Around Medalist Playlist

  1. I’ll admit I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Onyshko in the past, but those lines (especially on beam) are really lovely! Also, I think I might be becoming a bit of a Megan Roberts stan. Everything she does is so clean and pleasing to watch! Especially those bars – beautiful!


    • She’s definitely been under the radar, always second to Ellie Black. She’s really starting to prove herself now, though! I think this was just the beginning of what she’ll be able to do this year…and yes, Megan is lovely!


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