WOGA Classic International Competitors Confirmed

The gymnasts set to compete in the international session at this year’s WOGA Classic have been confirmed.

17 seniors and 13 juniors will contend this weekend, including three-time world gold medalst and 2015 uneven bars co-champion Madison Kocian alongside fellow Olympic hopeful teammate 2014 world gold medalist Alyssa Baumann. WOGA will also send Irina Alexeeva, who qualified to elite and to the Secret U.S. Classic at the Gliders Invitational over the weekend, as well as elite hopeful Sloane Blakely.

You’ll also recognize some familiar international names on the roster, including the legendary Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan, the 40-year-old who is preparing for her seventh Olympic Games after competing in every Games since 1992. She will contend once again at the Olympic test event this April, where she’ll have to compete in the all-around in order to earn a spot, and is using several competitions in the next couple of months to get in some practice along the way.

The powerful vaulter Alexa Moreno of Mexico will also compete, as will Olympic test event contenders Thema Williams and Marisa Dick of Trindad & Tobago, the new Canadian senior Shallon Olsen, French worlds team member Loan His and her first-year senior teammate Oreane Lechenault, worlds team member Thea Nygaard of Norway, and Japan’s top new senior elites Koko Dobashi and Nagi Kajita.

The WOGA Classic, a big weekend for Junior Olympic competitors, will feature its international elite competition on the evening of Saturday February 13 in Frisco, Texas. The full list of competitors is below. For more information, visit our coverage guide.

Alyssa Baumann, WOGA, United States Irina Alexeeva, WOGA, United States
Seina Cho, Omega, Canada Adriana Almeida, Tumble Bees, United States
Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan Paulina Aranda, Agimnasia, Mexico
Marisa Dick, Trinidad & Tobago Sloane Blakely, WOGA, Untied States
Koko Dobashi, AJG, Japan Tatiana Corujo, Tumble Bees, United States
Aoi Furuyama, AJG, Japan Haley de Jong, Flicka, Canada
Yuna Hiraiwa, AJG, Japan Marthe Hoskens, De Gympies, Belgium
Loan His, France Ilka Juk, Omega, Canada
Nagi Kajita, AJG, Japan Mari Kanter, Holmen, Norway
Madison Kocian, WOGA, United States Louise Lopez, Agimnasia, Mexico
Oreane Lechenault, France Jimena Moreno, Agimnasia, Mexico
Brenda Medina, Areba, Mexico Jazibe Sandoval, Agimnasia, Mexico
Alexa Moreno, Agimnasia, Mexico Anne Tingvold, Holmen, Norway
Thea Nygaard, Holmen, Norway
Shallon Olsen, Omega, Canada
Ingrid Hafenbradl, Holmen, Norway
Thema Williams, Trinidad & Tobago

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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