2019 Unni & Haralds Trophy Results

Results from the 2019 Unni & Haralds Trophy, held from March 29 through March 31 in Oslo, Norway.


2018 World Championships Results

Results from the 2018 World Championships, held from October 25 through November 3 in Doha, Qatar.

The World Championships Women’s Master Team List

The master team list for the women competing at the 2018 World Championships, beginning October 25 in Doha, Qatar.

2018 Norwegian Championships Results

Results from the 2018 Norwegian Championships, held from September 22 through September 23 in Sør Trøndelag, Norway.

2018 European Championships Results

Results from the 2018 European Championships, held from August 2 through August 12 in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Gymnasts Take Glasgow

A photo tour of the gymnasts during their travels and training sessions as they prepare for European Championships, beginning tomorrow.

In Preparation for Euros: The Friendly Meets

A breakdown of all of the recent international friendly meets in Europe as federations prepare for European Championships in Glasgow.