Steingruber will Return at Austrian Team Open

12728801_1101990583179167_6254871556865062414_nTeam Switzerland training in Copenhagen in February

2015 European champion Giulia Steingruber will make her return to the sport at the Austrian Team Open this weekend, competing for the first time since getting injured in the vault final at world championships in 2015.

Steingruber will compete alongside her worlds teammates Caterina Barloggio, Nicole Hitz, Ilaria Käslin, and Stefanie Siegenthaler with first-year senior Thea Brogli rounding out the team. Steingruber has looked great in training videos since her injury, working on getting back her double doubles on floor. While she certainly should have a lot of individual success this year, in an interview earlier this year, she discussed leading her team being the most important part of her life in gymnastics before the Olympics, as the Swiss women will contend at the Test Event and then compete at European Championships at home in Bern shortly after.

A couple dozen of elites from every corner of Austria will also compete, including the entirety of the 2015 World Championships team: Lisa Ecker, Elisa Hämmerle, Olivia Jochum, Jasmin Mader, Marlies Männersdorfer, and Erja Metzler. Ecker will lead the team from Upper Austria, Mader is heading the squad from Tyrol, and the rest will all compete for the large Vorarlberg team.

Other big international names set to compete include Marta Pihan-Kulesza leading the team from Poland and Noemi Makra in charge of the pack from Hungary. Croatia, Finland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and Slovakia will also have representatives present.

The competition at the Austrian Team Open will happen on Saturday March 5 with three international elite subdivisions. A full list of competitors is below, and you can find more information about the meet in our coverage guide.

AUSTRIA (Lower Austria) AUSTRIA (Upper Austria)
Linda Hamersak
Selina Kickinger
Jacqueline Kotrnetz
Klara Reisel
Lisa Ecker
Michaela Eidenberger
Tamara Graf
Katharina Puffer
Nadine Ratschiller
AUSTRIA (Tyrol) AUSTRIA (Vorarlberg)
Johanna Deutschmann
Hanna Grosch
Julia Lener
Jasmin Mader
Christina Meixner
Ronja Reuss
Celine Brunner
Elisa Hämmerle
Olivia Jochum
Fabienne Kostelac
Marlies Männersdorfer
Erja Metzler
Verena Schoch
Johanna Schwärzler
Tamara Stadelmann
Bianca Frysak
Megan Leybourne
Katrin Palicka
Fiona Pallierer
Kathrin Pappenscheller
Sarah Ruben
Xenia Samstag
Selina Smolka
Beatrice Stritzl
Olivia Wasik
Nicol Wimmer
Ira Bencinic
Marina Bozanic
Ana Derek
Tina Zelcic
Christina Zwicker
Maija Leinonen
Wilma Malin
Anna Salmi
Siiri Saukkonen
Julianna Csanyi
Boglarka Devai
Noemi Jakab
Zsofia Kovacs
Noemi Makra
Dorka Szujo
Hadar Barnea
Noa Dooga
Noya Haklay
Andy Turiski
Mika Zorea
Vittoria Achino
Laura Dionisio
Francesca Leardi
Cecilia Sella
Aurora Sellone
Olessya Dadema
Anyck Drent
Dana de Groot
Wendy de Jong
Mirte de Reiger
Naomi Visser
Sofie Braaten
Mira Neurauter
Karoline Odseid Bjerk
Sofie Skaattun
Maria Tronrud
Gabriela Janik
Katarzyna Jurkowska
Emilia Kulczynska
Marta Pihan-Kulesza
Paula Plichta
Ema Kuklovska
Barbora Mokosova
Karolina Takacova
Veronika Valastiakova
Viktoria Vydurekova
Naveen Daries
Caitlyn Kelly
Paige McElligot
Caitlin Rooskrantz
Caterina Barloggio
Thea Brogli
Nicole Hitz
Ilaria Käslin
Stefanie Siegenthaler
Giulia Steingruber

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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