Australia Selects Test Event Team


After a selection camp held over the past week, Gymnastics Australia has named their team set to compete at the final Olympic qualifier in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next month.

Two members from last year’s 14th-place world championships team will take part, the 2012 Olympians Emily Little and Larrissa Miller. The team will also feature 2014 worlds team members Georgia-Rose Brown and Emma Nedov, 2015 Australian bars champion Rianna Mizzen, and first-year senior Emily Whitehead, last year’s junior national champion. Alex Eade and Kiara Munteanu are the non-traveling reserves.

The team is without Olympians Lauren Mitchell and Mary-Anne Monckton, both of whom were at the camp. Mitchell is just returning to beam and floor after being away due to injury since last year while Monckton has been a key member of the squad in both 2014 and 2015 and was actually initially selected to represent in Rio but was sadly forced to withdraw due to an ACL tear.

Also missing are 2015 worlds team members Georgia Godwin, who wasn’t at the selection camp due to injury, and Madelaine Leydin.

National team coordinator Peggy Liddick reportedly “takes the potentially highest-scoring team possible,” plugging the numbers into the computer and selecting those who create the largest team final score. The newbies Mizzen and Whitehead happened to fit into this puzzle after earning big scores in addition to looking calm and confident with their big difficulty. Mizzen seems an especially good choice after adding a stunning floor routine to her arsenal, which also includes a fabulous bar set, both of which should help the team a great deal in their quest.

The team will first travel to the United States for the Pacific Rim Championships in Everett, Washington before going on to Rio for the test event a week later where they must finish in the top four if they want to send a full team to the Olympic Games in August.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “Australia Selects Test Event Team

  1. If I were Peggy I wouldn’t send the team to both Pacific Rims and Test Event since they’re a week
    apart. The test event is top priority if they want a chance to have a full team, even if it’s a little unlikely


    • I expect budget plays a part in this. It isn’t cheap flying halfway across the world (twice!), make sense to use the Pac Rim girls who will already by the US.

      Gutted for Mez but excited to see some of the (not so, really) newbies!


      • Yes, they did something similar in 2012 with Pac Rims and another competition held close by…cheaper and also this team desperately needs experience before going off to try to qualify for Rio. They’re already at a huge disadvantage missing one of their key players and using a very inexperienced first-year…but going in with zero competitive experience would really hurt them.


  2. Gym is finished in Australia. Best to go back to level 10s & let everyone enjoy themselves. It was a good 21 years 89-2010 & struggle town ever since. Aust were regular top 8s -something unimaginable before Ju Ping arrived. Now unimaginable again . Oh ell , a nation moves on & away .


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