Brevet Leads Young French Team


The French gymnastics federation has announced their team set to represent the country at the Olympic test event in Rio de Janeiro in April with experienced veteran Marine Brevet leading the way.

Brevet headlines a young team that includes two first-year seniors, Marine Boyer and Oreane Lechenault. Boyer is known for her difficult and exact work on beam while Lechenault has a to-die-for floor routine with creepy and bizarre choreography (it’s truly a must-watch).

Loan His, Louise Vanhille, Camille Bahl, and Anne Kuhm round out the team. All but Bahl were members of last year’s worlds team, which placed 11th in qualifications. His and Vanhille have some fabulous work on bars while Bahl, the 2014 Youth Olympic Games competitor, has a super strong DTY.

The alternate will be named from one of the seven listed above at a later date.

Most notably missing is 2015 worlds team member Claire Martin, who is reportedly dealing with recovery from injury leaving her unprepared to challenge this soon. The team is also still without 2012 Olympian Youna Dufournet, who has been injured on and off during her comeback.

France is one of eight teams set to compete at the test event next month. They must qualify in the top four if they want to qualify as a full team to the Olympic Games.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

4 thoughts on “Brevet Leads Young French Team

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  2. Claire had a small injury early in the year but is not currently injured. She just is not selected because other gym seem more ready and better currently.She participated in trials Saturday

    Where did you read that she was injured?


    • I forgot but I think what I had read said what you’re saying now – that she was injured but wasn’t selected because she’s not fully back and ready to compete yet.


  3. That’s just a detail but France was 10th at Glasgow not 11th 😉
    Thanks for the article, you always do a great job 🙂


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