French Gymnasts Set for Nationals


This year’s French national championships will take place over the coming weekend in Mulhouse, with all seniors hoping to make this year’s Olympic team expected to compete.

All six members of the squad that helped France qualify a full team to the Olympic Games at the Test Event this past April will compete, including Marine Boyer, Marine Brevet, Loan His, Anne Kuhm, Oréane Lechenault, and Louise Vanhille, as will Alison Lepin, who helped the team to bronze at European Championships last week.

Other contenders include 2014 Youth Olympic Games competitor Camille Bahl, 2012 Olympian Youna Dufournet, two-time worlds team member Claire Martin, and 2015 worlds team member Valentine Pikul.

On the junior side, European team members Lorette Charpy, Alisson Lapp, Janna MouffokMorgane Osyssek, and Melissa Poitreau will all compete, as will alternate Assia Khnifass.

A full list of competitors is below. The seniors, juniors, and espoir gymnasts will all compete first in qualifications on Saturday, with finals to be held on Sunday afternoon. A full schedule is available on our coverage guide.


Camille Bahl
Clara Beugnon
Juliette Bossu
Léanne Bourgeois
Marine Boyer
Marine Brevet
Constance Callewaert
Soyfa Cazalis
Grace Charpy
Mathilde Dal Zovo
Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos
Coline Devillard
Youna Dufournet
Loan His
Anne Kuhm
Emilie Lartin
Oréane Lechenault
Alison Lepin
Claire Martin
Fiona Oke
Océane Pause
Lucie Perdreau
Valentine Pikul
Alix Scandella
Louise Vanhille


Alizee Aicardi
Ines Ben Rhouma
Elsa Bernier
Cloé Blanca Perret
Eva Breney
Eulalle Bridonneau
Lorette Charpy
Tess Cuntz
Clémentine Curie
Lena Demaret
Lucie Dietrich
Cheyenne Filhol
Romane Fontaine
Clara Gandrey
Maeva Gene
Anais Gerbron
Assia Khnifass
Yatonde Kokolo
Alisson Lapp
Gaelle Mahe
Léa Marques
Janna Mouffok
Morgane Osyssek
Sheyen Petit
Melissa Poitreau
Fostine Richard
Alysson Truchard


Sofia Abdullayeva
Aglaé Adam-Cuvillier
Sania Aghribi
Elise Aumont
Marine Barbelet
Zélie Bernard
Blanche Beziaud
Charlène Birin
Mathilde Bithorel
Noa Bruno
Mailyss Buczek
Julia Cotteret
Inès de Falco
Charlyne Denys
Louna Dozon
Zayneb El-Khatouri
Alison Faure
Juliette Ferandel
Dakota Filhol
Julia Forestier
Aline Friess
Carolann Heduit
Lucie Henna
Carla Le Chanony
Emma Lenoir
Alice Lesaffre
Alizee Letrange-Mouakit
Eva Meder
Lylia Menasria
July Paisin
Mélissa Paries
Claire Pontlevoy
Rebecca Rubens
Célia Serber
Lisa Skorus
Salsabil Tounan
Mathilde Wahl
Axelle Wolf
Louna Yvray

Article by Lauren Hopkins

3 thoughts on “French Gymnasts Set for Nationals

    • Yeah, they’re pretty good! I don’t think she’ll have much of a shot at the team, especially given that there are a bunch of young kids with epic bars sets who can also do solid AA, but yeah, she’s still looking good there and has lovely work on beam as well.


  1. ooh, team france will be fun to see. I think Brevet and His have pretty secure spots, and Lechennault and Boyer are both making good steps as 1st year seniors. I wonder if Martin is full health.


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