Third Italian Serie A Tomorrow


The third meet of the Italian Serie A will be held at PalaLottomatica in Rome tomorrow, April 2.

The sports facility is surprisingly sold out for the event with more than 10,000 people attending, which pleased both the Italian Gymnastics Federation and the Italian Olympic Committee, since Rome is one of the candidates to host the 2024 Olympic Games (in competition with Budapest, Los Angeles, and Paris). This is a remarkable result in terms of an audience for a sport which is still considered “minor” in Italy compared to others.

Unfortunately, Carlotta Ferlito won’t attend the meet due to the injury sustained in Jesolo after a scary fall on her beam dismount during the event final. The good news is that she is healthy and back in the gym, though she opted for withdrawing from this meet in order to not rush her comeback. Earlier today, she posted the above photo on Facebook with the caption “even if you tried to kill me, I still love you,” so she definitely seems to be dealing with everything well.

Consequently, the task of leading the GAL Lissone team will be all on Elisa Meneghini‘s shoulders. She is looking for a stronger overall consistency on all four apparatuses after her disappointing performance at the Stuttgart World Cup. She actually had many troubles getting to Stuttgart due to the Italian pilots going on strike that weekend, forcing her to take a much longer route to Germany, instead going by car with her coach, and this drawback may have affected her concentration at the meet.

Vanessa Ferrari announced on Twitter today that she will not compete in Rome, though Italian national team director Enrico Casella – who is also Ferrari’s longtime coach – stated that Brixia Brescia booked a room for her just in case. While she hoped to return this weekend, she doesn’t want to rush her comeback unless she is absolutely ready on at least one event. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if she sat out all competitions until the Olympic Games in order to preserve her tendons.

Erika Fasana, Martina Rizzelli, and Sofia Busato will lead the Brixia Brescia team in Ferrari’s absence, but again, it’s still unknown if any of these can contribute on more than one or two events apiece.

Tea Ugrin and Giorgia Campana, after their solid performances in Jesolo, will try to reach the podium again after their amazing results they got in Ancona, where they unexpectedly helped their team to second place.

The leader of the Pro Lissone team, Enus Mariani, will hope to show greater consistency on bars after falling on her Maloney at Jesolo. In addition, she will probably also try to include her inbar full again, which was taken out of her routine both at Jesolo and at the Glasgow World Cup in order to avoid falls.

The competition will begin at 3:30 pm local time, which is 9:30 am ET. There will be a live stream on the Italian federation’s YouTube channel.

Article by Valeria Violi

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