Campana’s Consistency Puts Her in Rio Contention


The team from Brixia Brescia won the third Italian Serie A with a score of 139.9, earning 30 points toward the overall Serie A ranking. Artistica ’81 Trieste came in second place with a 137.6 to earn 27 points, while Ginnica Giglio was third with a 135.55 for 25 points.

Erika Fasana, whose contribution to the team’s performance is still limited to bars due to previous injuries, posted the highest score on that event with a 14.2. She has her full routine back, featuring a toe full to Maloney to giant full, Church, Ray, bail to toe shoot, and a double layout, racking up a d-score of 6.0. ¬†She actually made a mistake while she was performing a giant half on the high bar, slightly over-arching and opting for an extra half rotation and another giant in order to avoid deductions, which worked out very well as her execution score doesn’t look particularly affected by the mistake.

On the other hand, Martina Rizzelli made a way more visible mistake, though her routine is still the most difficult in the Italian WAG field, boasting a 6.3 d-score. The upgraded routine features a Church, Ricna to pak, Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, and a full-in dismount. The mishap happened on the stalder full, where she lost her balance and had to take an extra swing with super bent legs; still, the effort to avoid the fall must be praised, as she scored a 13.5.

Giorgia Villa had a solid performance overall, without any major mistakes. The junior hit her FTY on vault for a 13.95, while on bars she earned a 13.85. On beam, she delivered a switch leap to wolf jump, bhs bhs loso, a sissone that she wasn’t able to connect to the side aerial, a switch half (though she didn’t hit 180), back tuck, Y turn, and a 2.5 dismount, for a score of 13.55. On floor she scored a 13.4.

Lavinia Marongiu hit a strong beam set, which featured a side aerial to switch leap, Onodi, front aerial, bhs bhs loso, switch ring leap (leg up), full turn, side somi, and a double pike with a hop, earning a 14.1. However, she didn’t have a good day on either vault or floor. On the former, she debuted a 1.5 Yurchenko that she unfortunately sat, while on the latter she made some mistakes, including a 0.3 out-of-bounds deduction.

Rounding out the Brixia team was Sofia Busato on vault, where her great DTY was worth a 15.0.

Giorgia Campana looked strong in front of her hometown crowd, winning the all-around with a score of 55.65. On vault she performed a clean FTY for a 14.1, while on bars she earned a 14.15 (d-score of 5.6) with her clean routine. On beam, she had another clean set, delivering a Kochetkova, bhs bhs loso, switch leap, side aerial, front aerial to wolf jump to sissone, switch ring, ring leap, full turn, side somi (wobble), and a double pike dismount landed with a step back for a 14.0. On floor, she has a low d-score (5.1) and put up a total of 13.4.

Tea Ugrin apparently is dealing with minor injuries that are limiting her ability to perform her full difficulty on the four apparatuses. She is still earning solid scores, mainly thanks to her good execution, but her routines are still watered down. She was on the nominative list for the test event, where she was hoping to gain more competitive experience along with Lara Mori, but due to her physical issues she will be replaced by Campana. The participation in the test event will be a huge opportunity for Campana, who didn’t seem to have a real shot for the Olympic team at the beginning of the year, but currently, given the inconsistency shown by some of her competitors for a bars/beam spot, she has become a real option for the Olympic team.

Mori performed on all four events without major mistakes. She delivered an FTY on vault for a 13.85, and got a 13.65 on bars for a routine that included a stalder full, Ricna, Ray, bail to Ray, stalder half to Endo, and an almost stuck double layout. She hit her beam set, delivering a switch leap to back tuck, Y turn, bhs loso, side aerial (check), split jump to wolf jump, switch half to Sissone, switch ring, and a 2.5 dismount (with some form issues) for a score of 13.45. Finally, she earned a 13.75 on floor, where she performed a full-in landed with a hop, a Memmel (but she stumbled out of it), a triple full, a double tuck landed with a low chest, and a double pike.

Arianna Rocca successfully led Forza e Virtu 1892 to fourth place, with strong performances on everything but bars, where she suffered a fall. Her FTY was worth a 14.05, while on beam she delivered a front aerial, side somi (wobble), a smooth roundoff to layout, switch leap to back tuck, L turn, side aerial (check), straddle 1/4, and a double pike with a couple of steps back for a 13.8. On floor, she looked extremely strong on her tumbling, as she opened the routine with a full-in, and then hit a stuck double layout for her second pass. She stumbled out a little from the triple full, but she finished the routine with a double pike hopped on the landing for a 13.85. A little bit of improvement could get this routine to a big d-score, but for now, it’s a very solid effort.

Unfortunately, Elisa Meneghini couldn’t overcome her consistency issues either on beam – where she fell again on her layout full earning a 13.8 – or on bars – where she fell on her Tkachev earning a 12.3. She had a better outcome on vault, where she hit her Yurchenko 1.5 (though she landed it with a big hop forward) for a 14.1, and she delivered solid tumbling on floor, looking strong on her full-in, whip whip to double tuck, and double pike, except for her double layout, which she landed with very bent legs, almost touching the ground with her knees (though she still earned a 14.2).

Enus Mariani is also struggling with consistency, especially on bars. She fell on her opening toe full because she couldn’t reach the handstand position, and then she hit her Maloney to bail, but fell again on the following stalder full after the first half rotation. She repeated the stalder full and went on with a Ray, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, and a double layout with a step back, for a 12.15. She hit her beam routine, though, delivering a wolf jump to split jump, leap to front aerial, bhs loso, Y turn, straddle 1/4, side aerial, side somi, switch leap, and a double pike with a step back for a 14.4. On vault, she performed an FTY, earning a 14.0, while on floor she had a 13.95 for a routine with a full-in stepped back, a double tuck, a clean Memmel turn, and a double pike with a step back.

Last but not least, we must mention the huge impact made by the overcrowded PalaLottomatica in Rome, where almost 12,000 people were on hand for the third Serie A meet. This audience participation is an amazing result for the Italian program, as it was covered by the most important Italian newspapers. In a sport facility usually sold out for the matches of the volleyball and basketball national teams, the sport of gymnastics showed its ability to attract huge crowds, which will hopefully help the Italian program toward further development.

Article by Valeria Violi

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  1. Please tell me I’m not the only one dying for a Pac Rims post especially now that Maggie’s injured ;-; but I’m glad Ragan gets the experience!!


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