Russian Championships Underway in Penza


This year’s Russian Championships marks the first time most of Russia’s gymnasts will compete in the Olympic year. While a handful have been on international assignments, most still have something to prove, especially as they continue to contend for Rio this summer.

2012 Olympian Viktoria Komova will miss out after taking some time away from the gym due to back problems. Komova won one of four bars gold medals at last year’s world championships, and hoped to return to a fully competitive all-around set this year after attempting all four events at the European Games in Baku last June, but unfortunately it looks like that’s not happening just yet (though she did get back to training recently).

Her London teammate Aliya Mustafina will compete this week for the first time since Baku. Limited to bars and beam after a series of injuries and breaks in training, Mustafina won’t be competing at her full ability, so expectations should be low at this point in the season.

Also representing in the senior field are 2015 worlds team members Maria Paseka, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Daria Spiridonova, Maria Kharenkova, and Seda Tutkhalyan as well as new seniors Angelina Melnikova, Natalia Kapitonova, and Daria Skrypnik. Other notable competitors include Alla Sosnitskaya, Evgeniya Shelgunova, Anastasia Dmitrieva, Polina Fedorova, Daria Elizarova, and Tatiana Nabieva.

The junior field features fan favorite Varvara Zubova as well as some of her top teammates, including Anastasia Iliankova, Uliana Perebinosova, Elena Eremina, and Angelina Simakova.

The competition begins today with team finals and individual qualifications, with three junior followed by two senior subdivisions. All-around finals are tomorrow and Friday while apparatus finals will be held over the weekend. A live stream will be available here. For more information, including the full schedule, check out our coverage guide.

Senior Competitors

Ksenia Afanasyeva
Lilia Akhaimova
Liana Akhmadeeva
Elena Aleksenko
Ilsia Aminova
Ksenia Artemova
Varvara Batalova
Olga Bikmurzina
Yulia Biryulya
Ekaterina Boeva
Alina Bunina
Viktoria Bykova
Alena Chernova
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Ksenia Dmitrieva
Daria Elizarova
Simona Fakrieva
Polina Fedorova
Inga Galeyeva
Elena Guseva
Maria Iontef
Ekaterina Ishchenko
Natalia Kapitonova
Maria Kharenkova
Kristina Kiseler
Anastasia Kutergina
Viktoria Kuzmina
Anastasia Kuznetsova
Daria Lopatina
Valentina Lukovnikova
Angelina Melnikova
Evgeniya Menovshchikova
Daria Mikhailova
Marina Mukhortova
Aliya Mustafina
Tatiana Nabieva
Arina Nedovesova
Maria Novikova
Elizaveta Osina
Maria Paseka
Svetlana Prokopeva
Ksenia Sabaldash
Alexandra Sadkova
Yulia Sedova
Anna Selyakova
Evgeniya Shelgunova
Anastasia Sidorova
Daria Skrypnik
Ksenia Smolyakova
Alla Sosnitskaya
Daria Spiridonova
Yulia Sushukova
Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Seda Tutkhalyan
Ekaterina Tyunina
Anna Vanyushkina
Margarita Varnakova
Evgenia Zhukova

Junior Competitors

Elnara Ablyazova
Alina Afonycheva
Anastasia Agafonova
Ekaterina Altukhova
Alyona Arkusha
Sofia Babakhova
Alena Belomoyeva
Alsu Berestinova
Anna Bezotosova
Ulyana Borovykh
Taisia Borozdyko
Polina Borzykh
Viktoria Bryagina
Anastasia Budylkina
Elvira Bushueva
Daria Dychek
Ekaterina Elivanova
Elena Eremina
Anastasia Gainetdinova
Viktoria Ganeeva
Viktoria Gazeeva
Anastasia Gluschenko
Darina Goldinova
Diana Goloshumova
Olga Golub
Viktoria Gorbatova
Polina Gubenkova
Ekaterina Guseva
Anastasia Iliankova
Ksenia Kamkova
Karina Khasbieva
Vasilisa Kiseleva
Daria Klimenko
Ksenia Klimenko
Elizaveta Kochetkova
Tamara Konovalova
Viktoria Korikova
Darina Koroleva
Vlada Kotlyarova
Tatiana Krutikova
Elizaveta Krysina
Viktoria Lepikhina
Ekaterina Levchenko
Elena Litvinchuk
Alexandra Mayzel
Alina Mironova
Ekaterina Mitrofanova
Anastasia Moiseeva
Anastasia Nasritdinova
Polina Novikova
Khristina Osokina
Viktoria Panchuk
Ksenia Pekelman
Uliana Perebinosova
Maria Petrova
Ekaterina Polikarpova
Elizaveta Serova
Aleksandra Shchekoldina
Anastasia Shinkarenko
Sofia Shutko
Diana Sigitova
Angelina Simakova
Anna Skrypka
Ekaterina Soloviy
Alisa Spasova
Alina Stepanova
Yulia Tatarinova
Polina Terinsova
Viktoria Trykina
Maria Tsaryapkina
Anastasia Unzharenkova
Diana Verevkina
Elizaveta Volodina
Anastasia Yakovleva
Alexandra Yudina
Sofia Yurtaykina
Alina Zakharchuk
Varvara Zubova

Article by Lauren Hopkins


6 thoughts on “Russian Championships Underway in Penza

  1. So excited for this–thank you for the live stream information! 🙂 Lauren–quick unrelated question: do you know any more about Maggie’s knee injury, i.e. how “minor” it is and is it the same knee as a few years ago? Thanks!!


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