Bui to Return This Weekend at Bundesliga


2012 Olympian Kim Bui, the 27-year-old who missed nearly all of 2015 due to injury, will make her competitive return at Bundesliga this weekend, where she hopes to impress enough for a spot on her country’s European Championships team.

Bui competes for Stuttgart, the reigning Bundesliga champions, and could help them defend their title in the absence of typically big contributors like Kim Janas (out with an elbow injury) and Lisa-Katharina Hill (attending to her studies), while Olympic Test Event competitors Elisabeth Seitz and Tabea Alt likely won’t be back on many events, with their focus now on the upcoming Olympic Games. “We want to defend our title, but it’s been a difficult season,” Stuttgart coach Marie-Louise Probst Hindermann told the German federation.

In addition to the above, Stuttgart’s team includes Antonia Alicke, Carina Kröll, and the 13-year-old Emelie Petz.

The team from Karlsruhe-Söllingen could challenge Stuttgart, though coach Tatjana Bach Mayer will rest her own test event competitors Leah Griesser and Pauline Tratz. “I decided to let my gymnasts rest after Rio,” she said. “They need to. In addition to the physical toll with a competition like that, there is also a great psychological stress and my gymnasts aren’t used to that. It was a difficult decision, but it will be a good experience to let my young gymnasts take on that responsibility on Saturday. I expect they’ll do a good job.”

Maike Enderle, the test event alternate, should be one of the leaders this weekend, and her team also has international guests Noel van Klaveren of the Netherlands and Teja Belak of Slovenia registered to compete.

Chemnitz-Altendorf is the other big contender, but they too will be without their top contributors, as both Sophie Scheder and Pauline Schäfer have army obligations they must fulfill (both are employed by the army in order to earn a salary) and will only be able to compete one event each, Scheder on bars and Schäfer on beam.

“Of course we want to reach the final,” said Gabi Frehse, the coach of last year’s third-place Chemnitz team. “But this year, it won’t be so easy.” The team will feature international guests Reina Beltman of the Netherlands, Lisa Ecker of Austria, and Linnea Wang of Denmark in addition to junior Helene Schäfer, a Jesolo medalist who is now preparing for European Championships.

Other competing teams in the main session include Mannheim (featuring Amelie Föllinger and Florine Harder), Köln (featuring Sarah Voss alongside Hungarians Noemi Makra and Zsofia Kovacs as well as Evgeniya Shelgunova of Russia), Tittmoning (Spain’s Claudia Colom and Venezuela’s Jessica Lopez should be the standouts here), Steglistz (featuring Michelle Timm), and Frankfurt (featuring Daria Elizarova of Russia).

The second session will include Ulm (Janine Berger could possibly return here and Laura Jurca of Romania is also on the list, though I believe she is still out with injury), Hannover (featuring Lina Philipp), Heidenheimer, Kirchheim unter Teck, Dresdner, Breisgau, Dortmund, and Ries (which reportedly will see Dorina Böczögö of Hungary and Katarzyna Jurkowska of Poland compete).

Hungary has its national championships this weekend, so I’m not sure if the following start lists are accurate, though they are listed as current as of April 29. It also includes a bunch of the injured gymnasts, so don’t get your hopes up too much. I’ve put those who likely won’t be there in italics.

A full list of teams is below.


Antonia Alicke
Tabea Alt
Kim Bui
Kim Janas
Lisa Katharina Hill
Carina Kröll
Emelie Petz
Elisabeth Seitz
Teja Belak
Maike Enderle
Leah Griesser
Noemi Griesser
Sidney Hayn
Emma Höfele
Marleen Leveringhaus
Simone Melzner
Isabelle Stingl
Pauline Tratz
Noel van Klaveren
Bianca Zindl
Isabelle Zwirtz
Josie Bauer
Reina Beltman
Lisa Ecker
Jasmin Haase
Luisa Hänel
Kyriaki Linoxylaki
Anuschka Maltzan
Shanique Müller
Helene Schäfer
Pauline Schäfer
Sophie Scheder
Lisa Schöniger
Nadja Schulze
Linnea Wang
Hannah Dietz
Amelie Föllinger
Tashina Gräble
Florine Harder
Johanna Himmel
Muriel Klumpp
Rebecca Matzon
Zoe Meissner
Hala Sidaoui
Jenna Büttner
Johanna Deutschman
Teresa Frank
Nele Herrmann
Zsofia Kovacs
Michelle Kunz
Noemi Makra
Tamara Mrdjenovic
Anja Rheinbay
Evgeniya Shelgunova
Sarah Sonnenschein
Pia Tolle
Sarah Voss
Elisabeth Wagner
Aiyu Zhu
Claudia Colom
Sonja Fischer
Kristina Iltner
Jessica Lopez
Toska Markgraf
Leonie Papke
Marina Plomer
Katja Roll
Maike Roll
Lina Deiss
Alicia Helm
Rebecca Koschny
Anudari Platow
Michelle Timm
Lea Wolff
Daria Elizarova
Laeticia Gloger
Theresa Grötsch
Elisa Hämmerle
Josefine Hardt
Annabelle Hölzer
Nikolett Karsai
Christina Kuhn
Jenny Le
Julia Liske
Lana Maroldt
Praw Phoemphun
Lara Wondrak
Lisa Zimmerman


Janine Berger
Annika Drechsler
Annika Göttler
Elisa Graessler
Jannika Greber
Sofia Iribarren
Laura Jurca
Antonia Kirschke
Clarissa Metzler
Claudia Tomeo
Alina Heinemann
Alina Hügli
Lina Philipp
Franziska Roeder
Finja Säfken
Jenna Dirczka
Tamea Friedl
Nicole Fritz
Lea Fussenecker
Elisa Horn
Mia Kolb
Elisa Kuen
Lia Nemeth
Tabea Preisendanz
Muriel Romero Asensio
Jessica Schiele
Carolin Wiedmann
Maike Brey
Lory Fröchtling
Dorothee Henzler
Sarina Maier
Pia Pohl
Kim Ruoff
Nele Rüping
Joana Varro
Lea Voith
Susann Marie Beck
Josefine Benad
Marlene Bindig
Lucienne Fragel
Maria Heim
Flora Hirche
Hule Mehnert
Lisa-Marie Schulz
Maria Sonntag
Julia Vietor
Katharina Bernhardt
Benita Braun
Lisa Gerber
Lea Grim
Marine Lebeaux
Lilien Sager
Lena Stockhausen
Lara Vetter
Cara Bierwirth
Kira Budde
Kira Franze
Mareike Freund
Theresa Geyer
Kaja Gutzeit
Maila Rüter
Silvia Wentzell
Janine Woeste
Luisa Bach
Dorina Böczögö
Alisa Graf
Amelie Graf
Katarzyna Jurkowska
Mona Nowatschek
Klara Pelzl

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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