A Photo Tour of the Women at Euros

Before you watch their gymnastics all week, take a look at who will compete at this year’s European Championships in Bern, Switzerland! We compiled photos of the gymnasts that will compete so you can put faces to the routines.

Austrian seniors Jasmin Mader, Katharina Puffer, 2016 Olympic qualifier Lisa Ecker, Olivia Jochum, and Tamara Stadelmann arrive at the arena.

Team Belarus! A mix of juniors and seniors, with the Americans not joining them yet (though the girls have been practicing their English for when they meet their teammates).

Belgium’s junior and senior teams minus Gaelle Mys on their way to Bern!

Croatia’s junior and senior teams love their new competition leos!

The Czech junior team of Lucie Jirikova, Vendula Merkova, Kristyna Brabcova, Adela Merkova, and Aneta Holasova is excited to do big things in Bern!

Mette Hulgaard of Denmark after a successful first day of training.

French juniors Melissa Poitreau, Lorette Charpy, Alisson Lapp, Morgane Osyssek, and Janna Mouffok looking lovely at podium training.

Georgia’s Julia Rumbutis with Sweden’s Marcela Torres. Julia actually lives and trains in Sweden, but last year, she changed her nationality so she can represent Georgia internationally.

Amelie Föllinger, Maike Enderle, Sarah Voss, and Lina Philipp of Germany after arriving in Switzerland!

Great Britain’s Ellie Downie, Gabby Jupp, and Claudia Fragapane with Becky Downie in the background after training on day one.

The British juniors also looked great! From left: Megan Parker, Lucy Stanhope, Maisie Methuen, Alice Kinsella, and Taeja James.

Team Greece ready for training with leader Vasiliki Millousi in the center.

Hungary’s top juniors Nora Feher and Dorka Szujo after their podium training looking lovely in blue.

Dorina Böczögö, Julianna Csanyi, and Luca Diveky of Hungary on the metro in Bern.

Team Iceland! Agnes Suto, Dominiqua Belanyi, Irina Sazonova, Sigridur Bergthorsdottir, and Tinna Odinsdottir.

Tzuf Feldon, Ofir Kremer, Gaya Giladi, Noa Dooga, and Andy Turiski of Israel, with Shailee Weiss missing after her flight from the U.S. was delayed.

The Italian juniors looking happy after a successful podium training.

The seniors from Italy enjoying Bern before tomorrow’s podium training.

Anastasija Dubova of Latvia also got some time to see the city.

Mara Titarsolej and Tisha Volleman had a long car ride to Switzerland on their way to represent the Netherlands!

The junior and senior Norwegian teams looking lovely in blue.

Team Poland looking happy to arrive in Switzerland.

We LOVE this. Portugal’s 2016 Olympic qualifier Ana Filipa Martins helped out her junior teammate Rafaela Ferreira during podium training today, writing that “the oldest has a duty to take care of the youngest.”

It hasn’t been an easy year for Romania, but they’re still smiling as they make their way to Bern. From left: Ana Maria Ocolisan, Maria Holbura, Anda Butuc, 2000 Olympian Andreea Raducan, Silvia Zarzu, and Catalina Ponor.

Angelina Melnikova, Seda Tutkhalyan, and Ksenia Afanasyeva of Team Russia spend time with one of Bern’s bears.

Their juniors looked strong in podium training and are the favorites for gold! From left: Uliana Perebinosova, Anastasia Iliankova, Varvara Zubova, Elena Eremina, and Angelina Simakova.

We should see lots of great things from the Slovenians, including Tjasa Kysselef, 2008 Olympian Adela Sajn, and 2016 Olympic qualifier Teja Belak!

The Spanish juniors and seniors traveled to Bern over the weekend.

The Swiss juniors showing off their flowery and fun leos after podium training today.

The senior women will hit the podium tomorrow but the face of Bern 2016 Giulia Steingruber and her teammate Caterina Barloggio were on hand over the weekend to cheer on some of the men!

The junior and senior Turkish women, including 2016 Olympic qualifier Tutya Yilmaz (second from left), checked out the arena prior to today’s training sessions.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “A Photo Tour of the Women at Euros

  1. The mens & boys competition was superb apparently with commenters saying that MAG is more artistic with better lines than WAG. 36 routines in senior comp from Russia & GB with NO falls! Very nice news & I might even take a peek!


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