The Weekend and Beyond

Once again, there are far too many competitions going on over the next week for any normal human being to keep track of without serious help. We’ve put together this handy guide of all seven meets happening, along with links to our coverage guides, which feature full schedules, streaming and results info, and all of the coverage we’ll do along the way.


As the eighth challenge cup of the season, Anadia has one of the best WAG fields this year, including top gymnasts from Italy and Brazil as well as 14 individual Olympic qualifiers! Gymnasts compete in two days of qualifications followed by two days of event finals, with the top finishers earning prize money. Sadly, hometown girl and Olympic qualifier Filipa Martins has had to withdraw due to a foot injury. [Roster]


All of the top U.S. Olympic contenders will be here this weekend, with two days of all-around competition to determine the 2016-2017 national team as well as decide those who will continue on to the Olympic Trials in July. The best U.S. juniors in the country are also on hand in what should be another epic battle following the close finishes at the U.S. Classic earlier this month. [Roster]


Like many other nations this weekend, Germany will host its senior national championships in order to help decide its Rio team (their final trials will be in early July). With three front-runners, there are about ten other girls who have represented the country internationally this year who will all be fighting for those final two spots, making this a competition not to be missed (luckily it’ll be streaming, so check the coverage guide linked above for info). [Roster]


This competition will be a double whammy, with not only the ten top Dutch Olympic contenders in attendance, but also the nine Belgians attempting to make their own team! The Dutch women will still have one more meet after this before their team is named, but this will act as the final determiner for the Belgian Olympic squad, with the federation making the selection announcement on July 29. [Roster]


Switzerland only has one spot available at the Olympic Games, and unless something goes drastically wrong in the next six weeks, it’s definitely going to 2012 Olympian Giulia Steingruber, who has been untouchable in her country all quad. But still, even though this might just be a formality the Swiss have tons of beautiful routines beyond Steingruber, making tuning in absolutely worth it.


The Canadian women, who just finished their own national championships a couple of weeks ago, have 11 gymnasts up for the five spots on their Olympic team, which will be decided over this five day period in Gatineau. With two competitions streaming on the 27th and the 29th, those in charge of this incredibly deep program will make some very difficult decisions regarding Rio.

RUSSIAN CUP, June 27-July 3

Russia’s Olympic team battle will be between three Olympic veterans and about six girls who all reached the senior level this quad. While there are definitely some locks – does the name Aliya Mustafina ring a bell? – several top choices have been inconsistent thus far in 2016 and need to prove once and for all why they should be on this team. Ksenia Afanasyeva, who just had surgery, will sit this one out but that reportedly won’t affect her Olympic chances. (All schedule, roster, and streaming information is coming soon.)

Beyond this week, there will still be several competitions to go before all Olympians are decided, including Romanian Championships (July 1-3), the U.S. Olympic Trials (July 8-10), and the Italian Championships (July 9-10), alongside some smaller meets thrown in as well. For a full list of all competitions held in 2016, check out our calendar.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

4 thoughts on “The Weekend and Beyond

  1. How many US women will qualify to trials? Is there a certain criteria or is it invite by the selection committee?? Love your posts!!!


    • I believe the top 8 from championships automatically qualify, then the committee can send out invitations to anyone else they want to see at trials that finish outside the top 8. Those invites are likely a lock for Madison and Ashton if they fall into that category, since they are bars/beam specialists


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